Tony Brunal

Tony Brunal is an author whose professional career began in 2017 after his first published work. Since then, he’s concentrated in writing science fiction stories that highlight the human spirit and creates a loyal group of fans who eagerly await his latest releases. With every book that he envisions, Tony Brunal continues to write stories that brings people a sense of hope and redemption. His latest book is “The King’s Tower,” a suspenseful science fiction story about man’s inhumanity towards man.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

My latest book, “The King’s Tower,” is a suspenseful Sci-Fi story about “Man’s inhumanity toward Man.” The story delves into some very existential questions of what people are willing to do to continue living. This book deals with some modern problems and scandals that stay on the fringes of societal norms. I have always been amazed how as human beings, we can devolve into very cold and brutal beings in order to conquer, or exploit people. After reading a story on the news about organ harvesting in other countries, it peaked my interest and researched who were the people financing this. The story evolved from that premise.

Adam Richardson

I am not an author. I have not spent countless hours at my keyboard, pouring my guts out and agonizingly hammering out the next great American novel. I know nothing of developing characters, crafting a compelling narrative, or writing beautiful and realistic dialogue. In fact, I feel a bit of an imposter to be asked to be on Writer’s Connection amongst so many accomplished, esteemed, and professional authors. I’m just a creator and an illustrator. BUT I DID PUBLISH A BOOK… And I’m damn proud of it!

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

My latest, and also FIRST, book is called Famous Things. It’s essentially a collection of illustrated puns based on the names of famous people who have objects for last names – a visual guessing game of sorts. In fact, I hesitate to call it a book so much as it is more like “something amusing to look at while you’re killing time on the toilet.” Perhaps, I’m not giving it enough credit. But perhaps that’s mostly due to the fact that the inspiration for it came from a joke made around the grill with a close friend of mine. We had both previously worked with the excellent actor named Gil Bellows on our film Dead Draw, and as my friend was blowing on the coals to get them going on his grill, I said “If only we had a Gil Bellows!”. Boy, did I crack myself up (it doesn’t take much)! After that, though, I couldn’t stop thinking of other celebrities with objects for last names and started drawing illustrations of those “objects.” Pure profound brilliance, right? Not so much. Just a dumb joke – but one that still makes me smile and has ended up making me a few bucks. So I guess that’s something 🙂

Judy Ringer

Judy Ringer is the author of Turn Enemies Into Allies: The Art of Peace in the Workplace—a systematic guide to help managers resolve conflict between clashing employees, and Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict—a book of stories and practices on turning life’s challenges into life teachers.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

Turn Enemies Into Allies: The Art of Peace in the Workplace was inspired by a series of five blog posts I wrote five years prior to the book being published. The posts offered tips and skills for managing conflict between co-workers, and is the primary content of Turn Enemies Into Allies.

I was inspired by the idea that the work I do with individuals and groups in conflict could (and should) be part of the manager’s skillset.

I’m an Aikido instructor, black belt, and founder of Portsmouth Aikido, in Portsmouth, NH. What differentiates the book is my application of Aikido principles to skills such as centering, curiosity, collaboration, and managing self in order to manage others. The illustrations by Adam Richardson also create a unique look.

Donna DeNomme

Donna is the award-winning, internationally published author of six books including her most recent book As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage. She was recognized as Colorado’s “Spiritual Health Guru” by 5280 Magazine for her innovative empowerment techniques which inspire us to recognize and own our “Wisdom Story,” so we might consciously compose our next chapter.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

As You Feel, So You Heal: A Write of Passage was inspired by the intersection of two of my greatest loves: being present to witness another’s golden moment of break-through, potent with realization and new growth and creating integrative ceremonies that reach into the deepest parts of ourselves. Like a traditional “rite of passage” this “write of passage” ushers the readers through a series of thresholds, helping them see things from different perspectives, so they might reveal more of their unique character. As You Feel, So You Heal encourages us to own all our emotions – to observe them, listen to them, nurture them, and address them in a way that helps them (and us) evolve, up-leveling our life’s path.

