A good book is hard to put down and a good story stays with you long after you have read the last word. There are over half a million books published every year in the United States, including self-published manuscripts. Lack of education and know-how leave many manuscripts in various unfinished states, unedited, abandoned or half written. Many writers and aspiring authors have amazing ideas for great stories that never see the light of day. It’s time to change this broken wheel and help bring more good books to eager readers.

The traditional publishing industry has not changed much with time. It is still very much defined by a paper-based, snail-paced process that leaves writers frustrated and rejected, with great books forever buried in digital archives. While many writers choose to tackle the effort and self-publish, the dream is still the same – to become a known author with a book or multi-book deal with a publisher who has the power and reach to sell enough copies to make a career.

The traditional publishing process still requires an aspiring author to:

  • Identify a genre
  • Write a book
  • Find a literary agent (optional)
  • Prepare the manuscript
  • Write a synopsis, sample chapters and a book proposal
  • Submit a query letter
  • Wait for an agency agreement and publishing contract
  • Sit around to silence and likely receive (many) rejections

What if the process was reversed?

How nice would it be to cut the time down significantly as well as the effort expended on preparing multiple submissions and allow authors with great book ideas to write and publish books more quickly by being directly and immediately connected to the best publisher for their story?

What if publishers could find the exact manuscript they are looking to publish next and reach out directly to a capable writer and request it?

How about eliminating or at least minimizing the number of rejection letters that kill an authors motivation and confidence?

Writers’ Connection is happy to announce the launch of its Publisher Portal feature. The network of writers and authors that we have been quickly growing is now accessible by publishers, literary agents and publicists interested in publishing new books. The complete author profiles that we have made available include keywords and phrases that can be searched to identify a specific manuscript genre, topic or subject. Publishing professionals can easily find what they are looking for and then reach out directly to the authors to request more information and next steps. They can share their specific publishing guidelines and requirements so authors can spend their time submitting to publishers who are the best fit for their style and story.

Writers’ Connection has made it very easy and desirable for writers and authors to join this community. By creating a free author profile, writers and authors gain immediate access to a network of support and resources to help them to write, edit, publish and promote their book. New authors with book ideas are being added daily. 

Publishing professionals have a choice of three subscription levels to choose from to aid their targeted search for the next best-selling book. Instead of weeding through piles of submissions for books that don’t necessarily meet the specific need and requirements they seek, they can now find the next new up-and-coming author by easily searching for what they know they are looking for.

Writers’ Connection has a goal of growing the largest network of writers and authors in the world. There is strength in numbers and a unified goal of writing and publishing great books.

Support our effort and network – by signing up an author profile if you are a writer or aspiring author – Author Registration, and by subscribing if you are a publishing professional – Enter Publisher Portal.

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