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Writers’ Connection is a community of writers, authors, and publishing professionals created to connect existing, new, and traditionally unpublished authors with the guidance, support, education, and resources required to write, publish, and distribute a book. Learn More >


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Featured Author

Rich Larsen

Rich Larsen is an Australian author with a love for the natural world. His debut novel, The Silent Society, is an adventure that pursues the philosophical underpinnings of what it is to be a human being and our place on this planet.

Tell me about your latest book and what inspired you to write/create it?

The Silent Society was inspired by my connection to the natural world and the way I observed interacting with it (or not). I have a strong interest in human and environmental health and this book is an amalgamation of those two interests. Oddly, I finished the book in 2019 (a few months before COVID reached Australia), yet the central storyline is a pandemic (of sorts), with public health alertness featuring heavily.

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Freedom From the Lie: The truth about domestic violence
Joan O’Neill
Breaking the Code
Jessica Terry
Four Threads of Fate
Kaylee Cross


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CAMILLE JOHNSON: Find Writing Motivation While Working Full-Time

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