Sara Frances

After flirting with careers as an archaeologist, pilot, concert pianist, and diplomat, Sara Frances settled on photographer after just a few month’s residence in Heidelberg, Germany, while studying for her Masters in Comparative Literature. She self-defines as a photojournalist-poet. Always a writer and reader, as well as photographer, her unique hybrid media approach blends image in a sort of illustrated, sculptural time travel. Fragments of Spirit: 60 Years: A Photographer’s Recollections of Taos Pueblo, the Region and its Arts is a sinewy braid of diverse picture stories from her longtime love affair with Northern New Mexico, plus her long-considered philosophy and methodology of making art.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

Fragments of Spirit: 60 Years: A Photographer’s Recollections of Taos Pueblo, the Region and its Arts began as a promise to self and colleagues to publish my photography as art, not as in previous books where I wrote and illustrated professional expertise and techniques. At the time I could not have imagined how far reaching that goal would be, even to creating a second career. Some ten years ago I realized, while organizing my professional archive, that I had a half-century of historic, intrinsically interesting, personal images and portraits of Taos people, the Pueblo itself, the region, and artists I’ve known. At the time I unearthed just one print, but the scope of possibilities came to mind as as a flood. Also over years, I’d collected writings about my experiences, my techniques, and my philosophy of arts. I had the makings of a formal monograph—and my artistic legacy!

Trisha Watson

Trisha Watson holds a deep reverence for nature and compassion for those in need, especially animals. Of course that encompasses pets too, and thus all her dogs and cats over the years have been rescues or strays. Her first book, The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog: A Blend of Truth, Fiction, and Inspiration From the Other Side, takes us on a spiritual adventure that is skillfully crafted. You will laugh, cry and possibly find answers to questions you may have contemplated in your own spiritual adventure. May you be inspired.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog is told by none other than Russell. It is a true adventure of the spiritual kind traversing various lifetimes of a special soul (Russell) who refused his life review in a previous incarnation as a man. The journey of his soul deeply reveals the possible reason from our numerous, frequent lifetimes here on the earth plane, which is evolution of the soul.

The second part of the book’s title is: A Blend of Truth, Fiction, and Inspiration from the Other Side. It wasn’t my intention to write a book, however, I believe anything is possible. The idea began one day about my dog Russell who had made his transition. My intuition, which is sourced from Spirit Guides, angels, or God, depending on your comfort level, kept at me with mental dialogs, tied to crisp memories of my own life, beginning in childhood, and extending to present day. I resisted because the idea was so much bigger than me or my writing abilities. Plus, I didn’t want to take on the huge project of writing a book.

I have decided I am a different type of author. How I feel about writing is expressed best by Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions and many other books. Here’s how he describes the process:

“I do not enjoy writing at all. If I can turn my back on an idea, out there in the dark, if I can avoid opening the door to it, I won’t even reach for a pencil. But once in a while there’s a great dynamite-burst of flying glass and brick and splinters through the front wall and somebody stalks over the rubble, seizes me by the throat and gently says, “I will not let you go until you set me, in words, on paper.”

And that is what it takes for me to write. I must feel moved by inspiration to the point of not being able to ignore it.

Martha and Ann Driscoll

Martha and Ann Driscoll are a mother/daughter writing team who most recently lived together near the banks of the Bellamy River in Dover, New Hampshire. Between them, and thanks to the award-winning illustrations and book design of Susan Andra Lion, Martha and Ann have three award-winning books. Other titles are Sammy the Seahorse and Rosa’s Monarch Butterfly. Martha’s professional life was devoted to literacy education, reading education and the preparation of reading teachers. Ann’s professional life was a mix of teaching and leadership in higher education and organizational development consulting. Martha died on November 08, 2021. But there are still stories to write…

