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Sue Lion

Untitled Manuscript

Brother Wind is missing. His friends create different gatherings to encourage him to come home – a splashy pool party, a march in the meadow – but each time, their efforts are thwarted by different rascal, raucous winds. In their disappointment, they begin to understand why they really want him to come back – he is their friend and they miss him.

I have written, illustrated and/or designed myriad adult and children’s books, including How the Trees Got Their Voices, which has garnished 17 national awards. My years of experience as a graphic designer links the writing, illustration, design and production together from start to finish. My business clients range from healthcare, environmental, and high tech, as well as many book and art clients.

D Nash

Untitled Manuscript

A child in Louisiana suffers abuse and neglect but may be saved by unseen forces.

Teresa Pérez

“Joaquín the Hairless Dog”


steve newman

Untitled Manuscript

a gals adventure in life

Amanda Ashburn

Untitled Manuscript

I am writing a novel about what happened to my father when he was shot while working as a doorman in Montreal. It forever changed the course of my life and shaped who I am today. This is a story about the role of nurture in nature.

Erica Morrill

Untitled Manuscript

Black mirror like book where everyone is rated on every interaction. Uber style

William Zebedee

“Monsters Are Real”

My biography aged 5 to 10 mostly

Brandon Sousa

“Lost & Looking in Luang Prabang”

A young professional man, in his mid-20s hits a wall and personal crisis. With his career, love life and friendships deteriorating, he opts for a drastic change by applying for a job in Luang Prabang, Laos. After getting the job, he moves to this third world communist dictatorship country and falls into the expat family of misfits where each person is a surreal character of their own from around the globe. Instead of finding love, he finds the meaning of being comfortable in his own skin, getting the confidence he needs to escape the track of life he expected from himself only five years earlier.

It was just like every other morning. With a cup of instant coffee in his hand, Matt Ryan got into his late model Volvo and headed to the office, a good thirty-minute commute across town. He was miserable, but for all intents and purposes, he shouldn’t have been. It was an exclusive job that had him on an expedited career path, jumping a few years ahead of his former classmates straight to middle management. At 24, this was no small feat. In an economy only slowly recovering from the 2008 downturn and financial crisis, many of his former classmates from both his undergrad and post-grad were still stuck in rotating internship and contracts, making merely enough to make ends meet in Toronto. But a notable resume was not enough to satisfy Matt Ryan.

He grew up in an average middle-class household in the suburbs of Toronto. His father was the breadwinner, as his mother decided to stay at home and raise his older sister and him. They made ends meet, with financial sacrifices. As a kid, Matt never noticed a different. He wanted for nothing, living a life of ignorant bliss. His devoutly Catholic mother would constantly remind him how fortunate he was whenever he complained about minor hardships, like homework or reading. Matt hated reading; with a passion. Why read when content could be consumed through television, or imagined by playing with toys? His mother would force him to read every night, for twenty minutes, tracking him on a handmade spreadsheet, reminding him every time he complained that the poor children in Africa would love to have books to read.

She once even made him give up his favourite Beverley Hills 90201 lunch box and filled it with toys and books, so they could mail it to their World Vision child that they sponsored in Guatemala. There was no doubt in Matt, and his sister’s mind, that the package was stolen before it ever reached the dirt-poor community of their sponsor sibling.

As Matt and his sister Christine started to reach their teens, their parents decided to provide an opportunity neither of them ever had, a private school education. Both their mother and father were immigrants from Western Europe whose families came to this country for better opportunities and a better life. Neither of their parents had ever gone to college or university. Actually, their mother never technically finished high school, having the guidance counsellor fudge a couple documents so that she could work and support her family’s mortgage. Private school was never in the realm of possibility for either of them, nor was it even a thought of any of Matt and Christine’s cousins.

Scott Hayes

“Down Town”

A homeless man finds himself in the clutches of a crime lord and must escape or else face certain death in this long form free verse narrative poem.

Michael Bertolini

Untitled Manuscript

Its a horror story about horror things. Stop trying to steal my ideas.

John Kramps


Mysterious forces follow Davin. He must leave his village and discover who he is and who is after him. All is not as it seems.

Don Gaitens

“Somethin’ Bout a Truck”

Grieving brother encounters the ghost that murdered his brothers.

Tolu Falaye


A woman whose sanity slowly degrades as she confronts the man who once gave her hope

Jim May


A series of worlds connected by gateways that use elemental mana to use. Due to a mana backlash of power over twenty-five thousand years ago these gateways have been closed but with magic growing again some of the gates are reopening guarded by dragon’s that were the original gatekeepers.

claudia korte

“Abandoned History of Canada”

This book is made for people who love abandoned farms, churches and other buildings etc. from all around Canada. Based on historical facts and new photos.

Michelle Ecker

Untitled Manuscript

Vampire romance

Jon Cox

Untitled Manuscript

Something stephen king esk

Sylvia Jordi

Untitled Manuscript

Adventurous youth travels in the shadows after becoming a fugitive due to an unfortunate series of events.

Adriano Marchese

“Prey to the Wind”

North American expats live in Paris and a love triangle forms, as jealousy, competition, and even feigned-indifference intertwine with the world of art and culture.

lycia evashkow

Untitled Manuscript

Jennifer, a single mother, moves to a small town with her daughter. She begins to grow suspicious of the people in her town. After an accident, Jennifer comes to find there is more to the town that she expected. She realizes there is something more serious going on in this town and she must endure the fight of her life if she ever wants to see her daughter again.

mary crandall

“Champagne Problems”

a boy and a girl meet in a hospital well caring for their sick family members, and are there for each other through the hard stuff

Diana Jones

Untitled Manuscript

A Victorian love story about a noblewoman who falls in love with a Jewish baker.

Jessica Shaver

Untitled Manuscript

Interpersonal communication – the art of delivery for success.

joanie pond

“Shallow Thoughts”

My life in a nut-shell.

Pam and I sat in front, clutching cups of coffee.
Steam fogged the glass
as I followed Bryant’s Pass
and we crossed the double kerthump of track,
headed toward Bridgeport.
We stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts
and saw the dude in the cowboy hat and string tie.
The restaurant, with its lights and white walls
was sterile as a Hopper.
And the man in the hat sat facing the street,
balancing his face in his hands;
staring into the night.
I turned at the light and followed the signs.
Two blocks to Stillman Medical.
One Block to Stillman.
Take a right at Stillman.
Strange, for a clinic to advertise
as an amusement park.
It’s as though we were driving,
to South of the Border.

Joel Bailey

Untitled Manuscript

What happens when a farmer on a distant planet finds more than he bargained for on his land?

Kraig Rovensky

Untitled Manuscript

Set in the near future, a network of underground bases are discovered that hold a nazi hold out from world war 2. They now number in the millions and have highly advanced technologies.

Ryan Wu

“The TRUE Asian”

An asian boy lives in the 16th century where he faces the challenges of being smart and homosexual.

As I saw the water drops slowly trickle down his muscular chest, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking, “what a man”,

Carole Brantner

Untitled Manuscript

This is a book about real estate investing with advice on how to buy and sell a house.

carol clark

Untitled Manuscript

a girl trys to figure out if she is in a coma or if its going on now in real time

peter chao

“Happy everyday”

Try to be happy all the time.

No matter what, you can be happy.

alicia brown

Untitled Manuscript

This book follows the life if a stay at home mom of 3 whose youngest child is diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. The book dives into her relationships with her husband, her friends, and her neighbors as she tries to navigate life knowing she will forever be responsible for the care of her youngest son. She also dives deep into her feeling of her life as a special needs parent.

Dawn Kaestner

“Going to a Brouhaha”

A visit to a land of make-believe once a child closes her eyes.

Joy Wilkins

Untitled Manuscript

Growing up in a poor home in the Midwest.

Heather Ellis

Untitled Manuscript

A touchy feely book series for kids focused on holidays

Brandon Passage

Untitled Manuscript

work in progress

Nancy Bowers

Untitled Manuscript

Story of my life as a mother of a blind child and how faith allowed us to have victory in otherwise dark circumstances.

Elizabeth Hixenbaugh

Untitled Manuscript

Sci-fyi fantasy where 1 person in an alternate universe controls one person on earth.

Charles Sedano

“No idea”

Have been threatening to write my memoirs for years. It’s been an interesting life and anyone who would be offended has moved on so it’s time.

Casey Kuntz

“Not yet titled”

Recipe/cookbook for snacks, munchies, and impromptu parties

linda ricotta

“decendants of solomon tice”

the history of my family tree

descendants of solomon tice

Amy Kasson

Untitled Manuscript

erotic fiction compilation stories

James Burk


Undefined as of now

Subramani Lakshmi

“Reporter With a White Stick: My Struggles To Realise The Dream of Bein”

Reporter With a White Stick: My Struggles To Realise The Dream of Being A Scribe

Rajee Pandi

Untitled Manuscript

I love to read any self help books to lift up my spirit


Untitled Manuscript

A woman facing multiple crisis in her personal life turns self destructive.

Sonya Allstun

Untitled Manuscript

Jessica Quick

Untitled Manuscript

Struggles with family, romance, and trying to find her way in life. A criminal pregnant sister. Earning for her own baby.

Brenda Fantroy-Johnson

“Imagine Me”

carey cole

Untitled Manuscript

Math workbooks for 5-9th graders

eugene onihen’cko

Untitled Manuscript

a tour of the cities and villages of Ukraine and the biography of little-known residents of the country

Cameron MacInnis

Untitled Manuscript

A boy who loves trivia grows up to be a jeopardy champion

Allison Ouseley

Untitled Manuscript

A boy and his adventure of dreaming, climbing and discovery.

Amala Parasram

“The King of Valhaara”

A foster child finds herself in another world after losing consciousness during a violent episode with her foster mother. With her two other foster siblings along for the ride, she discovers she is the rightful Queen of Valhaara — a land now ruled by a greedy and ruthless King (her biological, younger brother). Lian must overcome her timidness and find her strength as she embarks on her life’s greatest feat.

Clare O’Brien

Untitled Manuscript

A teenage boy deals with depression and the return of his ex-girlfriend while his younger brother battles a life-threatening disease.

Courtnay Power

“The coastal diet”

It is sort of a healthy cooking cookbook with research into why a vegetarian or pescetarian diet is helpful to avoiding diabetes and heart disease

Delaney Closs

Untitled Manuscript

Sharing my experiences to help people with anxiety/insecurity

Mariah Rossel

“My Journey Home: A Story of Transformation from Trauma and Shame to Em”

My personal journey of going into the mystery to heal from sexual assault and domestic violence.

Chris Noble

Untitled Manuscript

Southern California Lifestyle cookbook

Kevin Power

Untitled Manuscript

“Double Blind” – a gay-themed murder suspense stage play

Ebonie Becker

Untitled Manuscript

A distopian novel about a girl who is raised by nuns and uses her imagination as an escape as a child. Now as an adult she must adapt to living on her own in the city.

Taylor Barlow

Untitled Manuscript

Rodovan, an elf, opens a computer repair store. Hijinks ensue.

Isaiah Bjorgen

“The scorching storm”

The tale of the tragic fate of a boy, who works hard at cotten plant for the sake of his family, but ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nancy Sabato

“Jesus:The Word”

Connnecting Old Testament Prophecy to Jesus as Messiah

Edward Teja

“A Firm Offer”

Sherry Lane is a defense lawyer with a grudge against cops. When a op tricks her into taking a case, defending a hooker he arrested who is charged with murder, she has to rethink everything and face opposition from the system to get justice.

The cop was a big guy who was comfortable with himself, used to being out of place in an office any fancier than the kind a bail bondsman would have, or maybe a low rent bookie.

My office wasn’t much, but he sat on the edge of the chair and I could see the tension in his body. He wanted to leave even though he’d just sat down. He said his name was Mark Egan. I thought he looked tough. I mean that in a good way. He didn’t have the in-your-face attitude punks did, acting and dressing the way they think big men should. No he was shifting in my hard chair looking as uncomfortable in his crap suit as a guy like that should look. The toughness was in his eyes. Not cold like those of a killer, but like someone who’d seen some of worst life threw at you. Seen it, dealt with it and moved on, knowing he’d see it or something like it again sooner or later.

If I didn’t dislike cops so much I’d probably have called him sexy, but he was cop and they tended to either be moralists or hypocrite-crooked people who made their living pretending to enforce the law. And Mark Egan was a career cop–a detective.

Even so, I’ll admit that he was easy on the eyes in that rough and tumble way, if you like your men to have an edge instead of an expensive gloss, as I do. This one was in his late thirties, a good age for men. Even though he must spend most of his time behind a desk he didn’t have the kind of softness descending on him or a donut pallor. He looked healthy. Virile and healthy go together in my universe.

Best of all he was asking me for a favor. I’d never had a cop ask me for a favor before. They don’t usually go to criminal defense lawyers hat in hand, especially those with a track record that says they work hard for their crooked clients.

Mostly cops don’t need or want anything a criminal lawyer can give them. This one did. Best of all his favor really came out of left field. He’d walked in an put a folder on my desk and then slumped in the uncomfortable chair I keep for visitors. It was a dramatic gesture. I keep my desk empty, clear of everything except the papers I’m working on, and when he slid the folder across the oak top I slapped my hand down on it automatically, not wanting it there. It was a thin manila folder. Keeping my hand on it I turned it around so I could read the the name Darlene Miller scrawled on the tab in blue ink. Then I looked up at him. He’d waited, giving me the time to take it in.

“I’d like you to take this woman’s case, “he said.

Victoria Thomson


Hilarious adventures of middle aged woman following a divorce.

Ashley Bradley


What if your soulmate is a horse?

John Adam

“Love at first sight”

The book is a story about two people who fall in love at first sight. Juozas is a free Lithuanian artist and writer, and Susan is an online marketing manager from America. They get to know each other on Facebook. In the beginning the couple’s relationships develops on the social networking website prior to their meeting in the Nida resort in Lithuania. The romantic environment of the beautiful resort encourage passionate eroticism, and they make love surrounded by natural beauty. After a bit of passion for carnal love, it transcends to the level of spiritual love and the two people fall in love with each other: the a man and woman begin to interact maturely without losing the power of creative erotic love. Their interaction is becomes more and more complex and paradoxical, but such interaction doesn’t make them a bit, on the contrary, their love’s passion catches fire even more. Both talk about religion in the context of the Christian philosophy of freedom and other aspects of science and art in the universe. Having fallen in love without losing a healthy sense of humor they are completely free to discuss anything and feel happy together with each other, and it seems that their happiness is filled with untapped love for the other participants in the novel. The couple decides to fly to America to Chicago and travel through the whole of Lithuania by excursion bus. The vacation continues in Chicago and at Lake Michigan. Events flow freely as usual during summer holidays…

Denise Davies

Untitled Manuscript

Boy meets girl

terence mealing

“Comping successfully”

An insight into my success as a comper over the years, tips and rewards gained

My most successful year was 2015 when i won more monetary and high tech items than any other year

Graham Ross

Untitled Manuscript


Janelle Fowlis

Untitled Manuscript

A information book for hospital patients

Esther Clarke

Untitled Manuscript

death, love, hate

Stephen Hardwick

Untitled Manuscript

Still in progress

Alisha Bowens

Untitled Manuscript

Poetry in the life of military brat and spouse and how I portray it. Both of my parents met as active duty and so I grew up my whole life as a military “brat” and then after they we’re through with the military and I grew up, later in life, I married into the military.

Maytha Albadri


Three friends went out on a journey and they mysteriously disappear into the sea except for one girl who survives.
One month after the incident, the girl moves to a new city when she suddenly found a small box with a blue crystal gem inside it.
Strange events begin to happen, she see repeated dreams of a beautiful door that made of crystal and beside it there is a transparent girl that she can barely see her features sitting and singing a strange song.
What is the mystery that capture her life ??Where are her friends ??What is the secret of the girl in her dream?

Linnea Tanner

“Book 2: Dagger’s Destiny in the Curse of Clansmen and Kings Series”

A Celtic warrior princess, accused of treason for aiding her enemy lover, must win back her father’s trust and love.

doris crutchfield



Jonathan Walker


A lock picker gains invulnerability through an attempted assassination and must deal with the consequences of being a wanted man who can’t be killed.

William Consiglio


Despite this fragmentary approach, however, Gnert is never arbitrary or chaotic; its underlying structure is, in fact, quite stable. One of the real pleasures of the book lies in seeing how these apparently unrelated bits and pieces gradually come together to form a coherent, powerful whole.

Antoine Chenail

“A night through the stars”

Two brothers live in a peaceful village and live a normal life with their family. One day a pack of savage creature come down from the stars and start striking fear into the heart of the villagers.

While trying to save themselves, one of the brother sacrifices himself to save his younger brother. The younger brother must then learn to live his life alone in this dark place without the support of his family.

Sung-Gi Kim

Untitled Manuscript

A guy is wakes up in a capsule to find out he’s been drafted to fight in a war against robots. Earth is among hundreds of other planets that are just simulated breeding ground lifeforms have created to select candidates to fight in the war. They created the robots long ago, but the robots revolted, making them hesitant against created more robots.

Lachlan Downing

Untitled Manuscript

A collection of photography locations and tips for photographing them at different times of year. Includes some stories about amusing mishaps that have occurred while taking photos there. Locations are mainly within Australia, though there are some stories about travel overseas and how certain techniques were first learnt or discovered

Brian Oneil

Untitled Manuscript

Leading with Direction. How do you motivate your employees to generate change without pushing them.

Phillip J. Boucher


Ellwyn Autumn

“Chris Kringle’s Cops The First Mission”

One girl. One elf. One impossible mission. Patty Pringle and Agent 12-25 have until midnight to complete their mission. Senator Claudius do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Dan Raabe

“Train For A Reason”

I write to teach and motivate. Train For A Reason is an attack on the misuse of will-power and self-control. Neuroscience plays a prominent role in the accomplishment of goals. Understanding the mechanics of “will-power” and” self-control” is necessary for engaging our mental power to set priorities. Engagement is the word we use to initiate action. An understanding of our executive functions, and how we can influence our decisions and behavior to achieve a successful outcome is the bane of our work as coaches. Think beyond personal training. Fit people do better in the world. Mentally fit people make the world better. Train for a reason!

Natalie Watson

Untitled Manuscript

Memoir about my life growing up around parents who are addicts, and my own struggles with addiciton as an adult

Gwen Roy

“Adventures with animals”

The journey of one veterinarian as she develops from pre-vet student to full-fledged wildlife veterinarian. The world of animals and especially wildlife comes with many surprises, heart lifting moments and tragedy.

Stephanie Poole

Untitled Manuscript

Two siblings locate a gateway to purgatory. One gets lost inside and the other goes on an adventure to save her. He encounters mystical beings from both heaven and hell in his attempt to find his sister and bring her back.

Nora Tomlinson

Untitled Manuscript

I am working on a book that examines current perceptions of bereavement and grief and how those perceptions actually lead to even more isolation and depression for those going through grief.

Nikita Carroll

Untitled Manuscript

Hitman after an elderly woman. She is evasive and able to exhaust his skill set, unintentionally. He is needing to complete this prior to the earning statements release at a health insurer. They are eliminating all high cost policyholders.

Lora Leber

Untitled Manuscript

Growing up in a sheltered environment on a farm in central Illinois, the author faces one crisis after another, from losing her mother, to losing her faith, to facing the harsh reality of the real world. Thinking she has finally found a soulmate, she realizes he has only been using her. The author is faced with the daunting decision of how to survive in the future on her own.

