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Download the free ebook “The 10 Things Absolutely Every Aspiring Author Needs to Know”

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We’ll walk through the publishing process step-by-step from manuscript to post publishing advice. January 2019 will be dedicated to the subsequent drafts of the manuscript and editing. We’ll cover it in detail on our blog, articles and social media spaces.

Join us for our next Never Write Alone community write-in on Twitter, Sunday, January 20th, at 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST. Simply follow us @Authors_Market and use the hashtag #NeverWriteAlone to join and follow the Tweet Chat conversation. This is an opportunity to write alongside other writers and authors, to learn and connect with them.

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Featured Author: Matt Ingwalson

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write it?

The Baby Monitor: A Novella of Family Horrors is about how everyday life drives you insane. The bills that won’t stop coming. The alarm clock you forget to turn off on the weekends. The flat tires. The broken washers. Sometimes it almost seems like there’s some evil force tormenting you.

In The Baby Monitor: A Novella of Family Horrors, you meet Richard and Lissa, two young parents who can’t sleep. Every night their infant son wakes them up screaming, crying, gripped by a terror he’s too young to name. But does he simply have nightmares? Is his nursery haunted? Or there is something even darker eating away at the sanity of this new family? It’s a book about secrets, sleeplessness and stress.

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Featured Service Providers


The Write Communication: Manuscript editing and proofreading, author website and book jacket copy, book proposals and query letters.

Artisan/Proof Positive: Professional proofreading and copy editing services.


Sue Lion: Book illustrations and cover designs from an award-winning author and illustrator.


Dan Paul, LLC: Author websites, logos, and book covers


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About Us

Writers’ Connection is a community of writers, authors and publishing professionals created to connect existing, new and traditionally unpublished writers and authors with the guidance, support, education and resources required to write, publish and distribute a book. Our goal is to grow in to the largest network of writers and authors with book ideas and books to publish.

Authors gain access to information on traditional and self-publishing options, and may be contacted by legitimate literary agents and publishers seeking their specific work. Agents and publishers browse new, unpublished manuscript descriptions in targeted genres and directly contact the authors they are interested in publishing, providing detail specific submission guidelines for their organization.  Select service providers advertise publishing-related services to writers and authors in need.

There are thousands of publishers in need of new stories every day.  Unfortunately, there are also many clever publishing scams designed to profit at the expense of new authors unfamiliar with the business and process. Writers’ Connection was created to be a resource and community for first time authors and seasoned pros embarking on a publishing journey.