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

My mother (Martha Driscoll) and I were co-writers (she died this past November). We created three picture books, Nosey’s Wild Ride on the Belle of Louisville, Sammy the Seahorse: Is He a Horse or is He a Fish? and Rosa’s Monarch Butterfly: The Magic of Metamorphosis. At their heart, all three books are an imaginary means for early readers to learn about something that is real – an historically significant steamboat, seahorses and monarch butterflies. My mother and I began working together on picture books around 2012. The idea seed for our latest book, Rosa’s Monarch Butterfly, came from a real-life experience that my mother had seventy years ago as an elementary school teacher. A little girl who was made fun of by her peers brought a monarch chrysalis to school. The teacher turned the moment into an opportunity for the girl and her classmates to get to know one another and to learn about the monarch life cycle. In real life, the teacher was the hero who intervened in the bullying and prompted the girl’s classmates to see her differently. For our story we shook things up. We wanted the girl to be the heroine, for it to be her voice that talked about monarchs and for the book to be a resource for readers to learn about monarchs. The inspiration engine for this particular story was the tremendous satisfaction my mother and I took from writing the first two books together. We both wanted to have that experience again, the act of creating something together from our imaginations.

Julie Loar

Julie Loar is a multiple award-winning author of eight books, dozens of articles, and a popular Blog.  She has taught Astrology, Tarot, mythology and symbolism for more than forty years and traveled to sacred sites around the world, researching the material for her books and teachings, and leads sacred journeys to Egypt. She was a featured contributor on John Edward’s web site where she had her own internet TV show. Her newest book is Symbol & Synchronicity: Learning the Souls Language in Dreams and Waking Life.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

Symbol & Synchronicity: Learning the Soul’s Language in Dreams and Waking Life is my latest book. The impulse to write the book, which at its heart is about working with dreams as guides on the spiritual path, came as a sort of “call” early in the pandemic lockdown. Over a year of writing, the journey was one of discovery and transformation. The book explores ancient dream traditions, scientific research into sleep and dreaming, cutting edge theories in quantum physics and consciousness, and wise spiritual traditions from different cultures. The book also includes a powerful and practical process for working with dreams that was triggered by an amazing dream I had while writing the book.

Susan Andra Lion

Susan Andra Lion is an award-winning designer, author, and illustrator with a full line of poetry drawings and a variety of decks of affirmation cards, journals, greeting cards, and prints. Sue is also a fine artist and works in colored pencil and pastel. Her work has been displayed in galleries, exclusive shows, and many private collections.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

Fox Light, Magic Hidden in Plain Sight, was inspired by a comment made in a class I took with an elder member of my writing group way back in the 90s. She urged me to take the class, too. Sign me up, I said. By the way, what kind of class? Writing Your Memoirs, came the answer. Well, I wasn’t to the age of thinking of writing my memoirs, but the teacher was terrific. One woman in the class noted that in America, stories of “the olden days” weren’t valued. We have a history of charging ahead, even to the point of devaluing the wisdom of our older generations because of the false belief that whatever they did “back then” wasn’t productive or economically useful now. Times change. Keep up or get out of the way. All the wisdom, work ethics, problem solving, and experiences were dismissed. That led to a good class discussion about the value of passing down our stories, if only for our children and children’s children.

In the past, stories were passed down from generation to generation by the elders of the communities. The Storytellers were often the Uncles or Grandfathers, Aunts or Grandmothers. They told them over and over again to the little ones, making sure the history of the tribe was embedded deep in their hearts. Those stories became the foundation for future actions, decisions, moral stances, and pride. From oral histories came written accounts, even artwork to accompany the words. A commitment to the weaving of the community came through shared beliefs and an understanding of the earth, the plants and animals, the wind, spirit beings, and all humans.

Well, now years later, I was struck with the notion that recording experiences in my life didn’t have to be dull or outdated. I reflected on the “magical” incidences I’ve had, many of which can’t be explained with math or logic, and I started scribbling notes. One note lead to another, and the pages kept getting a little higher. Each story triggered another, until I realized I had the content for a book. Just for me, just for my children, but created with my professional approach to any job in my list.

Then, because I’m an illustrator, I felt creating drawings to augment the text was a combination of my skills. So, why not! They touched a deeper place in me – I think images do that – but I was surprised at how deep. A piece of me went way back, back to the days of being a little kid sitting at the kitchen table when we lived in North Dakota, and just drawing. I didn’t actually take an official art class until I went to college, but I was lost in bliss when I did art back then.

