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Do you want to take the leap from writer to author? Now is the time to take your story to the finish line and graduate to the rank of published author.

Do you want to take the leap from writer to author? Elevate yourself from one who expresses ideas in writing, a word wizard and creator of colorful characters with agendas, problems to solve and places to explore? You have stories to tell, interwoven into the backdrop of colorful landscapes, propelled through fictitious lives, peppered with interesting dialogue, and driven by twists and turns that guide the reader to a resolution. Now is the time to take your story to the finish line and graduate to the rank of published author.

I finally made the transition. I have been a writer for a long time, decades, and the words live on my hard drive and in hand written journals, with an endless parade of new words always knocking on the door. I started this journey when I was eleven years old with my first Brother word processor. The first story I ever wrote was a choose-your-own-adventure called Special Assignment. It was the story of a girl named Terri, an amateur cave explorer, and her dog, Tiger, who travel to Switzerland in search of the jewels of an ancient Queen. I was a hardcore Nancy Drew fan. My mother secretly sent the neatly typed manuscript to a publisher and I received my first rejection letter. I was a little embarrassed and secretly proud.

Ever since that day, I have written simply because I love to write. I write on my own timeline whenever I can, on long flights and at night, instead of reading and absorbing televised or social media content. It’s therapeutic, creative and exciting when you get on a roll. But all of this time I have longed to be an author, a legitimately published writer with a book or two to share with the world. But how does one make the jump from being a private lover of words filled with personal writing moments, to a published author with a book to their name?

And so I researched all the options and steps involved and eventually pieced together the best process to write and publish a book for me. This is how the idea for Writers’ Connection was born. And how I came to write this, my very first blog post, ever. The process of writing a book can be overwhelming. So many steps from initial idea to actually writing it all down, making sense out of order, editing for flow, consistency and copy, designing a book cover, settling on a good title, and then finding the right format and platform to release it in its entirety into the world for others to enjoy, recommend, rip apart or ignore. Scary stuff!

I had this business idea for over a decade, along with others. I even registered the domain back then. I believe procrastination is a key element to accomplishment and that every successful person procrastinates to some degree.  It’s not time that puts things off, but the fear of failure and rejection and a lot of perfectionism that makes you second guess your abilities, to start and stop so many times that you eventually run out of steam. I am a person who thrives with a perfect blend of procrastination and motivation. Finding that balance is critical and a lifelong venture.

I believe now is the time to build a growing community of writers who have something to say, stories to tell, and the determination to see it through from beginning to end. And end up with a final tangible result to put out there in the universe. My goal is to help writers learn the best processes for writing and publishing their books by sharing my own experiences, and of others who have succeeded, hopefully filling in the gaps and cutting out the fat so that writers may navigate from idea to published book with minimal frustration, cost, roadblocks and setbacks.

The publishing industry has been turned upside down by social media, apps, tools, and the ever evolving and increasingly popular self-publishing industry. Gone are the days of spending endless time and money printing bulky manuscripts and shipping them off with query letters to dozens of publishing houses, into a void, often never to hear a word back after months of silence. There are more options now than ever, including very specific options and niches you may never have even heard of. As I share information on the best solutions available today, my hope is that the aged publishing process can reverse itself and together we can build a marketplace for authors to advertise their stories to publishers and agents who can easily search for specific manuscripts and directly contact the authors they want to publish.

Writers’ Connection offers more than just informational content. While I add fresh new content in the form of articles and blog posts on a regular basis, the purpose is to unite writers in a community where they can learn the ropes, put themselves out there and be discovered. Informative articles, blog posts, contests, and writer’s resources evolve and grow. Social media feeds share facts and attract feedback and ideas from writers, authors, agents and publishers. Featured authors share their knowledge of successes and failures. Select featured service providers are available to offer the support needed to write and publish a book on your own. And finally, professional publishers and agents are able to very specifically search book ideas and contact authors that they are looking to publish based on very specific search criteria.

I created this community for you, the writer, the wanna-be author, and the confidant master creator of characters with agendas and bad habits. Writers spend a lot of time writing for themselves, keeping it mute and undercover. It gets tiring doing this alone and there is motivation in numbers. I highly encourage you to join this growing community today.

First, fill out a free author profile by clicking on this link and get your book overview, whether it is in progress or fully finished and ready to go, locked and loaded onto the site and visible to the publishing world. This is a member-only site, so no one other than publishers and agents will have visibility to your profile. No idea stealing here!

By signing up an author profile, you will be automatically entered to win a really cool prize. The longer you keep your profile active and updated, the more contests you will be eligible to win in the future.

Next, download the free eBook “‘The 10 Things Absolutely Every Aspiring Author Needs to Know” as a freebie gift for signing up.

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Finally, bookmark this site and check back often for new blog posts and articles, a growing list of contests to enter, plus writer resources, and monthly featured authors and service providers.

Thank you for your time and I welcome you to Writers’ Connection!.

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