While the world closes in and changes hourly in reaction to the Coronavirus outbreak, many of us find ourselves at home instead of working at the office, studying in class or traveling for pleasure. This unexpected and forced sedentary environment set to slow down the spread of a very contagious virus will inevitably create feelings of isolation, loneliness and boredom among the masses. As you wait out this period, consider writing that book, poem or short story that has been calling you, that you did not have time to write until now. Besides reading and watching movies and reality shows or distracting yourself with social media, change your focus and spin this experience positive by writing something creative to take your mind off of the event cancellations and self-quarantine rules currently halting the world.

Do you even feel like writing right now? Is motivation at an all time low? What can you write about? Anything at all. Everything! Tell your pandemic story, a survivor’s tale, something funny, scary, unbelievable or real. Commit to sitting down for fifteen minutes and just write. You will probably write much longer. Do this once a day or once in the morning and again in the afternoon or at night. Whenever you need a break or feel the urge to pick up that remote or device. Just please do not choose to not write during this stressful time. Your writing is relevant. It is more important than ever before. People need your stories to escape and tune out from reality sometimes. Use this gift of time to your advantage to practice writing more and becoming the writer you have always wanted to be. 

A few writing prompts to get you started – write uninterrupted about:

  1. That vacation you were just forced to cancel or that you went on anyway despite warning.
  2. An adventure you take just packing up the car and driving off with no plan.
  3. The experience of a healthcare worker coming out of retirement to help those who are sick.
  4. Speculate wildly on the source of a virus.
  5. Dating in the time of social distancing.
  6. What you would do if you got laid off tomorrow.
  7. The tale of a world where children are immune to illness.
  8. Being forced to be apart from someone you love (spouse, partner, elderly parent) for a period of time.
  9.  Discovering a lucrative business opportunity unique only to these strange times (not hoarding hand sanitizer and toilet paper)!
  10.  Becoming a hero in some way to someone in desperate need.

Go ahead and stock that fridge and panty and get ready to spend the next few weeks or longer in the comfort of your home waiting out the worst of this epidemic. When you look back on this time, however long it may be, will you remember all of the new shows you binged, the games you played, the sleep you caught up on, or finally finishing some of the home projects you never had time to begin? Maybe you will remember all the books that you read. Hopefully, you will recall the time that you finally sat down to write that book you have always wanted to write. There is no better time than now to follow that dream.

-Stay safe and healthy!

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