Fox Light is a collection of short stories based on my experiences of something magical happening in my life. I saw my beloved dog’s blue, ethereal spirit rise from her body. I’ve had Beings hike with me, transparent though they were. I’ve had a connection to the workings of the earth that have lifted me to a different plane. I believe we all have these magical moments, if we are willing to let go of our preconceived notions about how things work. Too often we say, “that can’t be” or “it’s just a figment of your imagination” and the magic that presented itself disappears. I hope my book helps people be more aware of the magical moments in their own lives and revel in their bigger world.

Tyler Baras

Tyler Baras is the Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Area 2 Farms. Tyler has a range of urban agricultural experience from homesteading to commercial hydroponics. While completing his B.S. in Horticultural Sciences at the University of Florida, he traveled overseas to study Organic Agriculture in Spain and Protected Agriculture (greenhouse production) in China. After graduation, he worked as a grower for 3 Boys Farm Inc., one of the first certified organic hydroponic farms in the United States. In 2013, Tyler moved to Denver, Colorado where he worked as the hydroponic farm manager at The GrowHaus.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

Home Hydroponics: Small-space DIY growing systems for the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and bath” is my third book on hydroponic gardening. Most hydroponic gardens look like a maze of PVC pipes, including many hydroponic garden designs described in my previous books, but in my latest book I detail 14 different DIY hydroponic garden designs that heavily prioritize the aesthetics of the garden while maintaining their functionality.

Doreen Berger

The Captain’s Daughters is Doreen D. Berger’s first novel in a series about the adventures of the Marsh sisters, Diane and Robin. Doreen, known to her family and friends as Diane, has based the series on her relationship with her lifelong friend, Robin, and their spirited childhood escapades.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

The Captain’s Daughters was inspired by my childhood escapades with my best friend Robin. We always seemed to find ourselves in hot water for a silly prank we pulled! We were both astronomy and science-fiction fans and dreamed about living on a starship. The book combines our not-so-good behavior with our dream of outer-space travel.

Peri Heft

Peri Heft is a 360-degree health and wellness coach who educates, encourages, and inspires others to improve their Meals, Movement, and Mindset. As a certified nutritionist, yoga and fitness instructor, personal trainer, and lover of all things health and holistic wellness, her knowledge and experience surrounding food and its effect on the body plays a large role in her success as a leader, educator, trainer, and author. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, working out, creating artwork, enjoying live music, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

I’ve always cooked meals and shared recipes, but as my social media accounts grew bigger and bigger, and as I started taking on more clients in the Health and Wellness industry, people just kept asking for my recipes. Anytime I would share a dish on, let’s say Instagram, I would get several comments and messages asking for the recipe. So I figured, why not create a book that I could sell to folks who want “in” on my cooking style, and provide one to my private clients too!?

Angela Thompson

Angela Thompson is a writer of children’s books. She holds a degree in Health and Human Services and has worked in this field for numerous years. Her books rhyme to hold the children’s attention while they are learning. She currently has two books on the market, Who Has Seen the Wind, Today? and How We Get From Here to There?

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

It is titled How We Get From Here to There? It’s a rhyming book about transportation. It is written in a humor mode and I wanted it to be fun to read, yet an easy way to learn about transportation. It was inspired by my grandson’s love of big trucks. He was so excited when saw them while traveling and he likes books about big trucks.

Sabina Khan, PhD

Dr. Sabina Khan, PhD, is a research scientist, clinical professor and freelance writer of brain health, nutrition and scientific articles in Miami, FL. Dr. Khan’s research falls at the intersection of neuroscience and women’s health and is focused on how our genetics, diet, environment and lifestyle shape the brain.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

I have been working as a licensed clinician for nearly ten years and seeing the ins and outs of neurodegenerative conditions, working with patients with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, speaking with family members of patients suffering from cognitive deterioration, I was often asked about preventable factors. I wanted to dive into if living a healthier lifestyle, our diet and nutrition could really outweigh genetic predisposition and make a significant difference for individuals with these conditions or at-risk with respect to brain health. Time and time again, I have found brain chemistry is absolutely changed by food, pollutants and lifestyle choices. This lead to my research deeper into neuro-nutrition and inspired me to write “Feeding Your Brain” for those wanting to take control of their brain health.