Irv Sutley

Untitled Manuscript

California’s third political parties

Greg Medina

Untitled Manuscript

The story of my life and how Agent Orange has affected my family following the death of my father.

Jessica Boittiaux

Untitled Manuscript

My life story on all of the things that made me who I am. From grief, to trauma, from triumph to dance parties, my biography aims to help those who have suffered the same and at the same time, to help me.

Shelby Boese

“Speaking in Tongues Empowering Play”


Jessica Norris


My life in a nutsehell. I’m a mom of 3 living in a crazy world. I also write about my dreams I have at night. Sometimes they’re scary and sometimes they’re very fictional

Carmela Pisano

Untitled Manuscript

I am extremely interested in a crime that was committed over 2 decades ago. It was quite brutal and they apprehended and convicted the murderer. Reading transcripts and studying the photos I believe the murderer might be innocent.

Danielle Wavrin

Untitled Manuscript

I’m writing a manual on everything you need to know about mystery shopping. It will include how to pick the right companies, the best jobs, how to conduct shops and so much more.

Patricia White

Untitled Manuscript

Kwazi and Biddy adventures. It’s about our cat Kwazi and her best friend Buddy the tortoise. The adventures they go on when no one is home. They love super heroes and Buddy goes on to be the Flash.

Jillian Burton

Untitled Manuscript

Recipes that I love. This will include breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, desserts and mommy and me recipes.

Sheila Staverman

“My life”

Unsure at this time

I want to save my thoughts for later

Jen Esposito

Untitled Manuscript

An only child gets a new baby sitter and he’s unsure about his parents leaving.

Debi Keller

“Please don’t take my home”

Picture book from a ground hog’s point of view where growth of the town is building on the field that he was living in. It is a true story from where I use to work.

This is my home (picture of the field)
These are the people that would feed me ( people on a deck of a house)

Then one day the nice people were gone (picture of empty deck)

Chandra Rankin

Untitled Manuscript

Learn numbers with a cute Chihuahua

Brenda Hulitt

“My life”

It’s about myself, starting from the age 12 til now the age of 46

Beverley MacDonald

Untitled Manuscript

Little boy runnong to his mommy. Aunt throwing shoe. Aunt crying. Taking little boy and his mommy to the park.

Christine McLuckie

Untitled Manuscript

The effects and hardships of borderline personality disorder. What we know about it, treatment and personal experiences.

Heather Camp

Untitled Manuscript

In a world where humans and magic don’t mix, half-human Ber has to learn to wield the curse of innate magic without going mad.

Melinda anderson

Untitled Manuscript

Husband leaves wife, she has 2 kids to raise and gets together with son of her boss from when she worked in a department store during highschool.

Desiree Brickles

Untitled Manuscript

Working on a short novel about a prosecutor who falls in love with the wrong person. What that love does to his career and how it ultimately makes him better.

Rivie Alldredge

Untitled Manuscript

A savage journey to the heart of the American Dream, featuring a wild hedonist and his 300-pound Samoan attorney. Things such as a suitcase full of drugs and a red convertible are featured in this story. And, maybe some bats. Yes, it is original. I sware.

Christopher Sidor

Untitled Manuscript

The fall of the roman empire did not happen as history recorded it as did other events over time. Something lurks among us that keeps us BAD.

Melanie Hayes

“Get motivated”

No matter what you plan to do, or achieve you will need motivation to get you there. Be the captain of your own ship. Don’t let motivation show up, and leave haphazardly. Read this and be the one in control.
Motivation begins with how you set your goals and ends with them being completed. It will guide you each step of the way.
This book will help you look at the obstacles’ to your plans, ones that can destroy motivation. Then it tells you how to overcome them. Knowledge is power.
There are many tips and techniques to keep your motivation strong, fresh, and alive. Step by step instructions that are simple to follow will get you moving.
After you read through it once, you can continue coming back for other ideas for other goals. So enjoy and get stuff done.

Elaine Silva

Untitled Manuscript

A story about epilepsy

Don’t have an excerpt yet

Ron Ablang

Untitled Manuscript

Mine was a variation of Romeo & Juliet. Young star-crossed lovers from warring families just trying to be together to kindle their love.

Lucas Kulis

Untitled Manuscript

HistoryInPix is the best way to be able to help me out with out with out with the the other day of the the day is a bit of a boring guy bahahahahaha I’m a weather geek

Tory Allyn


Parul Wadhwa Saini

“The Masquerade”

Did your ambitions ever scare you?
Well passion is what some people live for. Such is a story of a young Delhiite Myra, who takes life head on.
Read The Masquerade to know how life becomes daunting when love takes a back seat.
To download from Amazon kindle click

Life becomes daunting when love takes a backseat. Set in the backdrops of Delhi University. An inspiring tale of ambition, love, romance and passion. Click here and grab your copy to read about Myra’s stint at campus. Read and inspire the people you love. Click here to buy the paperback from Amazon: The Masquerade
Click here The Masquerade to buy from Amazon kindle.

Brianna Johnson

Untitled Manuscript

In the small town of Cherry Falls, an out of towner gets more than she bargained for when she accepts a librarian position at a local elementary school.

John Hubbard

“Less than my cat could lick off”

A bildungsroman set in northeast Texas following a family who has glimpses of leaving the redneck poverty but keeps falling back into it. The novel follows three generations in their attempts to educate themselves for entering the world but finds themselves held back by generational religion, smallmindedness and bigotry that cannot seem to be overcome.

Brittany Potter

Untitled Manuscript

College kids are going on a camping trip. What awaits them is horrific carnage and devastation. Each one comes face to face with a mysterious being. After the encounter, they are negatively affected and begin killing one another.

Samantha Panicacci

Untitled Manuscript

I would like to make a comic about Black Jesus once I’m finished at Columbia College Chicago. I’m a Christian and Black Jesus is the way I view Jesus and I think the White Jesus we’ve seen is good, but incomplete. We need the Adventures of Black Jesus!


Pat Pierre

Untitled Manuscript

Family Meals for those with dietary restrictions. I would like to compile a collection of family favourites that have been enjoyed by my family.

R. Cameron Bryce

“Killing Tony”

Narinder Chana

Untitled Manuscript

Vibration Analysis

Sue Brennand

Untitled Manuscript

In 1999 I quit my job, left my husband, sold everything I owned and bought a motorhome. What followed was 4 years of some of the most amazing adventures in most of the US, eastern Canada and Mexico.

Tracy Miller

Untitled Manuscript

It is a story about a relationship and how that relationship effects the actions of two people who both have personality disorders. It happens over a time when one of the characters is committing horrible crimes and the other character, the partner of the first, tries to fix him. Someone’s life hangs in balance as the two work on their issues and the story reflects back over the course of their relationship, showing how the three main characters arrived at this point.

Alex Gallegos

“The Reflection Of Me”

My grandchild growing up and his many adventures

This day he arrived with excitement for the day that was about to unfold before him and not to forget his Grandpa
as they were about to take a trip to the museum. Adventure and intrigue before them on their walk to the museum where they would see many wonders.

Elisa Lowe

Untitled Manuscript

To tell my journey through life. Beginning with my childhood, college years, marriage, divorce and life after divorce.

David Lowrey

Untitled Manuscript

In my comedic cozy mystery, Nigel, our inept protagonist – an English expat, recently unemployed – has moved with his wife, Annie, to her hometown of New Antigua Texas so she can pursue a career as a private eye. Nigel, stuck at home with an unbearable to-do list, surreptitiously pursues his own investigation involving the missing dog of an eccentric family. In solving the case, he discovers a drowning victim whom he implicates in a nefarious plot. General mayhem and marital discord ensue as his investigation crosses paths with his wife’s investigations and leads to one public embarrassment after another. Nigel must then repair his marriage while secretly clearing the besmirched name of the drowning victim. In fact, Nigel and Annie have both unknowingly been investigating different ends of the same ongoing murder plot. Nigel unwittingly tips off one of the plotters putting his wife in danger. He unravels the plot and the perpetrators as he watches them kidnap his wife. Nigel acts to save his wife in typically hilarious fashion.

Donna Childers

Untitled Manuscript

A life of childabuse that is not fully confronted and dealt with until my 30s. I am in and out of mental hospitals for years.Finally after the person who abused me passes away I am able to confront my own feelings and deal with it, while dealing with bipolar and cancer.

Donna Cohen

Untitled Manuscript

The crazy things that went on in a rooming house full of weirdos, mental defectives and psychopaths.

Franklin Broadnax

“Jimmy trip to the barn”

Jimmy went to the barn as a feild trip. When jimmy bought things from a man he lossed his class and looked everywhere but he Couldn’t find them so he when back to the scool bus and found his clas the end

jason kinnin

“the medical resident”

about my journey across canada while training to be a doctor (radiologist in fact). I have been in montreal, toronto, ottawa, st. john’s and now saskatoon. Plus short stints in every province even up north in labrador! it’s been a very tough journey but have had some cool experiences and even cooler ones planned.

Kimberly Lawrence

Untitled Manuscript

A son of a prestigious, powerful family in Asia, born deaf and blind, is hidden away in an upscale healthcare facility. There, he is nurtured by a young, kindly nurse. Though the boy is violent at times, she continues to teach and care for the boy. Years later, a miracle happens…

kelly letsom

Untitled Manuscript

about 5 kids in the desart

Laurel Whitney

Untitled Manuscript

Children’s story

Brittany Wrenn

Untitled Manuscript

It’s a comic about a young boy who turns into a superhero, he was made fun of a lot but ends up saving and helping out a lot of kids who were mean to him. He is the bigger person by not letting the bullies know who he is

elliott capon


The sleazy agent for the world’s most successful horror writer (a MORON!) provides his client with great mss by murdering the authors of slush pile gems. But when his reader/killer kills the wrong people, he’s left with one great novel and two “authors.” This drips with black humor and savage sarcasm.

Kimberly Johnson

Untitled Manuscript

Haven’t thought of it

Michelle Kouzmine


Nirvana Stark just wants to get through the school year unnoticed before her mom packs up and moves them on to the next city, the next state, the next life. Friends are not her jam. But, she soon finds herself befriending a ghost boy, Bucky, who is trapped in the school, forever. The only problem is, the school is slated for demolition and neither she, nor Bucky’s only other friend, the school janitor, know what will become of poor Bucky. Nirvana quickly realizes that must make friends with the other kids to find a way to save her best and only friend.

Jordan Young

Untitled Manuscript

nestiel, a priest of his city faces something he has never encountered before. The once immortal elves faced with a disease that affects them. He finds some solice in the arms of Eristion while they look for a cure together. however, what precious time they had is cut short by an elf hellbent on destroying not only them, but their entire race.

Pauline Milner


Jamie’s life has undergone horrible tragedy that includes the death of her mother, spouse and daughter. She leaves her home behind in New York with the intention of outrunning her grief. When she arrives in the small town of Elyssium, she discovers she must go through the grieving process to come out the other side.

Laying in bed staring out the window of yet another hotel room, the flashing red sign seemed to mock my attempt to lapse into another fitful night of fragmented dreams. When I closed my eyes, the word ‘vacancy’ intermittently appeared and continued to plague the crucial sleep my body craved. Even the bedside clock added its own taunt with the whirring and click sound that signalled another minute had passed.

Through the open window, a warm breeze brought the balmy, earthy smell of the desert into the room. Curiously, there was no noise of passing traffic or pedestrians to drown out the melody of crickets which would bring comfort to some but, to me, only sounded like a never ending symphony of the same monotonous song.

Just over an hour earlier, as the sun began to descend beneath the distant mountains, a roadside placard indicated “Elysium” was ten miles ahead. Besides the usual road signage, it had been the first evidence I had seen of human habitation for what had seemed like hours. When I reached the town, Elysium seemed to end as abruptly as it began. It appeared ahead of me, looking every bit what one would expect when approaching a small town’s main street, with the usual shop and service venues but after only driving about a half of a mile, I was once again confronted with only the desert road. I needed gas and driving on into the abject darkness held no promise of fuel or lodging, so I did a u-turn and headed back toward the light.

Wayfarer’s Hotel lobby looked in desperate need of redecorating, but was nonetheless clean and the elderly desk clerk had a kind smile and offered a room with a private bath with a price that was surprisingly fair, since it seemed to be the only hotel for miles.

After grabbing my suitcase from the car, I returned to find him reaching to carry my bag up the two flights to my room. He politely declined a tip and told me there was a tavern down the road that also offered breakfast.

I had welcomed the hot shower that washed away the desert sand that had seemed to permeate every pore as I had driven all day with the car windows open in spite of the oppressive heat. I kept cool by running the air conditioning full blast. I guess when you feel like your own world is over, you don’t really feel the need to give a damn about the extra fuel cost or the environment.

Ken Willie

Untitled Manuscript

A woman forced to steal from her employer ( a bank) to keep her husband’s business running. While she is taking home a lot of money another employee is discovered stealing and she has to help with that investigation. She learns a lot about investigating while knowing at some point it will be her being investigated and she prepares a way out.

Dimitris Ladikos

Untitled Manuscript

The adventures of a couple, when the man goes for a journey to Rio. Emotional situations messed up their marriage. This novel is about what makes a person happy and liberated. Work and money, marriage and family, or a lonely ride?

Robert McClain

“The Angaelic Host”

Allison O’Brien returns to Pennsylvania after her uncle dies and inherits a mansion, a coal company, and 13 million dollars. She tours the home she hasn’t seen in fifteen years and intends to sell until a naked stranger wrapped in a wool blanket appears and chases her through the house yelling at her in a foreign language. He traps her in her uncle’s bedroom, but she pulls out his pistol and fires. But, the gun is empty and the man wrestles her onto the bed. She shrieks at him not to touch her, and he backs away looking terrified because she speaks English, not Angaelic.

She discovers John Doe has no memory of his identity or place of origin, and he begs her not to abandon him. She decides over time to stay and help him, especially after the family doctor examines John, and she overhears him in a telephone conversation, and realizes Doc knows more about John Doe than he let on.

Innsya Anisha

Untitled Manuscript

About teen novel

Tracy Jordan

Untitled Manuscript

A teenage girl has a secret place that she escapes to. More and more, she goes there, ignoring everything else in her life. One day, sitting on a riverbank in her escape, she sees someone. No one else is ever here, she follows them. Suddenly, they pop up out of nowhere, and steal something of hers… something that came from inside her. She feels different, empty, and cold. She is determined to get it back, and follows him into an unfamiliar world.

Melissa Tobin

Untitled Manuscript

Children’s books that include recipes to encourage children to get into the kitchen and eat more adventurously.

Marty Robbins

Untitled Manuscript

Alternate universe, where Native Americans held the Europeans east of the Mississippi and south of the Rio Grande. Independent country made up of all the tribes that survive the invasion of the white man.

Adam Estrada

“Estrada/Lara Chronicles”

Life as an Estrada and all the foregoings living in my little world full of drama, love,anger and about every emotion you can think of in which this should become a movie.

Krysta Mercer

“Tango with Taste”

Quick simple recipes that make you fall in love with simple cooking on a budget

Carly Chapman

“Traveling Love”

After moving to South Korea, Y/N connects with an old acquaintance, who now happens to be a part of the famous K-Pop group BTS. After about a year of her living in the country he asks her to join all seven of them on vacation, however she’s gained a crush on one of the main dancers. What will happen when they all travel to the beautiful country of Greece?

Brad Harzman

“Masters Thesis”

An educational discussion of brass trios, quintets and quartets for 9-12 grade students.


Malle Yeno

Untitled Manuscript

Space colony of humans living on another planet begin a transition towards an anarchist society. Protagonist witnesses the expansion of public consciousness regarding sexuality and gender, and how this grows after the end of the state.

Jenilee Dunson

Untitled Manuscript

Starting to create a series of comics inspired by japanese animation art styles and fantasy novels such as the last unicorn, lord of the rings, and hobbit.

Kristen Prochnow

“Fanged Beauty”

The tale of how Sleeping Beauty was saved from her terrible curse is very well known. In the sleepy village of Barley, no one knows this particular tale better than Gavin, the village baker. Tired of his monotonous life, Gavin dreams of becoming immortalized as the lead character of his own tale of heroism and having his story told by countless traveling story tellers. When Gavin hears a rumor that there is a real life sleeping princess who is waiting to be rescued in a neighboring kingdom, he decides to go on the adventure of a lifetime to find his happily ever after. But, Gavin soon finds that the chaos of life rarely mimics linear fairy tales and that things (and people) are not always what they seem.

Stanley Viater

Untitled Manuscript

I am doing research about the possibility that Antartica is the lost continent of Atlantis. An acient map was discovered showing Atlantis was shown east of the Americas, but there was a void where Antartica is.

Jason Cheung

“Why Immigration: Songs of Joy and Lament”

The road of immigration to Canada, my adopted country is never been an easy one. I want to share the joys, the laments, the soundscape, the landscape and the cutlural diversity through poetry.

This is an examination of our country and country building through the eye of a reluctant immigrant who gets more skeptical as the years goes on, but never felt less wonderstruck.

Jessica Powell

Untitled Manuscript

Fun, games, and adventures.

Deniece Caballero

Untitled Manuscript

After the death of his parents, he heard the rumour about a hidden treasure deep within blue river valley. He encountered trials and overcame them all. He traveled there and met a monk. The monk asked him what he would do to the treasure. When he heard the adventurer’s reason, he gave him a flower within a bubble. The adventurer went back home and helped his village become posperous and the adventurer became a hero.

Ryan Cloutier

Untitled Manuscript

Debra Branigan

“Jacob Dooley and his Descendants”

The family history of Jacob Dooley and his Descendants

This is the ancestry of Jacob Dooley and his descendants of Madison County, Kentucky andMonroe County, Missouri and on.

Ryan Hite

“Through Minds Eyes”

A book of ethics, history, culture, and spirituality at the core of Epochalism

Dawn Nelson


When Morag MacTavish is put in a dark cellar as a punishment little does she know she’s about to begin a magical quest that will put her in danger but will change her life forever.

Anya Zolotusky

Untitled Manuscript

Exploring the North Cascades with a German Shepherd

Heather Rosen


Based on letters I found among my grandmother’s things after her death, this novel travels back to the village of her birth, and explores the secrets about her past she held for 50 years

Erwin Carrington

Untitled Manuscript

Over six days, you will tour the famous wine region of Medoc, enjoy the diverse beauty of the Gironde Estuary, and visit many of the medieval villages from the region. This cruise offers a helicopter flight to see the vineyards from the air and an excursion to the historic village of Saint Emilion. For those who love red wine, this cruise is a chance to visit and explore the delights and rewards of this industry’s famous wine country.

Muhammad ardiansyah

“I learn”

I learn about human, i learn about humanity, i learn about human to human, i learn about why human learn, because human can learn from experience fail to create a story life


Shaoni Das

“The Trentis Project”

Every year, a secret mission from the territory of Medin is sent to the territory of Trentis. The purpose of this mission is to gather resources from the richer, more technologically-advanced area of Trentis, whose civilians do not know the existence of Medin, and bring it back to foster the development of the deprived, backward territory of Medin. Kaira looks forward to the mission as not only an opportunity to bring pride and progress to her land but as a quest to find her brother who went into this nation 13 years ago only to never return. As she settles into this new extravagant, advanced yet endlessly wicked land of Trentis, she begins to realize what is at stake for her land, her family and her true beliefs.


“Als ruined my life!”

Hubby has Als, and ruined both of our lives!! It will be a novel of the extreme hell we are going through; to raise awareness of this horrid disease and the need for a cure

We had the perfect live; true love found; until the small letters destroyed All; A-L-S.


