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A community for writers, authors, and publishing professionals.

Author, speaker, and mentor S. Richard interviews Writers’ Connection founder

This podcast interview discusses writing, publishing, and the one community where authors can join a network of inspiring, creative, and positive book people in the world today.

About Writers’ Connection

Writers’ Connection is a community of writers, authors, and publishing professionals created to connect existing, new, and traditionally unpublished authors with the guidance, support, education, and resources required to write, publish, and distribute a book. Our goal is to grow in to the largest network of authors with book ideas and publishing professionals looking for new books to publish.

Authors gain access to information on traditional and self-publishing options, and may be contacted by legitimate literary agents, publishers, and publicists seeking their specific work. Agents and publishers browse new, unpublished manuscript descriptions in targeted genres and directly contact the authors they are interested in publishing, providing detail specific submission guidelines for their organization.  Select service partners advertise publishing-related services to authors in need.

There are thousands of publishers in need of new stories every day.  Unfortunately, there are also many clever publishing scams and vanity presses designed to profit at the expense of new authors unfamiliar with the business and process. Writers’ Connection was created to be a reliable resource and community for first time authors and seasoned pros embarking on a book publishing journey. We are tuning the book publishing world upside down and inside out.