Brad Richard

Brad Richard is the Author of the book “Man at 50 – A Journey of Crisis, Revelation and Survival!” His speaking, mentoring and coaching is focused on helping people move forward with their lives through his unique system of going back to move forward! He currently lives in East Texas with his wife. He is a full time security officer, Realtor® and Host of the Podcast “Man at 50!” His goals are simple: help at least one person and leave his story behind for others to learn, benefit and grow by!

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

Man at 50 – A Journey of Crisis, Revelation and Survival is my Autobiography, my story of a life filled with fear, sexual identity questions and codependency. I lived a life of a child for the 1st 50 years of my life. My life changed dramatically after I decided my life had to change and the time had come for me to step up to Manhood!

Teresa Pérez

Teresa Pérez is an American expat living in Argentina with her husband, two dogs, myriad cacti and assorted plants, and the errant wild birds that visit her two bird feeders on any given day. Oh yeah, and the daughter of Cuban immigrants.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

My latest book is the second in a children’s book series. The idea behind the series is to get children (and their parents) interested in geography and other cultures through the adventures of a loveable, yet imperfect dog. The books blend facts about the country featured in each installation presented alongside a fictional storyline with interesting cultural tidbits scattered throughout. I typically highlight things that are less known or something one might not find in typical tourist literature to offer a more unpredictable adventure and engage both adults and children. I have purposely chosen places off the beaten track in each country, not the most famous cities, as touristy places can often have more outside influence and may not truly reflect the local culture. I also include things which link one country to another (in the series) to highlight the fact that we, as humans, have more in common than one might think, no matter how different our cultures may seem.

This second book was inspired by my time in Uganda working for an NGO. Having never visited the African continent before, I had no expectations but was utter overwhelmed at how friendly, curious and lovely Ugandans are. Everywhere I went, I found a kinship with the local people and shared stories and time with people which has left a lasting impact. When I tell people that the Ugandans are the friendliest people I have ever met in my travels, it always surprises them – for preconceived notions really, not based on any actual experience. Some of their traditions, perhaps “ways of thinking” is a better way to express it, are ideas that are simple but profound at the same time and, in my opinion, worth sharing. I truly wanted to impart this experience, especially with young people, who have not been influenced by the world yet. I firmly believe if children are curious at a young age, this will follow them throughout life and hopefully lead to a desire to learn more about the world around them and form opinions based on facts and experience and not just hearsay.

I have been traveling and living abroad for almost 20 years now. I have heard so many notions adults have about different countries without having ever travelled themselves. I was a bit taken aback by this realization and decided I wanted to do my small part in making a positive change, starting with young people. Adults often get caught up in the practical differences about countries – the language, access to services, level of development – and forget that there are people and cultures with long and wonderful traditions which are overlooked in the process. Children don’t have these notions yet and are more likely to engage in a story they like and become curious about where it is in the world; my sincere hope is that they then read more. When I was a kid, I received a “pen-pal” through a service and that contact with the world outside mine was enough to plant the seed of curiosity within me. With the world changing, not always in the best ways, finding commonalities in our fellow man around the world is something we need now more than ever. Hopefully, Joaquin’s adventures will inspire kids to look outside of themselves and their own cultures and find the good in the world that exists outside their realities.

Matt Ingwalson

Matt Ingwalson is an author of genre fiction including mysteries, thrillers and horror stories. He has published multiple books including SHELF UNBOUND’S BEST INDIE NOVEL OF 2015 and the award-winning Western noir Sin Walks Into the Desert.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

The Baby Monitor: A Novella of Family Horrors is about how everyday life drives you insane. The bills that won’t stop coming. The alarm clock you forget to turn off on the weekends. The flat tires. The broken washers. Sometimes it almost seems like there’s some evil force tormenting you.

In The Baby Monitor: A Novella of Family Horrors, you meet Richard and Lissa, two young parents who can’t sleep. Every night their infant son wakes them up screaming, crying, gripped by a terror he’s too young to name. But does he simply have nightmares? Is his nursery haunted? Or there is something even darker eating away at the sanity of this new family? It’s a book about secrets, sleeplessness and stress.