Untitled Manuscript

The life of a young man in the British care system who gets lost and abused… but becomes successful later in life tells his story.

Rhonda Eichman

“Bargain on the Prairie”

Annette finds herself stranded on the prairies of the Kansas Territory. With her fiance dead, she knows she will not be able to drive the covered wagon over the mountains until spring. Alone and terrified, there is only one choice… Cole.

Cole knows he can help Annette survive but he doesn’t know if she can fit into the rough life living on a ranch requires. In spite of his doubts, he offers her a bargain in trade for food and shelter.

Can two independent people strike a bargain on the prairie and survive the Kansas winter together?

Trina High

Untitled Manuscript

A cat’s autobiography

Colleen Parker

Untitled Manuscript

A small town girl ends up going to a new private school in the city and falls for the “bad boy” of her class despite her mother’s warnings. Can she save him from throwing away his future or are they meant to part ways sooner than they both want?

Ashley Castleberry

Untitled Manuscript

Ashley sits at home on her porch snoking until the end if July when it will be illegal to do so. She has a son in college and has always dates losers til now or so she thought.

Susan Dubovsky

“Lost For Words (?)”

This submission is a very personal writing such as a diary. My memories, thoughts, and life experiences have been written over a period of approximately two years. It includes members of family, friends, relationships, acquaintances, and also explains my passion with and for animals. I have had many companion animals over time, and also enjoy the animals that are in my own back yard. I try to learn at least one new thing a day to keep my mind motivated and healthy. It could be reading or creating something that is made by myself. I like to look at what I have accomplished and share with others. I also have been adding my favorite foods, recipes, and would like to share some recipes that I have put together myself, including the not so tasty ones.

There have been a lot of pages and entries that are not yet fully acceptable to me, probably more changes in the future. And also keeping the memoir as it is at this time is not yet finished.

Muhammad Haq

Untitled Manuscript

A detective who stumbles into the world of supernatural erotic horror

Nicole Jones

Untitled Manuscript

I am only 36, yet I have been through more in my life than most people in their 80s…between the physical, mental, & sexual abuse & enduring the pain of losing children, I don’t know how I’ve made it this far

Paul Milbury

“Understanding the Antioxidant Controversy”

The volume is a reference on an important and sometimes confusing topic for those seeking to understand the conflicting messages surrounding antioxidants. The book provides reliable nutritional advice to educate practitioners who advise patients.

William Carter

Untitled Manuscript

Recovery from addictions

Catherine Armendarez

Untitled Manuscript

Biography of my life living 20 plus years on the streets (homeless)

Gabriela Perez-Salas

Untitled Manuscript

My life is my message.

James Rogers


Primarily family history as I remember it.

Dad bought a mule names Maude from his brother. She turned out to be very stubborn, not reacting to verbal commands.

Tara Bellamy

“Unlocking the Codes”

Ahsana Akhter

Untitled Manuscript

i have a dream to do something vey good by helping people.but i am very imotional in my mind,always separated from from my destination.

Liz G

“Project Genesis”

Centers around two youths who are part of a government experiment. Throughout their journey they seek to discover the truth behind the experiments they were put through and get a chance at living life.

Amanda McCarthy

“Amanda Waltz”

The Story of Amanda Waltz.

Karen Voy


In a world where technology is distrusted and aliens are hunted, this child is not what she seems.

Andre Huu

“The Round of Your Life”

What if life was a round of golf? What hole would you be on and what would your scorecard look like? The quest for these answers led me to the fundamental concepts behind my book. In this journey, I share stories and scores and even life lessons that I’ve learned along the way. Readers are also encouraged to apply my unique scoring method to come up with a scorecard for their own life.

If the average life expectancy in the United States is approximately eighty years of age, then imagine splitting that into two parts, with the first forty years of your life as a “front nine” and the remaining forty plus years of your life as a “back nine.” Using this metaphor, which “hole” of golf would you be playing on now? What kind of round have you had so far? And most importantly, how are you going to finish out this round, the one and only precious one that’s been given to you in this one life that you have to life?

The quest for answers to these hypothetical questions is what eventually led me to the fundamental concepts behind this book. The inspiration to actually write a book on the subject first came as I was making the turn one day during a routine round of golf with my usual golfing buddies in Texas and these very thoughts hit me. Certainly, I wouldn’t be the first person to have experienced such profound thoughts on the subject of golf and life. As I looked around to my three partners on that hot, sunny day in Texas, I started wondering how their round might have been playing out and what their scorecard looked like up to that point in their lives.

Had their round been filled with more bogeys, more birdies, or more pars? How many difficult shots out of the hazards had they had to take in life?

joe stadnek

Untitled Manuscript

Journey to the center of post modern ficticious journalism.

I left for the train at 6 again this morning. I hoped not to spill into the street again as my coffee did the previous morning, but I was beginning that might be inevitable due to the fact the soul was wearing thin of my left shoe.

Adam Miller

Untitled Manuscript

The world in the year 3000 AD is much quieter than years ago. Ever since the Great Epidemic the human population has struggled to maintain its existence. Civilization devolved almost back to the stone ages in only a few decades, and the world’s population shrank from 10 billion to less than 1 million in two years. Everything we took for granted disappeared in those two years. Civilization changed from a relatively orderly process to one dominated by a tribal mentality. Strong leaders were continually challenging existing leaders and all previous institutions had fallen into ruins.

George Flack

Untitled Manuscript

Wondering what life would be like if I could get anything I needed without the hassle of being broke

Thom Prati

Untitled Manuscript

The Kingdom of Ice, Markshire is situated in a realm based on Norse background merged with medieval feudalism. The country known as Markshire has seen many hardships over the years but her heroes strive to hold back the tides of Chaos.

Pam Ivey

Untitled Manuscript

An untimely death

What a shame.
She was so nice.
She seemed so happy.
I don’t even know she was depressed.
How come no one noticed any warning signs?
I wasn’t really close with her.
We were friends on Facebook but didn’t really talk.

David Dvorak

Untitled Manuscript

A collection of poems and art about the fight for animal rights.

Daniel Arndt

“A Tharian Tale: The Fugitive Prince”

What is royalty without a kingdom? Torn from his home at a young age and forced to live in a far-from-friendly court, Valente is trapped. His honour-bound duty is tested everyday by nobles, guards, and even his own self-inflicted doubt. The years have turned him away from his roots into a slow anger and entitlement. Though his mistrust is not misplaced as during the coronation, his jailers become his executioners. He runs balancing his uncertainty in life along with a weight of his own kingdom.The forced exodus he embarks on becomes one of self-empowerment. It takes him on a path of understanding other people and learning about a world he had only read about in the books of his royal prison.

Telesforo Torrez

Untitled Manuscript

The uncertainty is real. The paranoia is unforgiving as a young historian along with her partner, a young scientist, unravel a precious artifact that opens the door to an eerie dimension. The journey is rough as they travel between dimensions. What is real and what is not is yet to be determined as they are uncertain which dimension they are in. As they feel they are living a dream, they realize the key lies in the artifact. Have they ripped a tear in time and space? Only time will tell….

Mark Hesson


Traveling around all the worst places in the world, and confronting the horrors therein. Gets nasty.

Elina Feliu

“Glue Factory Whorehouse”

Senior Citizens living in HUD’s Section 8 housing decide to make their last hurrah within the drug and prostitution business. The backbone of their venture is supported by a half-dead building lookout, two senior citizen whores who are either wheelchair dependent or walker dependent, other ne’er do wellers, and a retired federal agent who decided that he was going to make his money off of stupid people instead of protecting them from themselves as he used to.

Jon Hopper

“the library”

about runaways who end up living in an old, abandoned library

Raymond schaff

“4 generations”

About construction ,business


Robert Hawkins

Untitled Manuscript

It is a story about several consenting adults who travel the globe on their ultimate rendezvous.

Just stories about affairs between consenting adults.. it goes on to explain the fantasies of the mb ain character as they travel the globe on their ultimate rendezvous.

Kathleen Delaney

“My cookbook”



Marleen Martinez

Untitled Manuscript

Brother and sister enter into a world beyond anything they expected. When Andy discovers she has a magic, which is outlawed, she and her family go on the run. Her brothers life is turned upside down and now he is pitted against his sister.

Kathy Doyle

“Cooks On The Train”

Antique recipes some of which were found from a wagon train headed to Portland Oregon. There are also household quips, quotes and hints some of which are hilarious but also useful. Some recipes were written in “Old English”.

Adam Asselin

Untitled Manuscript

Set in a dystopian future a young woman is trying to circumnavigate what we once knew as the American dream.

Faith Zimcosky

“Home Generations”

LIfe happenings of house built by great grandfather in 1910 to present

E.D. Bird

“Digby’s Diary”

A family adventure suitable for all ages.
A pack of various breeds of dogs set out on a mission to protect two young boys from certain danger, only to find that there is another child who must be rescued from the hands of villains.
Will the boys and hounds succeed in their efforts?
Set in the wilderness of southern Africa where anything can happen, this merry band of two and four-legged beings encounter danger regularly, but rally together in pursuit of their goal.

Adam Campbell

“The Dreamer”

A teenaged orphan, having forgotten all, battles a sorceress with half his heart to save the world he once created. With the help of a good tribe, two best friends, and the ability to heal others, he comes to understand his own great worth.

Jason Grove

Untitled Manuscript

A book about birds for kids and their adventures, including identifying common ones in North America (and perhaps with sounds)

Alicia Gee

“none yet”

Coming of age girl finds herself in the middle of a war of magics, not knowing that she is in line to inherit great powers

Arialis found herself listening intently to the music of the forest around her. Totally immersed in the music, she missed the light scent of the predator sneaking up quietly behind her.

September Melroy

“The Other Side of the Red Line”

The first book will be about a little girl who grew up in a small town being molested for 14 yesrs of her life by her step dad. Moved with her mom to Iowa and got kicked out at 14 sent to live with her sister who pimped her out with her boyfriend. Got married at 15 had two kids in an abusive marrige by 16. Left him and lost them between 17 and began her own escort service at 18. and 19 how she almost died.

Third book she will wake up in the hospital after trying to commit suicide. A new life was granted. She met a man at 21 and decided to have another family. Got completely clean. How he put her dowm as a crip. How she continued to run an escort service and raise her family and serve her man as a c queen. How the relationship ended. How she fleed to Nebraska just to be reminded everywhere of her childhood. Continued to flee to kentucky in search of a better life with her two kids just to lose them to the system. Ending yet to come….


Untitled Manuscript

A coming-out story

lawrence buchan

“Time warp”

It’s about a family who goes on vacation only to pass through a inter dimensional worm hole taking them to different planets, species, some friendly, others hostile. With the help of friends they meet/make on there journey
they must somehow navigate there way through these worlds to get back to earth/home.
During there trip some friends become enemies and some of there worse enemies help them for there own selfish reasons.


Mariana Sanchez

Untitled Manuscript

This book is not typical love story, it’s suppose to teach young lovers to take risk in loving, because time turns against you.

Melissa Berger

“The Christmas Pickle”

How a dill pickle becomes a Christmas tree ornament.

Brandy Monday

“9½ DAYS”

Scott Merriman

“The Balance”

A collection of poetry / songs I have written over the years spanning more than a decade.

If life is like a river then I know why we’re all damned
The cold shake and the shivers in the winters of the dead
It could all be so much better
It could all be sacred land
We could float right through the waters if there weren’t so many bends

Laura Andrews

“Don’t have one yet”

woman becomes keeper of portal to akother realm

Daniel Hoogkamp

Untitled Manuscript

Story about a guy

Paulette Jones

Untitled Manuscript

Kids who need attention from parents


“Miss THANG”

Still working on it

Still working onit

Molly Hanson

Untitled Manuscript

I have three book ideas in mind: 1) Rewrite A Thousand Years of Solitude in modern day Detroit (Fiction); 2) Story set in the deep west if non of the great dams had been built and rivers continued to flow in states like Colorado, Utah, Arizona, etc. (fiction); 3) Day in the life of young health care professionals working in rural community health centers and on Native American reservations (nonfiction.)

I don’t have anything written yet

Neu Deen

Untitled Manuscript

A memoir about living in a new world overnight after a drastic shift in the world’s weather

Crystal Evans

“Life of a sruggling mom”

My life hasn’t been a very easy one big a mom of 4 kids wit abused baby fads homeless countless times . I’m on social security and. I have struggled for along time. With receiving the help in supposed to receive living on the streets to the homeless shelter dealt with drug use by going to program and won rights to my kids n custody back so many hoops I’ve jumped n so many things I’ve done just to prove how much I do love n deserve my kids every day is a fight and I willing to keep fighting for the rest my life i just wish my life was a little easier but its not.

I’m not sure what to sayrso I will right this for know Lola.

Caitlyn Brown

Untitled Manuscript

A novel that incorporates Nigerian history along with a beautiful love story.

Casey-Ann Brown

“The Heart’s Desires”

Another long day at work, over. Tiffany Harris sighed. It was not a matter of her not liking her job. She loved it. It was just in the conveyance of the people she worked with- well, to be honest, one person in particular. It was hard, not to mention awkward. Seeing her ex-boyfriend at work every day. That was what she got for dating a co-worker. It was not recommended, but Tiffany, being Tiffany, who wore her heart on her sleeves, had fancied herself in love. She had jumped head first into a relationship with Craig Myers, her sexy colleague with the hazel eyes and swag that made women swoon. “Women” the operative word because Craig loved women. When they swooned, he picked them up and carried them right to bed. If only she had known what a player, he was from the beginning.
In her defense, he was really a good actor. He deserved a damn Oscar for playing the faithful, loving boyfriend for a year and a half. Even when she had begun to hear things about him two-timing her, she had not believed it. Not her Craig, who brought her flowers for no particular reason and who rubbed her feet after long days of work. She had dodged a bullet deciding not to move in with him. Maybe her subconscious had noticed what a snake he was and that is why she had not taken him up on his offer to share an apartment.
Tiffany scowled. She had been played for a fool again. Her relationship before Craig had ended in a similar manner. It was as if she was a magnet for players. It was amazing how someone as educated as she was, could be played for a fool so many times. Yes, it was time to take her heart from off her sleeves, put it back into her chest and lock it down with bars and chains. She was unlucky, it seemed when it came to love. Therefore, she would put love on the back burner for a while. She could already feel the figurative lock closing around her heart. Tiffany let out a breath.
“How freaking depressing.”
Now was not the time to wallow in self-pity, though. She had to get her shit together. There was no way she was going to show up to dinner at her parents’ house looking like the sun had set permanently in her life. Speaking of which, she should have reached her folks’ place already.
“Damn it, I’m so late.” Tiffany glanced at the digital clock on her dashboard.
She maneuvered her small Honda through the streets of Miami. “Hey, watch it!” She shouted to a driver that abruptly swerved in front of her. She pressed her horn, thoroughly irritated. She gasped when the driver gave her the finger and sped off.
“What a jerk,” she murmured.
Of course, it was a man driving. “Men are jerks.” She winced.

Okay, maybe she sounded a bit too bitter. Surely, not all men were douche bags. She was just never lucky enough to find the ones that were not.
Her cell phone buzzed. “Hey daddy, I know I’m late. I got held up at work,” she rushed out.
“Hurry up and get here, girl. Our guest is already here.” Gerald Harris stated.
“And you’re still not going to tell me who it is?”
Her father laughed, “Nope. It is a surprise. You will be thrilled. Hurry up, but drive carefully.”
“Ok.” She hung up the phone and frowned.
Who the hell was this special guest that her father insisted she come over for dinner to see? For the life of her, she could not figure it out. Tiffany was not in the mood for any surprise, nor was she in the mood for a damn dinner party. She had been on her feet all day. She worked as a medical technician and the clinic where she worked had been packed. Moreover, she had used even more energy trying to avoid her ex. All she want to do, is go to her apartment, shower, pig out on pizza- because it was Friday, and then dive into bed.
“It had better be somebody important,” she grumbled.
Tiffany turned up her radio as Drake’s voice filtered through the speakers.
“Ooh, this is my jam.” She bopped and rapped along with one of her favorite artists. For the moment, her mind shifted from her personal misery.
Twenty minutes later, she turned into North Beach, the neighborhood that she grew up in. Her Father was a lawyer, so she grew up in a nice one family house in a quiet community. Tiffany turned into her parent’s driveway. Before she stepped out of the car, she checked herself in the mirror. She let out a groan. Her appearance was cringe-worthy at best. Her hair was in a messy ponytail and her makeup had long worn off. In addition, she was still in her work uniform.
“To hell with it.” She snared irritated with herself as well as being tired to the bones.
The mysterious dinner guest was probably one of her Father’s old colleagues who would not give a rat’s ass how she looked. She slid out of the car and sauntered up to the house. In the same interim, cocked an eyebrow, eyeing the sleek silver Ferrari parked in front of her with interest. She let out a low whistle and muttered to herself.
“Now that looks out of place in this part of town.”
It was an upscale neighborhood, but not million-dollar car upscale. She suddenly could not wait to see who the mystery guest was. She made her way up the steps and lifted her hand to ring the doorbell. The door swung open before she could press the button.
“Hey sis, get in here quick.” Her older brother Dante, all but dragged her inside. Dante was two years older than she was, and one of her best friends.
She followed him, nearly tripping. “Damn Dante, slow down. I see you were invited to dinner too. Wait; do you know who Daddy’s mystery guest is?”

Wael Badawy

Untitled Manuscript

Unworthy diaries

Brahma Sharma, PhD

“Right Drug for Every Patient, Avoiding Adverse Drug Reaction”

Traditional prescribing of drugs Adverse Drug Reaction, the 4th leading cause of death in the US alone…one patient dies every 4 minutes.

A genius yet simple once-in-a-lifetime cheek-swab Pharmacogenetics (PGx) test predicts before a doctor prescribes a drug if is just right or may pose a high risk of Adverse Reaction and should not be given to the patient.

PGx test is a life-saver. Ask your doctor to order the PGx test before taking the next drug.


Untitled Manuscript

My novel will be sharing my experiences living overseas in a haunted Scottish Castle with 100 other college students.

Jose Rosales

“The winter solstice”

surviving the winter solstice.

it was bitterly cold and it seemed to be getting colder.

John Biondi

“here to the moon”

scientist discover a tornado on the moon which travels thru time.

interesting fun science.

Rissa Barbeau

Untitled Manuscript

Chi and all their friends travel around the galaxy reaking havack until someone comes along and distracts the team the suspicion grows how will they handle knowing that someone they used to trust is going behind their bacl

Caelun Squires

Untitled Manuscript

Manuscript examining the current security environment of the 21st century. The paper has a focus on security studies through a liberal lense and examines the roles of China, America, India, Japan and Australia as well as roots based global order.

Sofi Bautista – Autora

“”Down” Porque el verdadero amor, no sabe de matemáticas”

Jacob Kunzler

Untitled Manuscript

A treatise on my overall life philosophy

arsalan Esmaeili

“No title”

A contest between the top thiefs and a generous host.

Walter Wojcik

Untitled Manuscript

it is about death, perceptions of death, differing views of death, purposes of life and death, views of existance, and etc.

Melanie Sperin

Untitled Manuscript

Good style is traditional. Having clothing and accessories in your wardrobe that have been classic for years and will remain classic is important. In -book name here-, Fashion Institute of Technology graduate and founder of Hampton Ivy jewelry and accessories Melanie Sperin shares her tips and tricks to find the pieces that you’ll love for years and years. (still being worked on)

cheryl avery

Untitled Manuscript

About surviving every day life. Without complete open and honest communication there will be generations of people without a picture of hope. All they really want to know is how to live and survive this life. My genuine hope is to relay a practical living guide to people who need some positive honest feedback. When people are trying to look good and not show their scars we as a people fail the next generations because they cannot relate when no one will show those scars. We have become a generation of cover it up,hide it,and avoid the truth. Only a change in our willingness to just lay it out there,they will not survive beyond us.

Ester Lopez

“The Abduction”

Mistaken identity leads to the abduction of an innocent man, but a deal is made between the hero and heroine and his return to Earth depends on their escape and his promise to find her father. Sparks fly, however, as rescue and escape attempts are made and thwarted, while telepathic interventions, along with premonitions and healings bring the hero and heroine intimately closer together. After the real criminal is captured and the heroine’s father is found, she keeps her promise by returning the hero to Earth, but he realizes almost too late that his true happiness lies with her and not on Earth.

Stella Douglas

“Adventures of Lopsy”

about a little donkey

Tihara Ezzo

Untitled Manuscript

I would publish an art book full of my own work.

Christine Gerdes

“Living Happy”

Finding your own inner voice….finding your peace is key.

Lindsay Shirkey


After an experiment left him without a memory, Daric is once again discovered by his tormentors ten years later. He attempts to run from them, but learns that he needs to sacrifice his life in order to stop the shadows from the underworld entering theirs.

Annie Sung

“Beginning of The End”

Cam Sylvester

Untitled Manuscript

Simple Woodworking DIY for beginners

April Cronin

“Provoking Death”

Book 2 in a series of 4 following Madison and Keith on their journey of self-discovery.

Keith is a Vampire.

Madison comes from a long line of gypsies, and several of her ancestors are powerful lycans. She’s also in a lot of danger.

With the help of some unlikely allies, they’ll face a literal ghost of their shared past life as they continue their journey to uncover the identity of the soul that Madison has inherited.

Time is of the essence of though because they’re not the only ones looking for answers.

I’m beginning to suspect that Madison is in grave danger.

As I sit here and write this, Lucas searches for the answers I’m not even sure I want to know anymore. He says he knows an enchantress in India who may be able to expand on what Keith and I have learned during our trip to Germany.

I’m deeply afraid of what he might find though.

I’ve waited too long to know my little girl, and if she is to be a part of what’s to come, I want to be by her side, I need to prepare her, to protect her while I still can.

I can’t help but feel as though my destiny ends when hers begins.

Lewis white

Untitled Manuscript

Story of a former slave on the old west. One short story of his adventure

Kara Marks

Untitled Manuscript

An obstetrical nurse commits a murder of a woman giving birth to her fourth child, due to her affair with the woman’s husband.

Dayna Colvin

Untitled Manuscript

An inspiring, magical, groovy fairy superhero children’s fantasy storybook.

Benjamin Dean

Untitled Manuscript

In a time when humanity has colonized the moon, many things change with the lower gravity and isolated air but humanities need to carry on and keep going never stops

fred pedersen

Untitled Manuscript

compilation of historical events that led to Adolf Hitlers so called good acts to the german people while in power, along with his bad acts that led to his fall from being the leader of the third reich, which affected the rest of the world as well in some aspects

Leland Griffin Jr

“Don’t know yet…”

Invasion and exodus of the inhabitants of Earth .

Unable at this time as my Microsoft Word program left with my old computer..

Caitlin Clark

Untitled Manuscript

A young woman finds out that, not only is she a dragon hidden in the form of an elfen tavern worker, she is the daughter of the Dragon Witch, a powerful worker of magic, which apparently, is really rare for dragons, creatures of magic themselves. Who knew?


Earl McVay

“When times fall”

It’s just a book about the ever-growing changing in times of the world around us. it’s just a book about the ever-growing changing in times of the world around us

Nthatisi Mohlominyane

“Seek First the Kingdom Of God”

Seek First The Kingdom Of God its a book that talks about Christian life and what is expected of us in this world. how to maintain our lifes through Christ and how should we act towards other people who are in different religion. God has taught us to be kind and to love one another, not to judge because judgement is of God.

Mary Philpot

Untitled Manuscript

Children’s fantasy

The children went skipping through the forest hand in hand.

Cheryl HayesGassen

“The Witch’s Hideaway”

Charlene comes late to her Witches Heritage. Now she has to make things work with her fiance’ and the world at large.

To come…

Nathaniel Tooke

Untitled Manuscript

A team of 5 women set out as their adopted town is attacked by a virus. They learn more of themselves as their pasts come back to haunt them….

Karen Yurkewich

“The Missing Element”

Are you frustrated because you haven’t been able to reach your full potential? The choices people make can propel them to greatness, trap one in mediocrity or cause one to self destruct. Discover the elusive element that makes the difference. Awareness, proper steps and the time-tested wisdom to maximize your potential. Live the life you dream having but seem to be falling short of.

Perseverance doesn,t demand more than we have but all that we have. It means more than just trying. It means more than just working hard. It is a valued venture. It is a willingness to bind oneself emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually to an idea or task until it has been completed. Perseverance demands a lot. Everything you give is an investment in yourself.

Lori Davis

Untitled Manuscript

Life of a girl finding her way while dealing with divorced parents, growing up, and sex.

Anshuman Dwibedi

“Smart city features”

Pamela Dunn

“A poem-Love Vows”

My poem was in a little booklet.


Guy Evans


A humorous review of the chaos facing America today


amy baina

Untitled Manuscript

story of a woman’s fight for survival from birth to her current life. The up and downs of a small town family dealing with death, drugs, jail and violence.

Suzanne Smith

“Just About”

About someone who gets close but never seems to finish anything.


Aaron Robb

Untitled Manuscript

Mabel is an adventurous young girl, like every other normal 11 year old. Other than she hunts for monsters and is on a quest to expose those monsters to the world.

Timothy Evans

“Playing both sides of the fence”

This book is about my life growing up during the years of the war on drugs era. Give details of my life in state and federal prisons and my desire to assist my people in the fight against a system design to use us as cattle. And the flip side of me now studying to become a criminal justice major and give back to my community and also continue the fight for freedom and justice.


Laurie Loveman


In the height of Prohibition, in 1932, after suffering the loss of two firefighter friends in one fire, followed by the deaths of his wife and son in another fire, former New York City Fire Captain Jake McCann is appointed Fire Chief in the small town of Woodhill, Ohio where his twin brother Dave is a physician. The town may be small, but the trouble and turmoil in Woodhill are not.

Jake is joined by his two closest friends, Freddy Pratter and Mickey Justini, who are appointed to the fire department with Jake. Like Jake, they have their own personal demons.

Sharing an interest in horses, Jake falls in love with Laura Darvey, a woman married to a local bootlegger, who is also the operator of a protection racket. The affair causes the three friends to become tangled in a series of horrifying crimes that force them all to unexpectedly face their demons.

Pamela Dunn

“A poem-Love Vows”

Little pamphlet.

Wanting to love, I promise to cherrish. Through thickness and thin, we will be together….

Ramona Woodruff

“Secret’s my father never told me”

In 2003 I found out I had a half brother I never knew about. My father had met his mother in the same town where he met my mother. Novel is about how he was found, his life, my father’s life and family history including the fact my brother was a tight rope walker and stunt man.

Michelle Landry

“Quantum Surfing”

Main character is able to travel to a parallel dimension/multiverse in her own history through the use of quantum physics and chooses to remain instead of return to her own dimension. Discovers others who are manipulating the dimension she is in.





Jerome Ellis

“Tapped, yet Unrooted”

My dysfunctional upbringing brought to life through poetry.

Peter Eichstaedt

“Enemy of the People”

When the US President is taken hostage by Islamic terrorists at a secretive political summit in the Rocky Mountains, a journalist and a former special forces operative dismantle a deadly conspiracy.

Bradley Bubolz

Untitled Manuscript

The story of the course of love told from the man who lived it, felt it and always will throughout eternity

Scott Johnson

Untitled Manuscript

The hero sets out in search of a specific prize, overcoming a series of challenges and temptations. They may have flaws which have held them back in the past which they will need to overcome to succeed.

He or she is usually accompanied by a group of comrades with complementary skills that support him or her along the way. 

Cortney Scott

“The Coin”

A successful young man returns home from an exhausting yet productive business trip. Upon arriving at his home, he feels that something is awry. Once he enters his house, he instantly sees that his strange feeling is confirmed. With his home in disarray, he treks through to take count of all the damage done to his formerly fantastic dwelling. Entering into the bedroom, he finds two individuals kneeling before his bed, blindfolded, feet & hands tied. He barely realizes that the light to his personal bathroom is on. As he approaches the two individuals, a voice from the bathroom casually says, “It appears that they wanted to surprise you just as greatly as I was hoping to do.” The talking individual steps into the room & completely flabbergasts the tenant of the home. The two men staring at each other looks like semi-perfect facsimiles of each other. With the tenant looking all refined & debonair, the other gentleman looked rough & uncaring. The tenant’s hair still perfectly combed back, showing his properly shaven face in the correct manner. The other gentleman’s hair dangled wildly, with a face covered in nearly bread-length stubble. The tenant’s eyes are a mid-toned shade of gray, while the unknown man’s eye color looked like red-tinged amber under the light of a midnight sky’s moon. The tenant’s hair color is black, yet the invading unknown man’s hair looked as though it reflected a fiery overcast. Their height, build, complexion & facial structure were exactly the same. It was like staring into a mirror that reflected an alternate dimensional version of the person before it. “Yeah, I know,” said the invader, “it is surreal. I guess you can call us brothers. We can go further into the details about it, but we need to mosey along before their cohorts come to check on them.”

Mahmoud Ragab

Untitled Manuscript

A new approach for the man VS the machine genre with religious background involved.

Aliyu Hassan

Untitled Manuscript

A good man met a bad insolence and an ungrateful woman for a relationship that he thinks will last long till death, but he doesnt know it was for his wealth he will have to strive hard to make billions every day, but those money won’t let him get faithful person

Laura Thompson

Untitled Manuscript

Ruth Wideman is a detective for the OPP and they’ve just discovered that a series of hunting accidents weren’t accidents. When her partner suspects a man who Wideman used to date, she gets taken off the case. She knows he didn’t do it and works to discover the real killer on her own.

Ash Mathew

“Better think again about your baby’s name”

So maybe you are reading this thinking you’ve already decided a name for your baby. Or maybe your still looking around. But before you decide on a name, try to imagine what its like for your future child. How is the name going to impact her future and how will the rest of the world respond to her name. You might be thinking, “But hey, does it really matter?”. And my answer is, “Yes future mother, yes”.

Devona Fryer

Untitled Manuscript

A true story based upon my life and the hardship and struggles of growing up as an orphan.



nothing at present

Sitting in my summer house a couple of mornings past with the doors wide open, just after the sun came up listening to the birds chirping enjoying my first cup of coffee.
Looking out across the lawn towards the flower beds I had an extraordinary experience. On the garden was a male blackbird just standing there looking my way. To my amazement, the little bird came hopping towards me slowly at first his head moving from side to side as if listening to the other birds. I slowly rose and went to the kitchen for a slice of cake slowly moving back to my seat fully expecting the bird to have flown away, but no he was still standing there.
I tossed a piece of cake some two foot in front of me, and after an age, the blackbird moved forward gratefully excepting my offering. Again I threw a piece of cake just in front of me, yet after a pause, the little bird moved forward to eat the cake. Pushing my luck, I held out a piece of cake in my hand, to my delight the blackbird moved in to accept my offering. Crumbling the remaining cake in the palm of my hand the little bird jumped up onto my hand and started to eat. I was in seventh heaven sitting there with a wild blackbird eating out of my hand.
Extactic after this beautiful experience I could not wait for the next day to see if the experience would repeat itself. The following morning was bright and sunny as before; I sat having my coffee with a piece of cake beside me waiting, looking, hoping to see the little blackbird but unfortunately, the little guy disappointed me and never showed, I was devastated, to put it mildly. My hold day was ruined I could not stop thinking of the little guy wondering if that beautiful moment was going to be a one-off.
The following morning there I was ready with a piece of cake beside me waiting, wondering, looking, hoping when suddenly a blackbird landed on my lawn, was this the same bird, I held my breath as the bird looked over at me and chirped. Still not sure this was the same bird I tossed a piece of cake just in front of me to see if the blackbird would take it. The little guy moved forward without any hesitation to accept my offering. I was sure now that this was the same bird and crumpled some cake in my hand before holding my hand out, the little guy chirped and to my delight flew into my hand and started to eat.
I was made up entirely over the moon, one of that special moment in life.
When the blackbird had finally eaten the last crumb, standing on my hand, the little guy chirped as if to say thanks and flew off. What an experience!

Lindsey Waid

Untitled Manuscript

In the coastal nation of Aurelia, young Queen Lorelei has just ascended to the throne after the surprise abdication of her mother, Amiri. As she struggles to meet the challenges of the crown, Lorelei soon discovers that a rebellion, fomented by decades of her family’s greed and incompetence, is upon her doorstep. Only with the help of those that love her can she hope to survive.

S. Mariah Rose

“Detour: How I lost my way and found my spiritual path”

Jude Ekpo

Untitled Manuscript

Not ready yet for this.

Nicole Henneman

Untitled Manuscript

A wronged witch returns

Justin Bull

Untitled Manuscript

Into the darkness I go

Angela Thomas

Untitled Manuscript

God created heaven and earth first just by speaking it into existence. He then created Adam and had him name all the animals. God saw that Adam was lonely so he performed the first surgery to create woman.

Tim Yorke


Based on a comic book series, its a story based in WW2 and introduces several characters that are considered B list characters

Maje Tha

Untitled Manuscript

The fantasy book named the “Death citizen of Star Galaxy” is about a boy named Riot Deathly in his quest to eliminate the alien invaders. He finds friends on the way to help him with his quest to free his nation from the evil alien masters.

Anton Meyers

Untitled Manuscript

Rather than having the environment or eeeeeeevil christianconservative destroy the country….what if we did this to ourselves–willingly? A jounalist looks back 25 years after a constitutional convention leads to the split of the United States in to several countries

Shi Ppa

Untitled Manuscript

Friends go on a quest to find another dimension.

Lisa Nguyen

Untitled Manuscript

A nice mixture of anecdotes, humor, and cliff-hangers.

A nice mixture of anecdotes, humor, and cliff-hangers.

Jim Clopton

Untitled Manuscript

The story follows the exploits of a disenfranchised noble as he makes his way through perilous times in the dark ages.

Charlotte Farrrier

Untitled Manuscript

Christian romance with multiple characters and a lot of different ways in which their faith is used to make them a better person. Main characters are in love and they need to make life work, but life is not as simple as people think it is. The need to work out their problems.

Amanda Kistindey

Untitled Manuscript

A Scottish Fairy Tale

Neil Panosian

“A Happy Life for Busy People”

Secrets the average individual can use to reduce stress, increase joy and become the best version of themselves. All while having fun in the process.

It is written in a humorous and conversational tone.

Gregory Bochow

“Nothing’s Wrong, But Something Ain’t Right !”

Life through one man’s eyes on a trip to the soul; his, hers and everyone else’s he would come to meet. NYC-Martha’s Vineyard-St. Barth’s, San Francisco, Paris….Ahhhhhh, Paris. C’est bonne!

Most people walk into a room, she floated. About a foot and a half above the dance floor she moved across the room, her face lit with laughter, her back straight, head held high. She was a dancer, this I was sure of. And from that moment on there was nobody else in that room, nobody else that mattered at all to me. I had waited a lifetime for a woman like her to enter my life, and now fate and destiny paired up on the dance floor as the band struck a few warm-up chords and I readied myself for the most important introduction of my short life.

maria gentry

Untitled Manuscript

The story is based around a group of boys who have adventures through their neighborhood set in the 1800’s. The book will follow their lives and detail life in the early nineteenth century including transportation, family life, town life, social mores, and in a more wide scale, relations between countries at that time in history.

Bree Marts

“The Fallen Goddess”

Michael Rockwell

“Potshots at Parishioners”

A book of humorous anecdotes from over 40 years as a pastor and counselor.

Jamar Rogers

“The Hand Of Lilith”

2,000 years after humanity’s demise, a matriarchal society is created by Mother Lilith. A young prophetess, astute spy and reluctant warrior must set aside their differences for a common goal: to kill Queen Clove. But will unrequited love, family secrets and whispers of war stand in the way of their goal? Or will they fail and inevitably cease to exist like their patriarchal ancestors?

Aubrey Daniels

Untitled Manuscript

The squirrel, bear, and chipmunk go on adventures

The animals turn into super heroes. Teach children great life lessons like helping others and being a friend.

Jessica Nielsen

Untitled Manuscript

Diary of feelings about depression

samantha willette

Untitled Manuscript

About a woman that survives an abusive relationship

Jennifer Gulley

“The Pelican Girl”

Gabrielle Savoy finds herself in New France to make a lofe for herself. She finds love, trials and a steadfast family.

Carrie Ganske

Untitled Manuscript

Bullying in school

Alexis Yoakum

Untitled Manuscript

A book about a true story crime that happened to a teenage girl. She learns more about herself and alot more about her boyfriend she thought she knew so well.

Bobby Payne


A woman gets lost in

A woman gets lost in a forest full of dwarf animals who survive by eating human blood.

Brianna Adams

Untitled Manuscript

I cant tell what the question says because the website is all messed up. Not sure what I am supposed to type here. Sorry

laura lacey

Untitled Manuscript

A college girl who has lost her parents is raising twin younger siblings and has a one night stand with a football player who is struggling to find her true identity

Jelea Caudill

Untitled Manuscript

Great story about a girl would finds she has powers and learns her father is evil and her mother died because of him.

Stephen Donaldson

Untitled Manuscript

Intelligent life didn’t just come from nowhere, at least that’s what Antoine Washington believes. There must be clues to our origins beyond the myths of religious texts and cultural oral traditions. There is plenty of evidence to support microevolution – changes within a species over time – but there is nothing to confirm macroevolution – one species becoming an entirely new one. However, Antoine has spotted a pattern in our DNA that has so far been overlooked, with repercussions that could change our beliefs about everything.


Untitled Manuscript

Trisha McKee

“Around the Mirages”

Josie is a single mother that has endured a nightmarish childhood and is determined to give her gifted four year old daughter better. With Katie’s father, Josie’s high school sweetheart, proving himself unreliable and lacking stability Josie craves, she creates a life with just her and her daughter, determined to not let anyone in. Until she meets Calvin who is just as determined to break through her walls.

Owen Dovenor

Untitled Manuscript

Felicity Russell has the perfect life working as a swordsman in the city and shouting with her grateful girlfriend, Sonya Khan.

However, when she finds a magic blade in her cellar, she begins to realise that things are not quite as they seem in the Russell family.

A holiday leaves Felicity with some startling questions about her past, and she sets off to industrial Amsterdam to find some answers.

At first the people of Amsterdam are modest and gracious. She is intrigued by the curiously brave teacher, Doris Willis. However, after she introduces her to hard roulette, Felicity slowly finds herself drawn into a web of impersonation, sloth and perhaps, even abduction.

Can Felicity resist the charms of Doris Willis and uncover the secret of the magic blade before it’s too late, or will her demise become yet another Amsterdam legend?

Mindy Ausseresses

Untitled Manuscript

My struggles through breast cancer treatment

Amy Cappiello

“The Simplicity of Me”

I can’t share this due to an agreement with possible publisher. It is about my life growing up and surviving in the 80s with heroin addicted parents and my escape to the fantasy worlds that were being offered then with the dramatic advances in science.

Jamie Olivo

“The life of a single mom to a married mom”

Starting off as a single mom is a huge transition into being a married mom.

Julia Wilkison

Untitled Manuscript

Three sisters living in a mansion finding love in all the wrong places in the south. They ban together and stop fighting when they fall in love with the same man. Read the next book to find out more.

Frances Moore

“Thirty year do over”

College student falls for professor but due to death in family doesn’t get to ask an all important question. Thirty years later he comes back to the same college as it’s new chancellor and she has the opportunity to finally ask him.

She was patiently waiting for the semester to end so there would be no conflict as he was her professior.

Amanda Klaahsen

Untitled Manuscript

A girl who was in an abusive relation and bared child leaves and the man she meets opens her mind and heart after she shut off all emotions.

Sarah Leatherman

Untitled Manuscript

A book about kids with special needs & their sibling from the perspective of my neurotypical child.

Renee Signorelli

Untitled Manuscript

I have not begun writing it yet, but I have always wanted to write a children’s book. It would probably be about a dog. I would use my own dog Blaze for inspiration. The dog would have many adventures and there would be some lesson to impart at the end of the story.

Jessica Justice

Untitled Manuscript

It’s about a girl who has to rescue her deaf daughter so they can save the world, with the help of their friends and animal companions…

Tim Yorke

“The Invaders”

Based on the comic of the same name, it will detail the mystery of Baron Blood and allow for the introduction of several second tier Marvel characters.

Patrick E Craig

“The Mennonite Queen”

Princess Isabella has been raised to a life of great wealth and leisure in the Polish Royal Court. She is destined to marry a king. But fate or divine providence intervenes when she meets Johan Hirschberg, the young Anabaptist stable-hand who works for her father. His strength, kindness, and faith win her heart and together they flee to the city of Münster, Germany, where a great revolution is underway. The Anabaptists, under Jan Matthys, have taken over the city and declared it the Kingdom of God on earth. Isabella and Johann are married and Johann joins in the revolution. But the excesses and sins of the leaders soon turn him away to the path of peace taught by Menno Simons. Johan and isabella try to escape, but the city is surrounded by the troops of the Catholic Bishop Prince, Franz von Waldek, who has been paid by Isabella’s father to return the princess at all costs. At the height of the battle, Isabella and Johann and their infant son are captured by von Waldek, and Isabella must make a choice that could change the course of European history.

Bharti Luthra Kochar

“Essentialities of Life”

Essentialities of life comprises of all the things which are actually important and can only give contentment in one’s life. It tells us in detail about the things which lure us but are not good for us and how we can resist ourselves from pursuing the same. Also it tells how much simple the things are and so do life and how much complicated we have made it by upgrading ourself where there is actually no need. It tells us changes and up gradation is not required everywhere but to only important arena’s of life. It also consist of the need of principles in one’s life which are more of a moral education nature.

James A. Best

Untitled Manuscript

I am writing a Trilogy of an Alien Invasion of earth. Major Tom Arwen is the Team Leader of The Grey Hornets. One time while on days off he heads out into the mountains behind the base. He accidentally comes across a spot where a lot of UFO’s are flying around. He watches them swoop in low and disappear over the edge of the crest.

Deeksha Chandra

Untitled Manuscript

The idea is based on the life of a girl who has dreams that differ from her present pattern of life and career. It’s her journey of self discovery where she battles confusions, doubts, insecurities and broken relationships.

Elise Crawford

“Wildflower – A True Story”

Mathius Young

“Conned Fortune: The American Dream”

Book is about organized crime. It has backstories with the Italian Mob, Irish Mob, 1% Motorcycle Clubs, And Personal Organized Crime Crews. It tells the story of how these two friends intermingled among them as professional thieves and con men, eventually building an empire worth millions. It tells their story and how they built themselves into a multimillion dollar legitimate business. It involves A Renowned University and it’s Political Payoffs And Bribes. It’s going to open up some stuff to the public.

Sherry Briscoe

“Mists of Garibaldi – Tales of the Supernatural”

Nothing is what it seems in the small coastal town of Garibaldi, Oregon. From dragons to ghosts, curses to murder, the nine stories of the Mists of Garibaldi will trap you in their web, and haunt you from the firs word to the last.


Reason will dictate that the only way to escape from misery is to recognize it, and go the other way.

Even the wind, which always blew, was stagnant that day on the courthouse steps. Zoey Jacobs shoved through the crowd as Anthony Todd Pierce, convicted serial killer, made his way into the brutal August sun. With his hands cuffed behind his back and microphones shoved in his face, he showed no remorse for the twelve lives he’d stolen. He smirked at Zoey, his bushy black eyebrows raised, insinuating he knew something she didn’t. Her stomach churned.
Zoey snapped pictures of the man of contrasts, his paper white skin and swarthy black hair. She turned away in disgust. Her steps were halted as the convicted killer whistled a tune from her childhood, Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. Each note vibrated through her nerves and settled in her bones.
Bang! Screams and gasps erupted from the crowd as Anthony Todd Pierce collapsed on the steps. Blood seeped across the front of his orange jumpsuit, his eyes fixed on the open sky. Zoey swung around, not missing a beat, and snapped the front page shots of the murderer-turned-victim, the spectators, and the chaos, while police swept through the crowd hunting the shooter.
Zoey snapped another shot of Pierce lying on the cement steps. She stuffed her camera in its bag, slid her press badge in a pocket, and backed away. In the eight years she had worked for the Times-News, she had never witnessed anything like this.
The whistling echoed in her ears as she drove to work.
Zoey sat in the crowded editorial room to type the story, but her shaky hands wouldn’t cooperate. Her mind was clouded with streaks of blood dripping down the courthouse steps. The newsroom was filled with ringing phones and chattering people. She needed to get away from the confusion and the noise. She grabbed her gear and quietly exited out the back door.
The viewing platform at Shoshone Falls provided stability. Zoey inhaled the splendor of nature as a rainbow hovered above the pulsing waters. Shards of colored light dangled, suspended in a bank of mist. Her shoulders relaxed and chest expanded in a more peaceful rhythm. The roar of the rushing water washed away the pandemonium of the morning.
Photography was Zoey’s refuge, a source of sanity against the windy desert of south central Idaho. She studied the water as it tumbled over the edge of the falls. Her mind sorted through photo options. She could catch each drop in perfect clarity, or move the shutter speed just enough to make it a soft blur of motion. Her thoughts surrendered themselves to the dance of light. She adjusted the shutter speed, shot, and did it again.


“FRACK: A Vic Bengston Investigation”

Vic unravels the crime behind the the remains of a long lost geology student discovered near a bizarre nuclear experiment site in western Colorado.

Miracle Emeka-Nkwor


Series of accidents have been recorded in Afobiri Secondary School during the past four Christmas holidays. Pamela Lawson goes home for the holidays and soon begins to receive notes that read, “Happy Hols!”
Together with her friends, they embark on a mission to unravel the mysteries behind the so-called accidents.
They soon find out that there’s a murderer on the loose. The question on everyone’s lips though; will Pamela survive this Christmas?

“…maybe, I’m tired Judith,” she snapped as she rose to her feet and walked slowly towards Judy. “Maybe, I am fed up of all this drama,” she opened her palms and stopped an inch away from her. “I mean, have you ever thought of why someone would want me dead? It’s silly,” she scrunched her face as she shook her head. “Maybe, Eche was right. Maybe, this is a prank. Maybe, Jane actually drowned by accident,” she emphasized as Judy shook her head and slapped her forehead.

“This is not a prank and you know it. Those words were written in blood, not ink,” she reminded her and stamped her right foot on the floor.

“I don’t know anything,” she yelled and held her face with both palms. “It has to be a prank,” there was a pleading note in her voice as though she really wanted it to be one.

Judy started to speak but Pam’s eyes were already wet, “If it’s not a prank,” she paused and bit her lower lip. Her voice reduced to a low whisper that was still audible to Judith, “If it isn’t a prank, then I’m as good as dead.”

Judy swallowed hard and furrowed her brows, “What happened, Pam?”

Pamela sniffed lightly and put her hand in her right pocket. She took out a white piece of paper and handed it over to Judy. “Take a look at it, I got this yesterday,” her voice was still low.

Judith stretched forth her right hand and took hold of the note. She held it and let her eyes hover over her friend; she was scared of whatever message the note held. Pam just stood with folded arms waiting patiently for her.

After what seemed like forever, she inhaled and exhaled deeply before she slowly unfolded the piece of paper, her heart beating faster with every passing second. She almost felt her heart skip a bit at the dried thick red bloodied message:

Your time is almost up.
Let’s hope you find me before I get you.
Happy Hols.
P.S. this is my last wish to you.”

Rajarshi Ray

Untitled Manuscript

How an epic love story stemmed from a steamy sex session between two complete strangers, who never met each other before marriage, on their first wedding night!

Musau Kimenzu

“The Next Big Thing: Dropshipping”

Business is life and we all must master its art so as to never lose it. Business like any other human being has external life that without it survival would be next to an impossibility.

Cassie Merritt

“My life”

Still unfinished

Dave Morris

“The Gift of Mulligans”

John W. Noyes

“Those Deep Below”

Fast moving, page-turner sci-fi thriller! Twists and turns of the story will keep you wondering what will happen next! A terrifying adventure in a world based on the Inca Empire. Rezi was a relatively unimportant member of the King’s household until her unique talent for singing was discovered and she was made a personal attendant to the King. As her friendship with the King grows, rumors begin to circulate comparing her to legendary Nightingale for her ability to soothe the King’s troubled heart through song. Not everyone is pleased by the comparison, especially the King’s wife, Queen Qhush’qunca. The Queen is a ruthless and sadistic person who jealously guards her status as the first wife to the King. Threatened by Rezi’s friendship with her husband, Qhush’qunca decides to take revenge on the girl. However, when the King unexpectedly dies, both Rezi and the Queen are buried alive with the rest of the household in the dead King’s massive tomb. Trapped together underground, Qhush’quenca takes her revenge by repeatedly torturing Rezi and binding them together through an arcane ritual. Desperate to escape both the Queen’s wrath and the Tomb, Rezi must turn to the other denizens trapped with her, including the misshapen priests of the Cults of the Condor and the Winged Serpent. But, can there be any trust between those below? Well placed twists and turns to this adventure will have you practically jumping out of your seat cheering Rezi on!

Payton Smith

“The Dead God”

Laura E. O’Shea

“Journey Forward: One Step at a Time”

It is two years since I moved away, and over the weekend I told my mom and dad I did not want any more communication with them. My friend asked if something had happened a few years earlier. I did not know what to say. I did not think about it at all anymore. When I started to talk to my friends, they convinced me to leave my family. They told me what had been done was wrong. I loved my friends. I listened to them, and I left.

My friends keep telling me it will be okay, that my dad will leave me alone. I believe them but defying him scares me more than anything. In fact, thinking about him makes my mind go blank. When I had refused to meet with my dad privately and only saw him in public, he would play with my necklace or earrings, and I would freeze, scared of his intimate touch. Fear jumbled memories in my head. I want to be around safe people so I will not freeze from fear. Even though I left, I cannot reconcile abandoning my family or being anywhere near them anymore. I feel torn. I want to feel whole.

Ken Hall

“What Next You Bastard”

My childhood was very short. It ended soon after my twelfth birthday in early 1952, when I arrived flat on my back at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.
Being sick was nothing new to me – I had been in and out of hos¬pitals ever since I was born – only this time they didn’t take me to the children’s wing. Rules were rules. When you turned twelve you were an adult, and that meant the men’s ward for me.
What hit me first was the terrible silence. I was used to the sounds of children laughing and crying and calling for their mothers to come and make it all better. Even a room full of sick children has a feeling of life and hope and future, and that funny mixture of hap¬piness and sadness when friends get well enough to go home.
Ward 1A had none of that. It had bare walls and faded screens and a sour unfriendly smell. The only sounds I heard were the sick old men groaning and coughing, tossing and turning, afraid to sleep in case they never woke up again. Those who left the place didn’t walk out. They were wrapped in a bedsheet and wheeled away on a tin trolley.
Ward 1A was the terminal ward, but I didn’t know that at the time.
When I first arrived I was tired and hungry and angry as hell for being taken out of the children’s ward that I knew so well, so I did my best to ignore my wardmates. They weren’t too happy about my being there either. Some of them complained about having a boy beside them, whining that they just couldn’t cope with that. Looking back, I realise it must have made them uncomfortable having to share their pain and misery with a youngster like me. And maybe the idea that one day soon they would have to watch me being wheeled away under a sheet was just too hard to take. But as a young boy I didn’t understand this. I just felt lonely and unwanted.
Early the next morning I was still on strike, so I pretended not to notice the tests they made on me, and even managed to ignore the nurse who gave me my bed-bath. But when she turned me onto my side and I found myself being stared at by Mr Bell in the next bed, it was suddenly too much. I glared at him, hoping to make him feel as uncomfortable as he was making me. He was very good at this game. Our eyes locked together and I was damned if I was going to blink before he did. It was only when the nurse had finished toweling me dry and went to start on him that I discovered his secret. He had died during the night.
Death. I just couldn’t grasp it. I had always thought it was some¬thing that only happened to very old or very bad people. Mr Bell hadn’t looked all that old, so I told myself he must have done some pretty rotten things in his life.
Mr Wallace from two beds down was trembling with fear. ‘You’re not moving me into that bed,’ he screamed at the nurse. ‘I don’t want to die!’
I was born without tonsils or adenoids, which meant that my body couldn’t fight the infections I kept getting. Every germ that came along, I caught. But that wasn’t the whole story, because somewhere along the line I also picked up a weak heart. It was nothing for me to spray blood from my nostrils like a human sprinkler, or to keel over at the drop of a hat, all without warning.
None of this made me very popular at school, not that I spent much time there. Short periods in the classroom were usually interrupted by long periods at home, where my dog Darkie and I spent our days sprawled on a mattress in the dining room, listening to Biggies, Smokey Dawson and Hopalong on the radio

Latoya Jackson

“Gangsta Boos”

4 teenagers growing up in Chicago had dreams of becoming attorneys. Unfortunately, they given a bad hand when their parents decided to use drugs. They finally meet a man who turned their world around and showed them the finer things in life. One day the man gets killed and the girls go from having everything back to having nothing in a blink of an eye. They decided to avenge his death and take over all his operations.

Richard Goodship

“The Camera Guy”

Jessie Johnson

“God, Where Is My Joy?”

We live in a world that would like nothing more than to strip the joy of the Lord right out of our lives and leave behind a trail of misery. We don’ have to put up with that. Its time to go out and take back what is rightfully ours. If you have ever lost your joy or feel like your on the verge of loosing it then this book is for you or if you know of a loved on that is going through something similar then this book is definitely for you and them.

Jina Bazzar

“Heir of doom”

Now that Roxanne Fosch is a member of The Hunters, she no longer has to worry about running and hiding. She can relax and enjoy life as much as an ordinary person would – or as much as a preternatural with a dangerous job like hers can.
But her clan has other plans for her, and not even all the might of the hunters combined will be able to save her. To survive, Roxanne will have to choose between being labeled a traitor and get cast as a rogue, or join hands with the darker powers to save her life and the lives of her friends.

Catherine Kelley

“Dust Devils”

In 1935 Kansas Lydia Parker fights to keep her land; from the bank breathing down her neck, from nature trying to bury it. Her husband has left her and their two boys, but a drifter comes along and makes life interesting for her.

Mason Bushell

“The Workhouse Restaurant Mysteries.”

Head Waitress Holly Ward has a hidden talent. Her detective grandfather trained her in the art of sleuthing. Follow her as she falls into mysteries just begging to be solved.

Jeremy Richard


Paul Ssenabulya

Untitled Manuscript

I have no work so far published but i have it on scripts

David Robbins

“In the Torrents: a migrant’s tale”

Matthew Shaudforth bears an emotional allegiance to the country of his father’s birth, and also to the country and continent of his own. But he finds himself torn away from both as the torrents begin to rage. What remains? Nothing can remain, except a small light burning just above the waves. This faint beacon shows a path between the continents that ignores the man-made barriers. Here is a story set in Europe and Africa as the migrant crisis in and around the Mediterranean reaches its peak

May I send my excerpt as an attachment to an e-mail? Please give me an address

Sherry Franklin


The newest Deputy Director of the FBI Samantha Thomas catches the worst case of her career. Dubbed the Handyman, this killer leaves bodies from Quantico all the way to Forest Ranch Ca. As Samantha and her team chase him all over the country, she finds the Handyman has a certain familiarity and now she has got his attention. So who is chasing who?

Vanessa BUSH

Untitled Manuscript

A story about a serial killer killing spree around Maine

Lisa Long

“Well Now Innocence”

Innocence helps six year old Faith leave a room that she has been trapped in for eleven years.

Honey Kasper

“Unpredictable: the walk in and out of darkness”

The author, is writing using a pen-name. She is an over comer and survivor. With uplifting insight in overcoming with grace and faith in God.

I know that I had a nervous breakdown, but no one noticed; no one was around to notice. I cared about nothing, because I couldn’t fix anything. I had no control, no rights, no voice. I was just a kid alone in a world, and no matter how many times I asked for help or ran away, I was still invisible. There was no one to come in and tuck me in at night or talk to me or ask me about my day or about the feelings I had.
I would sleepwalk even outdoors in the middle of the night. I would take everything out of the refrigerator and set it on the floor and open the basement door and the other doors in the house and leave them open, and my mother would tell me about them later. I never remembered doing it. One day a neighbor told my mother that I was out in the middle of the night walking down the middle of the street blocks away from home.

I would go to school in a trance state, and I did not care about anything. I know the kids were picking on me, but I did not care. I knew people were around me; I could see that, but I tuned everything out. The words the teachers and the other students were saying didn’t register. I went to the classes and went home. I couldn’t have received passing grades; I was barely alive.

Leonard Rawlins

“Six-Gun Cowgirl”

Will Lucy’s past help her and Logan in their quest? Lucy is on her own when she sets out to avenge the senseless killings of her parents and the ranch hands of Logan. Will she find the killer, and can she persist in taking revenge?

Stephen Bardot

Untitled Manuscript

“Follow your calling, stay on your path.”
Sometimes, paths collide.

The world has changed, but old beliefs remain. Magic and Faith collide in this race to establishing a New World. The age-old ideas of Good and Evil are questioned.

Finally, the author asks the question: How far are you willing to go for what you believe in?

Stephen Atkinson

“What If !”

Arindam Mukherjee

“Not yet”

Not yet

Valerie Mores

Untitled Manuscript

Two boys from different walks of life meet while journeying west on the Oregon Trail. They share dreams of lush abundant land free for the taking and a place where they can just be. And along the way, they discover their desires for the future align more than they ever could have hoped.

Douglas Kissock


M.J. Roberts

“Rock Hard: Chord Brothers”

Samantha Story

“The Incubus”

Jordyn Styles is a twenty-year old Succubus living in Chicago. None of humans know what she is, and that’s perfect because she barely knows herself. After growing up through foster care system she never had anyone to tell her what she was, that is, until she is caught feeding by three men claiming to understand what she is going through. Not to mention, one of them tells her he is an Incubus. Now she is thrusted into their paranormal world trying to stay hidden and trying to figure out what happened to her kind.

bewaji elugbaju

“Unrequested Competition”

the novel is based on the struggle a girl trying to match up with her half-sister in order to gain love and affection from their father

Raghunandan G


What if one day you will realize ,all the famous scientists , leaders you aspired to be were secretly nurtured from their birth by a mysterious organization ? Well, 90% of our brain is programmed during first 7 years of our life . This organization would be using this idea to create leaders and scientists to control powerful nations and technology . From one such nurturing our lead characters emerges . But before the organization could manipulate them ,they would stumble upon a whole new secret .

Oneil Walters

“Queet’s Guide to the Personality and Emotions”

The book provides specific words related to character-building. It omits words that do not describe or touch upon character.
E.g. sitting or seated, but, not chair or rug. It Roget’s thesaurus distilled only into character-building words.

Excitement (including Agitation).


Agitation – mental excitement.

Ardor – intensity of impetuous emotion; ardency, fire.

Distraction – extreme mental agitation.

Ecstasy – an extreme and overpowering emotion of joy or pleasure.

Enthusiasm – zeal; earnest excitement of conviction; verve.

Exaltation – abnormal sense of well-being; elation.

Exaltation – spiritual elevation; religious excitement; orgiasm.

Excitement – agitation; intensified emotion; heat.

Fanaticism – unreasoning zeal; excessive zeal.

Fervor – zeal; emotional heat; fervency.

Frenzy – violent mental agitation approaching madness; delirium.

Furor – great excitement; rage; overmastering passion.

Hysteria – uncontrollable expression of excitement.

Intoxication – great excitement.

Lascivia – great sexual excitement.

Madness – overwhelming passion; extreme emotion.

Passion – an overwhelming excitement, or, intense emotion.

Perturbation – agitation of mind or feelings; discomposure.

Rage – extreme vehemence of emotion; violent agitation.

Rapture – ecstacy of bliss or joy; madness, transport.

Ravishment – intense emotion; rapture; ecstasy.

Stephen Ajode


Ali is a young man in his college who falls in love with a Minister’s daughter, Linda. The family top secret is that Linda has a twin sister who lives with the aunt. Ali is in a new career and the girlfriend accompanies him to Lagos only two have a misunderstanding caused by an x boyfriend. Now here is the real problem, the sister comes to look for Linda and is mistakenly killed and the Minister plans to make Ali suffer so does not disclose about the twins and who is dead. Will Ali make it out of the case. ONLY LAST VERDICT WILL DETERMINE

Carle Taylor


Slavery and child abduction

three characters get caught in an escalating web of crime. What started as an innocent act soon became out of control acts of violence.
Based on true facts the story takes a different perspective

Raghunandan G


What if one day you will realize ,all the famous scientists , leaders you aspired to be were secretly nurtured from their birth by a mysterious organization ? Well, 90% of our brain is programmed during first 7 years of our life . This organization would be using this idea to create leaders and scientists to control powerful nations and technology . From one such nurturing our lead characters emerges . But before the organization could manipulate them ,they would stumble upon a whole new secret .Its tale of love, mystery and magical new world containing fairies and dragons.

Nishant Netaji

Untitled Manuscript

My memorable days from childhood till the age of 32.

Desmond Motiso

“Plant Based Diet- A Complete Guide”

As many people today realize the benefits of a Plant-Based Diet, this book goes ahead to act as a complete guide fully illustrating how one can live on a plant based diet.


“A Spicy Love Story”

As of now nothing to describe

Brandon Clark

“The Ranger”

A young hunter finds himself entwined in the politics of the declining Arcadian empire after his exile from the magical forest in which he grew up.

Holly Ellis

“Living With the Past”

Margaret, a recent retiree, is ready for adventure, travel, and living out her days how she always dreamed, free from deadlines and obligations. Now that her children are grown, she can finally live. Unfortunately, her adult children see her dreams as a midlife crisis. Desperate to reach her goals, this fierce, independent matriarch will not let anyone stand in her way, even if this means divorcing her oblivious, couch potato husband, Jack, who sees adventure as a hassle, not a thrill.
Margaret realizes she desires something much deeper that she has hidden from her family. Letters kept in secret reveal another life with her high school sweetheart, Lillian. Rediscovering her past could be the key to accepting her true identity but at what cost? Will Margaret’s fear of rejection be validated if she chooses to embrace her truth or will she have to leave her family behind to find happiness?

Scott Kimak

“I call him HIM”

Bill Yarborough

“Memories of MK-ULTRA”

Carol J Amato

“The Secret of Blackhurst Manor”

Gerardo Rosales

“Thaddeus and Yenj: The Fifth Heart”

Vanessa Bush

“The killer by the railroad”

A story about a young blind pianist that lose his ways and overcome his fears later while going through this weird killing spree murder investigations happening during a study for the blind in Maine.

M Kathy Brooks

“Grammy’s Bedtime Bible Stories”

A collection of traditional favorite Bible stories with a modern twist, as narrated by “Grammy” to be read as bedtime stories.The modern twist features current conversational language and incorporates modern ideas such as evolution and intelligent design into the Bible framework.

Chap 4 Noah and the great Flood
After Adam and Eve left the Garden, they had many children and soon the world was full of people. Some people tried to do good but many more did not. God decided to make it rain for so long the world would be flooded and the good people left could start over. Noah built and ark which is a humongous boat for all the animals alive at the time and any good people, which turned out to be only Noah’s family. Water was everywhere and when it dried up,Everything looked different. The flood made lakes and canyons where there weren’t any before. Many cultures today, all over the world, have their stories about a great flood. In fact, you can find tiny seashells in places that are nowhere near water.

doris doris

“The Signal”

Historical fiction novel featuring the great city of Detroit. Once dubbed “Paris of the Midwest”, the architectural grandeur, high society and birth of the automobile industry helped the city grow into a sprawling Metropolis.

Kuhoo Rattan

“Avani (working title)”

Veena Maheshwari

“Darkest Hour”

This book is an anthology of short stories that are based on true events narrated in first person or third person about the close encounters with space and time continuum.

Clara Elliott

Untitled Manuscript

Old mysteries are unearthed in the craggy city by the sea in the first part of the Starchild series. Lilita has spent her life running from her past. She has finally settled into Sterling City only to be pursued by a haunting legacy and a power that may just destroy her. Set on rift scarred Heorte at the brink of war with an alien species, the first story in the series lights the fuse of the impending conflict.

William Staikos

“Untold Deception”

Brenda Colbath

“Options (Sequel to Murder on Lake Haverly”

Maye writes a simple lease-option, escrow closes with the stipulation no one knows where the seller is hiding. The ex-husband threatened to kill his wife, the seller, and anyone that helps her. After two murders are connected to her sale, everyone involved gets uneasy. When Maye’s best friend is kidnapped, and the FBI becomes involved!

Laurel Thompson

“Finding Hollis”

Hollis, met and married Eve after his wife of several years died of complications of MS. His only daughter, Polly, hated Eve from the beginning. Hollis, a musician, disappears the last night of an out of state gig he is playing with his long time friends. Polly, married, and six months pregnant when he disappears, is also a concern during his absence. So begins the quest by family, friends, strangers, and the media to find him.
During the time Hollis is missing, Polly has a baby, and her relationship with Eve changes.

Moo Zong Kim

Untitled Manuscript

Once there was a cat that loved to travel. People say cats love to sit by a window to enjoy sun shine, but this cat travels different cities to enjoy the sun shine. The story begins…

Adejolu Ibukun

Untitled Manuscript


Devorah Friedlander

“You See Me”

Ella Heart has it all figured out, doesn’t every fourteen-year-old? She aspires to become both a professional dancer and a doctor. One night, when her brother’s reckless behavior goes too far, Ella is severely injured, with no hope for a future in dancing. But worst of all, Ella must go through the hellish years of high school with a disability and resentment toward her brother.

Shawn Oueinsteen

“Mourning Dove”

Charles Morris


“Chapter 1
Overcoming Persecution

To say that we live in lawlessness amoral times would be an incredible understatement. Many of us who are over the age of sixty never in our wildest dreams thought that we would be alive to witness the depraved moral decline of nations and uncontrolled lawlessness as we see both in and outside the church today. You have heard the clichés of someone reminiscing about the good old days that may seem overused, and at times a bit trite, but have become all too real in these days of lawlessness. We hear statements like, “”They have taken the 10 Commandments off the walls of our schools and have put policemen in the halls.””
In these changing times and culture, there seems to be a spirit in the air that screams, “”anything goes.”” This lawlessness can make us feel like we are in the middle of a vast ocean on a sailboat that has lost its sail. Without a sail, the small boat has lost its’ will of direction. Without a sail, the tiny craft is at the mercy of the waves and current of the mighty ocean. We need righteous leaders to rise in our unrighteous times to take their place in sounding out against the flood of amoral ideologies and lawlessness. We need believers that would dare to uncompromising stand against cultural pressure to be politically correct.
Who are these righteous leaders, and what price will they need to pay to stand against those who are ready to classify them with a hoard of labels? The honest and moral leaders, while standing in the truth of God’s Word, will be identified as being haters and an anchor of ignorance holding back the liberal progressive freedom of thought, speech, and actions. Who are these few righteous leaders? They are Christian men and women who have surrendered their lives uncompromisingly to the Lord Jesus Christ and dare to stand on the whole Word of God, in the power of the Holy Spirit, while facing intense persecution. These righteous believers have set their faces like a flint towards the King of glory, and will not be moved, bought, compromised, or scared. They are covered by the blood of the Lamb, forgiven, heaven-bound, and know that this earth is not their home. They can stand boldly before man, the sophisticated system of the world, and the demons of hell because they have learned to kneel humbly before the throne of heaven.
I remember watching the news on TV and hearing about shooting deaths, rapes, and other acts of gross violence happening in large cities like Chicago, Detroit, New York, Houston, and Los Angeles. Although I felt sadness for the hurting families, I would have a sense of comfort that I lived in a small town where such horrible acts of inhuman behavior couldn’t reach me. However, now we all live in a society in which there are no completely safe places. The long arm of violence has covered the earth, and the self-seeking, pleasure-driven spirit over humanity must be satisfied no matter what the cost or harm it brings to others.
So, what do we do to live righteous in these unrighteous times and remain faith among the faithless? What does the Word of God say that can help us when the wickedness of humanity comes knocking on my door, demanding that we bow at the altar of compromise? The Apostle Paul, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, saw our days coming and penned great words of warning to Timothy, the young Pastor. This book will give us insight into the coming persecution of true believers and how we can stand righteous in these unrighteous times.

2 Timothy 3:1-5 ESV But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. (2) For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, (3) heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, (4) treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, (5) having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

I have painted a seemingly bleak picture that is not very warm and friendly, nor filled with hope. But rest assured there is hope in a hopeless situation, there is a victory in the middle of a victimized experience, and there is freedom ready to replace fright and fear. It is a given fact that trials will increase, and persecution is on the rise against believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The worldly leaders will treat those who stand firm in the faith with a new set of immoral and criminal laws. These unethical and immoral laws will be made out of convenience to silence the Christians and their faith. These laws will not be morally right nor conventional but will be expedient in seeing the fulfillment of the amoral agenda of a lost depraved society.”

Jerry Mikorenda

“America’s First Freedom Rider”

doesn’t apply

William Burd

Untitled Manuscript

A novel about a man who, in desperation, inadvertently makes a deal with a demon to save his young son’s life. The boy survives his sickness and the man is convinced he shook hands with an angel, and all is well.

The book follows the story of the man as his life unravels: he survives a horrific car accident and sustains a life-altering injury, both of his youngest sons become drug addicts and one of them dies, afterwards his wife throws her life away on booze and dies as well.

Throughout the story, the demon makes a few well-timed appearances, keeping the man convinced that there’s still an “angel” watching over him.

In his old age, the man develops a health condition and is in the hospital after some complication, when the demon appears and reveals the truth about everything, and further reveals that, in fact, the demon has been his son-in-law for the last forty years and will be the only one watching over his angel of a daughter after the old man dies. The news that every bit of hell suffered by his family is his fault ends up giving him a stroke, rendering him unable to communicate the truth to his daughter.

The demon capitalizes on his opportunity to silently torture the old man at every opportunity, using the pretext of caring for him, until the old man finally dies.

Charlene Jones

“My Impossible Life”

I ran from an untenable home life when I was 16 and got into a stolen car with two armed felons. After 3 days I returned but was a completely different person. I met and traveled with Dawson, a man recognized by Tibetan leaders. My adventures in the outer world in New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Norway and more included Dawson’s focus on healing. Meditation, body/breath, journals, night dreams and the whisper of Angels created the weave of conscious memories that set me free.

Jeff Rasley

“You Have to Get Lost Before You Can Be Found: A Memoir of Suffering, Grit, and Love of the Himalayas”

Tracy Collins

Untitled Manuscript

coffee table book with pictures of litter art (kitty litter, not trash) and short poems, rhymes

William Silvaneus

“A Certain Mercy”

When his business card turns up on the bodies of two dead homeless men, Stephen Brown, the Director of Social Services at the Salvation Army in Grand Island, Nebraska, falls under suspicion of the Chief Investigator, Laqueta Ellison. The fact that each card contains a message to the deceased raises the stakes. Soon more bodies are found.

Is it suicide? Murder? Some questions must be answered before Stephen Brown and Laqueta Ellison can identify the killer, if there is only one, and prevent further deaths.

An unidentified boy with a torn anus, an eighteen-year-old female incest/prostitution victim, a quadriplegic living in the trees despite being wheelchair bound, a developmentally disabled Native American, and a Mexican family fleeing La Linea. Why are Grand Island’s most vulnerable dying violently?

Brenda Mcdaniel

“My Angel My Hero”

This book is a testament of love, faith and hope. The greatest of these being love. It’s about my special parents and our family. They were the greatest generation. And lived during the depression and WWII.

Humorous episode while dating!!

One time when they went to town, she had to take a bathroom stop. So Henry went into the store for a few minutes, while she was gone . She came back and hopped into the Ford Coupe, Henry Earl’s car. Then another man came back and got inside the car on the driver’s side. Her eyes got big and they both laughed. She realized she had gotten into a car that looked exactly like Henry Earl’s black Ford Coupe. Henry Earl came out and came over and opened the door for her, and all three of them began laughing again. The man said she could stay if she wanted to as a joke, but she just laughed. She said “sorry”, and with a red face, walked over to Henry Earl’s car and hopped in, as Henry Earl continued to tease her and laugh.

Dimitar Georgiev


Chris Mckay Pierce

“The Companion”

The Companion is first in a series of three. In this book we meet Heather, a companion. She lives on earth as it has become due to climate change. Most of the people who survived did so in caves. They are starting to venture outside as the mega storms are calming. Earth is reestablishing its balance. Heather is the daughter of the current CEO but a rebel. Only by signing a contract that makes her basically an indentured servant, can she escape her father’s influence in her life. Only women who sign this contract are allowed to have children. The owner of her original contract and the father to her son was murdered. This story starts as she meets the new owner of her contract. He is embarrassed by the situation but pushed into it by the CEO. The story is about them learning to trust each other and escaping the corporation by escaping the planet. They have a great deal to learn about the people who are not protected by the corporation and they have to learn this while avoiding assasination attempts.

Lisa Riley

“Understanding God”

In this book Understanding God, it brings light upon what was misunderstood about the God we serve, from the original plan throughout trials we face here that causes us to fall, only to be picked up and stood back up.
It’s a nonfictional view that brings each reader closer to God.

Paul Sauvola

Untitled Manuscript

Two lovers in a thrilling romance with a trail of mystery unknowingly following them.

Jason Vinluan


It’s about being a sinner, chasing sin, and how to still live for God, Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ and Blessed, Immaculate Mother Mary!

… I just send you a copy of the full synopsis.

More or less

Jaheim Wallace

“Call It What You Want”

The first two chapters of the book were what I had written to my girlfriend at the time just to show her how much she meant to me, and the extent I would go just to prove that. It starts
off with how I fell deeply in love with her and acknowledged everything she had concerns about.
Later the story goes on to speak about the trials we encountered due to the fact she lived on another Island. Concluding chapter two, I included as many memories and inspirations to make
her happy and encourage her.
However, Chapter 3 through 5 goes on to speak a little more about the truth. The story went on to include the truth about our relationship and all the trials we encountered and their many negative turnouts and how they left me feeling. It goes on to the point that leads up to our break up and end of our relationship. Chapter 6 merely speaks about what I learned from my experience and some facts for one to consider when entering a relationship.

Nothing in life is more heartbreaking than to fall so passionately in love with someone that doesn’t love you as much as you do them. Most of us have felt the bitterness, deep disappointment and even agony of the violation of trust we had placed in someone who would soon break our hearts. It has been revealed time after time that in our fast-developing, material-driven and web-based communities, it is increasingly difficult to find someone that loves you for who you are and won’t give up on you.
This book came about due to a very problematic and unfortunate relationship I sustained and was eventually forced to discontinue. I was motivated to tell my story, and I too felt It would be great for those of you experiencing the same thing. Therefore, it would acknowledge the fact that you’re not alone. My book includes many characters who are friends and family members. However, their identities were kept confidential because of personal reasons. I also encourage you that in some terrible situations, giving up may seem so hard but is often more beneficial than holding on.
During the journey of writing the book, I’ve learned to stay open-minded and to stop discouraging myself. Moreover, I feel as if this can open doors and bring forth many opportunities for me. Surprisingly, I’ve even developed a passion for writing. Also, throughout this process, I’ve faced many trials and tribulations which may because I’m a student and all of my time may have been focused on school and extracurricular activities. However, I encouraged myself to stay determined and finish what I’ve started.

Leo Bernard

“The Seventh Spark”

SEVENTH SPARK BOOK SERIES in a sentence is “a story of good versus evil which challenges the moral and spiritual beliefs in all of us as humans.” The series whisks you away to a parallel universe where physical and spiritual beings co-exist and interact daily, each impacting the lives of the other, whether they know it or not. A paranormal fantasy thriller full of suspense, plot twists, and elements of horror. The dialogue between characters is intriguing and thought-provoking, similar to Game of Thrones novel series. This gripping saga will appeal to traditional and graphic novel enthusiasts alike with a visual novel concept designed to keep the reader engaged until the very end.

Adefemi Fagite

“Shadows Also Cry”

Ashake was an innocent young girl who started out from the village of Aladesanmi. She lived a simple peaceful life until the day she was molested by her stepfather. From then everything changed. She became a social pariah, her mother died from shock and she flees her village in an attempt to find a new life in the city. What she ended up finding was indeed new but no improvement on the life she left behind. The city opened a floodgate of misfortunes upon her.She finds love, in the midst of people she can’t trust. Through the turmoil, betrayal and abuse, Ashake also finds herself.

Roger Sargent


The book will contain a short real-life story that could be could be considered sad, funny or at least make the reader think.

The story will be connected to a sound business tactic, either operationally or through a form of leadership to complete certain tactical steps and processes to owning and managing a business in today’s market.

The book is based on real life experiences in the author’s life that can be tied indirectly back to the specific message that is being taught.

Jack Mulcahy

“Healer’s Awakening”

A feminist sword and sorcery novel with an abused woman fighting back against her abuser. Sort of “Conan the Barbarian meets The Handmaid’s Tale.” It’s at the center of a larger saga built (so far) on a series of published short stories.

James Lingard


a fact based historical novel
Britain in the 1930s; a novel inspired by real events; eloping; WW2.
Emily falls passionately in love with working class Walter, despite fierce opposition from her class conscious father. She sees marriage as a partnership of equals and resolves to elope to escape such a male dominated society.
Emily’s actions will see her struggle to survive the subsequent devastation brought about by the war, as she and her four year old son are thrown into the midst of danger and death. The family experience rationing and the terror of bombing. Their air raid shelter is destroyed by a direct hit.
When Walter volunteers for the army, Emily and her son are evacuated to a rat infested cottage in a farming community near Hebden Bridge. The war changes Walter into an efficient army officer who demands to be obeyed. Emily worries that she might have a rival for his affections. How can she restore their loving relationship?
The Girl Who Disappeared is a moving love story about one woman’s enduring resilience, a story full of quiet humour and surprising twists and turns.

Mohammad Salman Qureshi

“Parents and Students”

It started off with a high school, where all friends were there. A group of bullies, used to bully the new students who got admission in the school.

Ryan Stride

“The Peace Dimension: Ten meditations for testing times.”

Greg Huber

“Claim It”

My experiences as a liver cancer and transplant survivor. What it took for me to survive and how the principals that allowed me to live can be applied to daily living and life successes.

Michele Olson

“Being Ethel (In a world that loves Lucy)”

1979 is getting on Piper Penn’s nerves. Struggling to survive past tragedies, she finds comfort in Old Hollywood movies in her native San Francisco. Seeing no reason to adhere to man-made rules after her first-hand look at the ultimate in hypocrisy, Piper does what she wants, and trouble follows.
An unexpected inheritance on a tiny Midwest island in the Straights of Mackinac provides an escape. The mandated stay at the island’s glorious Grand Hotel gives her spirits a much-needed boost, especially when she catches the eye of a handsome groundskeeper.
When mysterious accusations and headstrong residents send her into a tailspin, she finds friendship from a quirky, I Love Lucy loving nun who challenges her embittered look at life and faith. Can Piper survive the baffling attempts to derail her inheritance before it’s too late or has she fallen for a well-planned ruse while falling in love?

Ryno Jooste

“Communicate like the Master”

If one could communicate like the Jesus, it could increase the profitability of companies, the performance of teams, the results of students in class, and the intimacy in relationships, to name a few examples.

There was a peculiar quality about the way He spoke to people and the transforming impact He has had on people.

In this book, I want to explore the nature of His approach to communication and influence, and distill some lessons for communicators today, in a variety of contexts, and how they could improve their communications and influence with others.

Communicate like Jesus

Jesus was a master of communication. He knew what was in the hearts of men, had authority unlike the greatest, most educated elite of his day.

In His dealings with people, He exuded a mystical power to change their beliefs, perceptions and view of the world, almost instantly. Indeed, when He spoke they changed and became different people.

Imagine how differently your world couls function, if you could communicate like Him.

A teacher would have a remarkable pass- rate, as s/he would know exactly how to communicate the facts and concepts of their subject to the students.

A manager would be able to improve the rate of compliance to his instructions remarkably, among the team he/she leads.

Similarly, a CEO could see remarkable change in the way that the entire organisation embraces his/her vision. From the broad sweep of corporate success, to the microbial level of individual employee functioning, well- being, job- satisfaction and performance.

A marketer would sell his/her product, with a profound understanding of human nature, and what drives our wants and needs, and win not only the race for more dollars and a greater profit- margin, but also the hearts and minds of those he would connect with through his product and message.

A coach who communicates like the Master, would have not only improved results on the playing fields, but may have a remarkable, even transformational impact on the players, teams, or individuals s/he coaches for improved performance.

A parent would penetrate, with their words and actions, right to the heart of their children, and cause them to change, and remarkably, embrace the values, beliefs and philosophy that Mom and Dad would want for them, as they make their un-erasable mark in the world.

A politician who communicates like the Master would see real change in their nation. Not only in such terms as economic growth, improved support in the voting booth, or greater receptiveness to their message in the public sphere, but would see their role as a leader magnified, from being a mere politician, to being a leader in the truest sense, one that could move a nation towards greater aspirations, nobler ideals, and a greater humanity.

In romantic relationships, each partner would cut to the heart of the other person, lovingly embrace their desires, and develop a greater passion for them, with new insight into the needs, drives and longings of the other person, wanting to satisfy them, letting go of the inate- human- selfish tendencies.

At every level of human endeavour, individually, socially, corporately, or nationally, every person longs to be heard. And when the receiver has heard your message, you long for them to carry out in their wishes.

Simply being heard accurately, in our world today is miraculous.

Our world is driven by tainted messaging. Even in our most honest moments, when we say what we want or need, it is with a tainted edge of selfish desire.

We often end the day, in some way disappointed by what someone has said or done, in our relationships, or reflecting on a conflict at work with a colleague, or wishing for a way in which we could better explain our desires, goals, or passions to others.

This writing piece is an attempt to draw inspiration from the most loved and famous figure in human history. He who turned ordinary fisherman into ‘fishers of men’, the rebel Paul of Tarsus into the preeminent write of most of the New Testament, and founded Christianity, whose words still resonate today, inspiring billions of people towards radical change.

Before He became the laeder of Christianity, He came to be known as one ‘whose words had great authority’, who mesmerized the people of His time with his profound command over doctrine and his radical philosophy of life. Imagine if you could communicate the way He did.

How did he communicate? And what can we learn from His words and actions, that would improve how we communicate with, and relate with others in our world?

Brad Richard

“Man at 50”

Man at 50, an autobiography filled with Crisis, Revelation & Survival! Follow Robert as he walks through abuse, failed marriages and sexual identities. Robert confronts white magic, dysfunction, judgment and bad choices. His life of questions, fears and uncertainty, leads him to a place of strength and a deeper understanding of life. One man’s journey that will inspire, encourage and give hope to the reader.


“4 Life-changing and Scandalously Simple Secrets to Impact Your Health and Unleash Longevity”

Simple secrets to change your life. Literally. Proven, tested, and incredibly simple habits and actions that will make you a mini High-Lander…

It’s a secret!

Gabriel Leal

“Raising Daisy”

Raising Daisy Synopsis

This the story of Daisy Parsons. She is a lost and confused soul who is adrift in life. Not ever really knowing her place or feeling like she belonged in the life she was living. She ran away from home at age 17 and found her way to the city life. She masked her pain and anguish with alcohol, drugs, and sex. Her life comes crashing down after overdosing on pills. She discovered that what she has always felt inside was real. She was not who she thought and that her entire life was a lie. She was kidnapped as a kid and raised by another woman. Her truth is discovered while in the hospital recovering. Thought to be dead, her father who has dedicated his life to finding missing children reunites with his lost daughter. He reveals that her real mother divorced him and blamed her disappearance on him. She remarried and had a second daughter to cope with the loss of her first while in the midst of trying to focus on this new marriage and life. Daisy learns that her birth mother eventually died in a drunken car wreck fueled from heartbreak after losing her. She must deal with finding out about her past and facing who she is meant to be. All the while, dealing with love when she never meant to find it with the doctor who helped treat her addiction. Can she handle her new life or will she return to her self destructive ways? Will she be willing to change for love and a new life? Will her past haunt her forever?

Jane Cooney

Untitled Manuscript

Suppor for parents with Maths homework
& Spelling support for dyslexic young adults

Vasant Kumar

Untitled Manuscript

Only in the direction where my thoughts flourish…. And digging a well where I could find my water…. Or find a stream where my water flows….

Linda Breedlove

“Embrace the Change, Be a Rebel on Purpose”

Embrace the Change, Be a Rebel on Purpose bc
Linda Breedlove didn’t consciously start out with the intention of writing a book.
In the beginning, she began posting positive and uplifting messages on social media to motivate herself. She was on a journey to find contentment in her life. Linda had a deep desire to affect change within herself and wanted to be held accountable with her choices. Social media seemed to her to be a good way to do this.
Along the way, she discovered that she was not only helping herself, but she was inspiring many

Juma Chacha

“A moment to be successful”

Today am gonna tell you a beautiful story about one village which was really blessed by being have a minerals which were only found there. One day a got a story from o ne of the famous magazine which truly tried to explain how that village use that minerals in their rituals and taboos and truly I was very much attracted with that story and from there I started to think on how to get a chance to see those minerals. The village was founded in the far east and was known as nyakabasungu, I noticed my friends about those minerals and that villages and both of them became very much attracted and promised me that they will accompany me in journey.
After two to three days we got our Visa from our embassy to China and our journey to china was now ready, but before my departure I remember my parents told me that i better be very much care from the day i departure till the day am gonna return, in really sense i didn’t new what my parents meant by then but I agreed and promised them that agonna be very much care. We arrived at the airport and we got our aeroplane, when we was on air I truly was how the sky is really beautifully and very much attractive to see. I do remember that I told one of my friend who was known as john that” I think this is the beautiful thing that I ever seen and do ask both of to look over some of the clouds how beautiful they are arranged” both of John and Juma responded and told me that it really looks so amazing and yet we together responded by saying that good is a professional. Looks at me and hear what am talking man and remember to sit still coz am gonna drive you till where you want coz am gonna gonna drive too fast, it was one of the conversations that we heard once we arrived at the Shanghai airport, form my head I heard someone of the asked me that ” do you see how this airport arranged??? How about beauties?? My friend I do remember that I ended up by saying YESSSS. One of my friends asked me that he Ibraju wat happened to you???? But I answered by saying nothing. Oky let’s get back to our tax which was already found. Our driver asked that were she should take us to and we answered by saying to one of the famous hotel around there, after reaching to the hotel john got robbed my one of the street boy and he returned to the room empty. We get laughs once we saw John the way he was blaming and even the way he was angry. After two days someone who was known as Lee min came to take us to the village which was known as nyakabasungu. My friend let me tell you what I saw once I reached to that village, hardworkers and very cooperative people, pretty women, gentlemen, successfully trade and well arranged houses and markets. From there I ended up by being very much astonished and standing on the same place, Lee asked me that ” hey wat u doing???? Let’s go”

He tooks us to the one house which was already prepared for us and he told us that we should live quietly and peacefully till next day when we will be having a chance to visit mining area.
After some moment i heard Juma said that ” now we are at nyakabasungu village and we are already seen what found outside but next day we expect to see how God blessed this village”
While we was inside arranged some of our staffs we heard someone knocking our door and as a leader I asked one of my friend to open the door and frankly Juma responded my request by doing so,………… please may you allow me to make a food preparation for you?????( it was a request from one the woman from that village after greeting) both of Juma and John delayed to answer the request of that woman because they remain silent and mouth open after seen how cute she is.
We used our remaing to time to look around the village were we therefore saw a lot of people with their beauty while working cooperatively. I do remember it was night we sat together during dinner time where we fed up our stomach and started some shit stories which were provided by both Juma and John.
Time went and we both decided that it’s too late therefore we should rest by having beautiful and fun dreams. We both agreed to have fun and beautiful dreams by not knowing the hidden meaning of it, I do remember that night was the starting point of bad luck to me. While was in deep sleep I started to have a dream which was showing I was at the lake shore with one of my friend and we were really having fun but after sometimes I become moth open after saw him he is in the middle of the lake and he is really asking for my help from there risked my life so as I can save him but after starting swimming into the water nothing was found into the water rather than myself, I started to call The name John,,, John,,,, were are you my friend….. don’t leave me alone……. please don’t die John. While am in the water I heard voice from other side of the lake which was also calling me by saying Ibraju don’t go there you will die…… please come back, ibraaaaaaaaaa, I decided to look were the sound come from but nothing were found rather than sound only.
My God, I started to pray to my God to show where john is but while swimming I noticed that john is calling me from where we were and he asked me to turn back coz I might die. I decided to turn back as i was asked by My friend but while turning back i ended up tired and therefore i started sinking while asking for some help…….. Joh help me pleas…. help me please
…….. please
I woke from that bad dream with a lot of questions which were having no answers and decided to go out so as I can get fresh air so as i can be out of stress and bad dreams. While sitting outside of the house in the middle of night I proceed to noticed other strange thing after seen one person running with high speed from one side into other, I liked to ask him the reason behind his running but failed coz he was really fast. I sat there for sometimes and when I decided to move from were i came from where from I witnessed other 6men running too fast to were the 1man went. You know coz I was guest I failed to know were they are going and decided to take my time.
After turning back into my room the strange things proceed to happen after experience of everything that I left in the room including my friends and mya staffs while thinking about it I heard sounds of strong man behind our room saying this is the work that I was only thinking to do so as my life will be smoothly. I decided to to go out so as to as to see who is speaking and at least I can ask her about the disappearance of my friends but no one were also outside.
From that moment I felt as if I live in a lonely world with no one around because everything I see is a dream and no one is around to help me in translating those dreams, delusions proceed to come and go coz was the only thing that decide to show me at that night.
From that moment I stay at the corner of the house with no one to ask and nearly crying. But when I was thinking about that I heard a voice calling to to wake up,hey ibrah wake up …… wake up coz it’s time. I woke up so fast and realized that i was still dreaming and after around the room i notice that everyone is around, coz of the bad dreams that I experienced a strong hug come from my from heart towards my friends while crying . They asked what is going on but I told them nothing. Hope you can imagine how really stressful I was.
Everyone of us made a preparation so as we can take a leave and after few moments everyone was ready to leave and from fro there we both entered the car coz mr lee min came with so as he can take us to where we want to go.
While we were on the road I felt like coz during the night I experienced bad sleep and there without losing a time I felt into a trap of strong sleeping but after few moment same things as what happened during the night started to happen after that our is In the middle of the ocean and no one is around but only myself, my God what is this….. while I was thinking and asking myself about the current situation I heard a voice of my beloved voice which was said” our son you better be care from the day you depart till the day you return”. Without knowing what is going I heard someone calling my name and saying THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HERE. My gosh this really makes me crazy coz I do know what to do and even no one around is around me.
Again I woke up from my dream after hearing someone calling me and telling me that we are already arrived at nyakabasungu minerals grounds. I was nearly crying and denying to step out of the car but after sometimes and did what I was told by one of my friend. While working towards the minerals ground I saw one of the old man around 80yrs who truly looking at and ask for help, i asked john ” did you see that old man” but john answered me by saying no old man around but only young men. I asked myself what wrongs with me????? Is it a delusion or I got some infection since I ate their food???? No answers found even though I asked myself a lot of questions. After reaching Into the mining pool we witnessed a very attractive minerals which were only found at that village and nothing else. We took various pictures with high celebration and everyone congratulated me for knowing such kind of thing.
While we was

Do you know that everyone around the world has his or her own dreams in which she or he wants to accomplish before his or her last journey????…….
Not you and even not me who knows when his or her dreams gonna be successful. Men like bill gate used as an example show young people on how to be successful but yet those young men failed to be .

Brooke Gladden

Untitled Manuscript

To help women

Todd McGuire

“The Convergence of the Chosen”

When Cal is shipwrecked far from his home, he is set on a journey he couldn’t have imagined. Chosen by the Mother with a tree tattooed on his back, he has been told all his life to hide his mark, to just be like everyone else. As he makes his way north, he helps protect some people and use his understanding of being a healer to nurse them back to health. As he fights to protect his friends, holy people begin seeking him, drawn because of his mark. When Jess, another of the Chosen, arrives the question of the tattoo and their identity becomes a mystery to unravel. Unfortunately, the window for them to discover the answer is closing, the threats of the Green Witch and the Prince’s advancing forces soon threatens to overrun their friends, and sweep from the region of all of Her Holy temples. When they discover more Chosen, they realize each has a part in the struggle against bold ambition, greed, and dark magic. The Chosen must learn what the world asks of them and rise to the task or be obliterated. All things have a price, a burden, and a blessing.

Lynelle Clark

“Love at War”

Whisked to picturesque Valetta, a lonely nurse met her soul connection. It set the bar in a stirring plot of spiritual and physical survival as a determined warlord in Africa and a cunning wife in America trapped them in time. The healing sands of Iraq their only hope.

Sunshin Fungcap

“Reimagining the Single Mom, Beyond 2020: A Single Mom’s Guide to Living Her Dreams in Today’s World”

Brenda Mcdaniel

“My Angel My Hero”

This book is about my special parents. And about hope, faith and love. They both lived during the depression and WWII.

Snowe Mann went to the Psychiatric ward at the local hospital. She rushed from school to Earl’s side. And couldn’t believe this strong, loving man had a nervous breakdown and schizophrenia.

Grace Barber

“Love, Ducks, & Rock n’ Roll”

Charlene Grace

Untitled Manuscript

Will post this at a later date

Cathy Miles

Untitled Manuscript

This section to be completed at a later date

Debbbie Bradford

“Boxes in the Lake”

Jill wasn’t sure what happened to her Dad but then she and her family Anne solved the mystery

Mystery story, page turner to see what happens next.
Can you solve the mystery.

Steve Gunn

“Do You Wonder about Dreams”

Have you ever seen your pet lying on the floor, kicking it’s legs as they sleep? Ever wonder what they are chasing or what are they dreaming about?
Do You Wonder about Dreams wonders just that. This, roughly 300 word, rhyming picture book, takes the reader on an adventure imagining what different creatures might dream about when they lay down to go to sleep at night.

Do you wonder what its like when a dragon dreams?
Gnawing on knights and hearing their screams.
Flying through the sky, flying in all ways.
Flying over castles and setting them ablaze.
Exploring new caves and new mountain tops.
And valleys down below, their dips and their drops.
Dreaming of gold and guarding their treasure.
A dragon’s dreams are beyond measure.

Or what is it like when a goldfish dreams?
Swimming around in crystal clear streams.
Zipping around, free as can be.
Follow that stream all the way out to sea.
Too fast for sharks and too smart for whales.
Swim circles around marlins with their spears and sails.
Tonight, the goldfish is the king of the sea.
The goldfish dreams so peacefully.

Hubeyb Mohammed

“Notes from the Cloud”

About the right moment that is late in attendance. About hidden beautiful things that no one knows. About the short moments when we come across something nice, then it fades away quickly. About the truth that no one knows. A wandering guide for those who are lost.

Henry C. Duggan,III


SILVER’S ODYSSEY- PG-historical fiction adventure.
A Spanish soldier’s survival trek throughout Florida, after surviving the 1622 silver-laden galleon Atocha(actual) – sinking off the Florida Keys. Becoming self-reliant in a foreign wilderness, he strives to return home, honor intact, aided by a sharp Toledo sword. Washed ashore, only to be captured by the fierce Calusa Indians, he faces challenges in every chapter. His betrothed in Spain knows not if he’s dead or alive. He constantly dreams of her, motivating his will to survive.

Lotte Lavender

“The Giants 2”

The second book in The Giant Series. (Urban fantasy)
Sal, a young man, has discovered who he truly is;
a superior human with alien DNA. A Giant.
After the death of his biological father, Sal is going on a journey of revenge while he slowly discovers the truth about his true origin.
The rest of the Giants is covering their tracks in the most violent of ways.
We learn the dark background of Sal’s lover Seth, the clan leader Darwin and some of the other Giants.
Questions from the first book are getting answered.
The Giants view themselves as rulers of humankind, but their brotherhood is put to the test as they turn out to have different agendas.
It is a book with funny dialogue and a fast-paced mystery.

Caroline Olmos

“My favorite parakeets”

11 pages including cover with illustrations

Over 1000

T.M. Chalon


Born a dusky, part-dwarf noblewoman in Carsia, a land of men, few think highly of Morabeth Gracelent. However, when circumstances force the strange, fiery yeoman’s daughter to take her father’s place in battle and save King Reginald from the traitorous knights’ attack, she finds herself in a powerful position. Having earnt the king’s friendship, Morabeth hires the dangerous, dishonoured Sir Gidaon the Wolf to defend her person. With her newfound political influence, Morabeth must learn to fight for herself and her loved ones, despite how Carsia’s customs contradict her. Yet once her outspoken protests see Gidaon gravely wounded in her stead, Morabeth is left deeply shaken.

Then dwarvish princes Therrien and Kyre arrive in Morabeth’s small rural thorp. Morabeth -now grown into a notable speechmaker- joins their quest; the possibility of freeing the mountains and saving her kingdom too compelling for her to deny. Together, they must break the curse which transforms the princes into wolves every sunrise and sunset, and reclaim the mountain kingdom from the foreign trespassers threatening Carsia. Facing prejudice, outlaws, her own faults, and even Death Herself, Morabeth and her companions must unite their people and go to war before Carsia falls as the Spinelands did.

Avimanyu Datta

“The Time Corrector-Genesis”

Since childhood, Vincent Armstrong, an orphan, can sense his past and future converge through his dreams. Currently, he heads a center that researches Artificial intelligence, Quantum Computing, singularity, and Machine Learning. Vincent wants to take his center to its pinnacle, rid it of the University’s Red tapes. He needs a pathbreaking invention. Yet, the arrival of a brilliant Post-Doc, Emika Amari, gets in the way. He believes that she is his childhood friend, Ahane, who he lost to a metaphysical phenomenon, time-turbulence. Vincent falls for Emika, and they start a life together. He finally strikes a rare equilibrium of accomplishment and joy that has always dodged him.
Soon, Vincent finds himself in the middle of a political investigation surrounding a corrupt senator, a defense contractor, and a reclusive billionaire who lived through two time-turbulences. He gets deeply invested but conceals the details from Emika to protect her. His involvement and silence frustrate Emika, and she leaves him. Vincent gets his invention, charters a course for his center, and takes a deep dive into his work to get Emika off his mind. Does he accept an Emika-free fate? After six months of silence, he calls her. Will that be enough, or does he create an alternate reality, an ability suppressed by his headmaster by order of someone powerful?

jaylen pearson

Untitled Manuscript

In a world where a machine allegedly proves there’s no afterlife, journalist Onyi Richards navigates her life, as the world tears itself apart over this discovery.

After a personal tragedy, Onyi finds herself in the center of this conflict and deciding the fate of humanity.

Bede Ehiogu

Untitled Manuscript

When Elegbe has a fainting fit it is discovered that he is dying. His brother Tabu, Nna and a girl called Buchi go to seek out spirits to save his life. Before they can get help, they discover that Elegbe has died, but they insist on bringing him back to life anyway. They do, but only with the caveat that Tabu dies after a year. He accepts and they return to the village.
On the way, they come across numerous obstacles. There are boggles, spiders, ghommids, grave-wights and Elsi (Elsé), not to mention Onwu, the king of Death, and the lord of the Land of the Dead, and Udimé, the king of the Half-foots.
They also visit the chief of the Cross-roads and the Cross-roads daemons (they show direction).
Anata, the Great Traveller, the Lord of Gifts, is the one who tells them of how they can save their brother and friend. He also helps them on their mission.

Massiel Alberto

“We’re All Lost”

A short stories collection based in the experiences of different characters dealing with the struggles of mental illnesses

Kundai Pfumayaramba

“Ruffling the Hornets nest. Reawakening of a slumbering giant”

A mad dash to save his loved ones

Ronald Frye

Untitled Manuscript

God can & God will….is simply my testimony on how God rescued me from a very distorted mind-set. Inside-Outside is about my upbringing on the deadly streets of Chicago, and the 22 straight years I spent in prison.

Both books in a nutshell are stressing the importance of love, and the joy that follows once you truly implement it into your life!!!

Megan McGreen

“The Girl Who Swallowed a Star”

Lane Everett

“Always in August”

Always in August is the story of two friends with a mutual secret crush, whose romance unfolds as they unravel a missing persons mystery that has linked their families together for generations.

Edward Hutton is a smart and ambitious local boy who dreams of one day becoming a doctor and escaping from small town life on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he is teased mercilessly for not fitting in with the crowd. When the precocious but lonely Claire Callahan moves in next door to Edward, the two become fast friends, though secretly they see more in each other. Together, Edward and Claire discover a hidden stash of anonymous love letters, sending them on a hunt for the answers that will tie them together for the rest of their lives.

Claire and Edward’s love story is interwoven with a historical love story that parallels their own and gives readers a glimpse of what life and love was like in Northern Michigan in the early 20th century. The historical romance reveals uncomfortable truths for Claire and Edward about their own families’ pasts, which they ultimately need to confront in order to allow true love into their own lives. In a tale that spans almost forty years, each chapter alternates narrative perspective between Claire and Edward, revealing snapshots of their lives every five years in August. As they navigate love, loss and the mounting romantic tension between them, the pair is continuously drawn together until finally their lives collide.

Maria Cardona


Salome is a young girl awakening to the realities of her country. It’s 1868 and Puerto Rico is awakening to the realities of Spanish colonialism. A dreamer and poet, her world is shaken up when she meets Sebastian – a young revolutionary who steals her heart. Can they change the fate of their world together or will they be doomed to exile?

Rathin Bhattacharjee

“The Modern Mahabharata”

I will submit after a couple of days.


Sabina Khan

Untitled Manuscript

Research in neuroscience is making it clear that cognitive decline with age is a natural part of life, but researchers have identified factors that may help protect you from cognitive deterioration. What is perhaps most compelling about age-related cognitive change is its variability. Cognitive decline is not inevitable.

Sujit Ghosh

“Hidden Treasures of Bali”

Synopsis of Hidden Treasures of Bali
Bali , a treasure trove of ancient sculpture and artifacts, scattered around in its centers of religious worship , that have existed over hundreds of years , needed the assistance of an expert archaeologist to study and evaluate its ancient archeological ruins and artifacts and trace their origin and link them to ancient religious practices and traditions . Ratri , a Doctoral student at the National University of Singapore, with an envious record of conducting serious research in the field of restoration of ancient sculptures was selected and deputed by Singapore to Bali to assist the Balinese govt in their restoration process . While on her quest to hunt and identify the artifacts, she along with her aides, two budding young archaeologists of Bali have to overcome hurdles and confront threats of not only the theft of the artiifacts but even to their lives. The story is a scintillating account of Balinese customs , their cuisine and the discovery of their cultural heritage amidst threats and dangers lurking at every corner while the young team of archaeologists hunt and seek the much coveted treasures . .

[ ]

Ratri stepped out of the Archeological laboratory atop the Kent Ridge in the National University of Singapore campus and walked down to the Food Court next to her hostel at Prince George’s Park Residence. It was time for lunch and she was famished and therefore decided to head straight for the food court rather than to her hostel ! As she made her way along the boulevard , thickly lined with trees with dense green foliage, she was ruminating about her impending visit to Bali .She was rather looking forward to it , having heard and read about the place so much , an island in Indonesia set apart from its neighbouring states and countries , by its history rich in culture spiritualism and steeped in the natural beauty of its serene beaches and turquoise hued seas , the bucolic countryside , replete with verdant green terraced paddy fields, thick forests and steep hills many of which had active volcanoes at the top , it’s very endearing and colorful people endowed with a rich and flourishing tradition of practising art , sculpture and music from ancient times .
Ratri , a researcher of ancient religious practices, who had made a name for herself thanks to her advanced work on the subject and many publications in prestigious journals of archeology the world over, had been devoting time of late in studying the collection of artifacts and archeological finds from Bali that were available at the Archeological Museum in Singapore, related to Hindu practices in Bali from the Middle Ages . Bali was strewn with remnants of temples and rock carvings that bore the traces of the old Hindu civilisation , and Ratri could feel the palpable excitement one would undergo , savoring history while strolling along the ancient pathways there !
In a bid to conserve the precious history and culture of its rich past in Bali , the Indonesian Govt had invited the NUS Archeological dept to send its emissary to Bali , to study its ancient archeological ruins and artifacts and devise an optimum method of dating all of the finds and carve out a story reliving the past and put it up for display in a museum ! All of the collected artifacts were to be evaluated for their value in the market and then listed in a catalogue.
Ratri had been assigned the onerous and very prestigious responsibility of handling this project. She would have to leave for Bali the very next week and she was brimming with excitement in anticipation of the trip . Ratri entered the food court , ordered for a portion of Hainanese Chicken and Rice and a cup of green tea and settled down for a quick lunch .

To be continued

Early next week , Ratri was aboard a Jet Star flight , that took off from Changi International airport late in the morning on a rain soaked Monday . It would cover the aerial distance of over 1600 km in less than 3 hours. Ratri occupied a window seat and as the flight took off , taxiing along the runway , attaining decision speed V1 first and then the final take off speed V2 , with the co pilot shouting ” rotate” above the din of the engine roar , and the pilot pulling back the aft lever so the nose of the plane turned upwards and the ship was airborne!
Ratri , peering through the plexi glass window had a final look at the receding shoreline of her country and the Changi airport giving way to the vast expanse of endless sea and settled back on her seat , determined to enjoy the flight and catch up with her reading ! She recalled how in the middle of an archeological conference, the previous week, where international luminaries in their respective fields enlightened the participants on the novel means of recent vintage that were being employed in the conservation of ancient monuments ,and the preservation of artefacts , that Bali’s rich heritage and legacy of still intact temple structures , rock carvings and artefacts came up for discussion and how the Indonesian Govt sought help from the fraternity of Archeologists in Singapore for their conservation , preservation and safekeeping! In the course of the discussion , her name as a young archeologist of repute who had contributed significantly with her pioneering seminal work on conservation was proposed and agreed upon by all to carry out this project of conservation in Bali . The conference was well attended by experts from all over the world , and those involved in the business of artefacts and antiques. One such antique dealer approached Ratri during intermission, commending her on her achievements and for being chosen for the Bali project.
” John Thinh is my name, call me John if you like ! ” He was a Vietnamese turned Singaporean ; since childhood, when his parents emigrated to the City State , seeking greener pastures, he’d been schooled in Singapore, eventually evolving into an entrepreneur in the business of dealing in artefacts and antiques. Over the years, John carved out a substantive space for himself in the antique business , as much through his diligence as his ability to network with men of influence in the government machinery. He invited Ratri to visit his showroom on Orchard Street , theuat his business card to her and left
Little did Ratri know her life would encounter a tumultuous turn in the next few weeks.

Tagai Tarutin

Untitled Manuscript

Bobbie Byrd

“Lady Silver: Warlock Chronicles, Book I”

Emma Amos

“Witches Tomb”

Emily had always wanted to be a witch and when she got into the greatest academy there was for the supernatural she had no idea destiny wouldn’t be far behind. A school filled with betrayal and lies and secrets that go back decades. No one could have seen her fate coming.

My dear child,
I’m so sorry for what I did to you my dear Electra. If only I knew of the truth, I promise I never would have sent you to such a place. I should have told you about what your father did a long time ago. I had to let you believe he was alive because I needed him to be. Your father worked for a very secret organisation for a long time. All of the rumours were true about the secret organisation of time police and it was your father that was in charge of them. You always saw your father as the kind caring man that he was but when he left for work and never returned one night, I had to take care of things. He left behind a box and specific instructions for me to follow if this would ever happen and I got to a point where I couldn’t follow them anymore; not without arousing suspicion from you. At the time I thought I sent you to the best school for magical beings but I’ve come to a point in your fathers work where I see that I have made a grave mistake. I have put you in so much danger that I am afraid nothing I can do can atone for what I have done. You must listen to me very carefully Electra. Whatever you know of that school’s history is a lie. Everything they are teaching you is a lie. You must not believe a word of it. That place is no paradise for the supernatural creatures that reside in it nor is it even a prison to keep you away from the humans that find themselves superior to us. It is something far worse!!! I am afraid I can’t even sneak in there to help you. Listen to my instructions very carefully. Inside your library is a restricted section filled with staff books. I’ve been over the maps of the school that your father left behind and if you go past there you will come across the spa. You won’t be aware of it because staff like to spread rumours about there favourite places so no student dares check it out. Once you find the swimming pool there should be a loose tile under one of the chairs. If your fathers research is correct then there should be a book hidden there. It should have more answers than you will find anywhere else. I have to be on the run for a while so no one finds what your father found but there are some things I need you to remember for me.
1. I will always love you
2. No matter what happens you must fight as I will on my end
3. After this is over, I will come and take you away from this world to the place your father may well be at
4. Find the fudge girl. Her parents may be evil but she is only pretending to be out of fear
5. Find your other half. I know he is in there with you somewhere. The more originals you find the stronger you will all be. I hope he has not been lost yet
6. Emily has used her original power once before when she was very young. Your father was the only witness to it and you must under no circumstances let her use it again. No fight or war will EVER be worth it. Never forget that!
Your parents love you so much child. I have faith that your father is out there somewhere fighting for a way home. Now we must all fight for our tomorrow. Until we meet again. Let this not be a goodbye.
Sora Lumina

Cendrine Marrouat

“Seizing the Bygone Light: A Tribute to Early Photography”

Anthony Doyle

“Reluctant Seductions The Red Light Stories”

A collection of thought provoking sensual poetry.

Bede Ehiogu

Untitled Manuscript

When Elegbe has a fainting fit it is discovered that he is dying. His brother Tabu, Nna and a girl called Buchi go to seek out spirits to save his life. Before they can get help, they discover that Elegbe has died, but they insist on bringing him back to life anyway. They do, but only with the caveat that Tabu dies after a year. He accepts and they return to the village.
On the way, they come across numerous obstacles. There are boggles, spiders, ghommids, grave-wights and Elsi (Elsé), not to mention Onwu, the king of Death, and the lord of the Land of the Dead, and Udimé, the king of the Half-foots.
They also visit the chief of the Cross-roads and the Cross-roads daemons (they show direction).
Anata, the Great Traveller, the Lord of Gifts, is the one who tells them of how they can save their brother and friend. He also helps them on their mission.

Bobbie R. Byrd

“Lady Silver: Warlock Chronicles, Book I”

Kathlyn Jones

“The Imprudence of Morals”

NATALIE NOVELLA, a twenty-one-year-old secretary, is conflicted about her quiet life. She lives alone in a twelve-bedroom villa on the outskirts of Port Royal, Jamaica. Recently rejected by her mother and overcome with grief over her drug-dealing father’s death, Natalie is at a vulnerable place. That place is about to become more vulnerable when she agrees to rent her beach house to a total stranger.

THOMAS STRIDER is a full-time priest from Park City, Utah. He is about to unravel NATALIE’s carefully constructed virtuous life. Her impeccable reputation, her trust, her father’s warnings to never trust a white man, and the truth that she was the victim of abuse at the hand of BISHOP LIPSCOMBE, the local Mormon minister.

Son of a senator, and heir to a billion-dollar fortune, THOMAS STRIDER has a reputation to protect, and his overly-religious, bigoted, pedophilic father, STRUM STRIDER, will stop at nothing to keep Thomas and Natalie apart, even if it gets Natalie banished or killed.

Thomas is dangerously imprudent and white-hot. So when he attempted to seduce Natalie, he thought nothing of it. But soon, Thomas realized Natalie is more than he’d bargained for. Her father, RALSTON NOVELLA, the famed hotelier, was a drug lord and gun runner who’d raped Natalie’s best friend, SAMANTHA POLAR, in Natalie’s mother’s room.

Betrayed by those she trusted, Natalie is not looking for love. Still, the first time she saw Thomas, she was stunned by the deep attraction and sexual desire he’d awakened inside her. She was a virgin. How could she feel these things?

For Natalie, that first encounter when Thomas touched her is proof they are both smitten. While Natalie attempts to conceal her feelings, Thomas is vocal, even sexual about the mutual attraction. Natalie is nearly defenseless against the all-consuming passion that Thomas had ignited inside her. Natalie must come to grips with the need she has long denied. And Thomas must find a way to escape the legacy of hatred, his father’s threats, and his engagement to HALEY SMITH that would force him to walk away from the woman he had grown to love.

Ajimisogbe Tola

“The Pathology And Management Of Organizational”

This book is a management science textbook for proper management of resources

The Pathology And Management Of Organizational Sickness is a book written with thinking outside the box philosophy of resources administration. It is a scientific analysis of the maladies of companies and corporate organizations to achieve the set goals of such business concerns. No wonder, another name for the book is `CEO`s Companion`. In other words, any Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operating Officer of company who knows his onions must adopt the book as Bible of Business Organization or Manual for Industrial Success. The book is indeed a dependable COMPANION. AND I DARE TO ASK:


At times, life activities require that we continually fraternize with partners, associates or helpers. This is because some activities of life can be tedious and dynamic. Some has multifaceted heads. God Himself was alleged to have recommended a Companion for His first man.

To entrepreneur or the “boss” in an office, having a dependable companion is a sure way to solving difficult tasks. It is even much more rewarding if your companion is forward looking and problem solvers. This is because there are times that competition in the market makes your night a sleepless one. At other times, new technology made it look as if you have not been in the market ab initio. What if you have planned to be your own boss but the fear of scratching the rock is your own nightmare. Getting the needed start-up skill then becomes the most expensive asset. Many other times, unplanned disaster has forced you to either gone bankrupt or making your products to remain on your shelf for God knows how long. Have you seen a hired enemy in your fold? It does happen that your manager is your “enemy”. Making your workforce to be hugely demoralized. Him/her being incompetent or out rightly wicked.

All of the above scenarios are negative occurrences that have plugged many companies into acute paralysis.

A Forward Looking Companion would hold a TORCH that can SPOT dangers even in years to come. This is exactly what the author of The Pathology And Management Of Organizational Sickness rightly achieved in the book.

The Pathology And Management Of Organizational Sickness is a thoroughly prepared COMPANION that CEOs and Managers should have to help in the management of their organizations.

It is an Applied Management Science Principle book that treated Types, Causes, Symptoms and First-Aid Treatments of Organizational Sickness.

Reuben Steenson


Emma-Jane Barlow

“Darkness & Light”

First came the darkness, then came the light. Darkness & Light is a poetry collection documenting the emotional journey of overcoming mental illness and finding the strength to be whole again.

Diana Coombes

“It Won’t Happen Again”

Martha has been married to Thomas for thirty years and he has been abusive from the beginning, but Martha has always blamed herself and tried to keep the peace, even to the detriment of her relationship with her only child, Laura. She has been totally isolated, confined to her home and in permanent fear of imperfection – which won’t be tolerated by Thomas

Dylan Night

“Him and Her: A story by Dylan Night”

A modern day tragic love tale of two star-crossed lovers that try as they may, could never quite figure it out. It’s a story of family dysfunction and dynamics; loss and struggle; hope and triumph in spite of life’s litany of obstacles.

C.W. Trisef

“Oracle – Sunken Earth (book 1)”

Ret Cooper is a simple young man with mysterious origins, unique physical features, and no memory of his past. His new family and friends discover he is truly extraordinary, with supernatural powers and strange scars on the palms of his hands. But what is his destiny? The Oracle is the key to Earth’s unity and full potential, too perfect to be man-made. Legend claims it can unleash limitless power when filled with Mother Nature’s six, pure, original elements. But where are these elements? And which of our planet’s ancient secrets will be explained in the process of locating them?

Ahana C.

“Mahayodhya: The Legend of Sita”

Pekham Acharya, a fatherless girl living in the slum is suddenly oppressed and ostracized by her school and surroundings. Struggling to find her place, she ends up finding a secret passageway to another world behind an ancient painting.
She just starts liking the place and think she actually belongs there, when she learns the horrifying truth: she was being treated well because Navarupa, the demon king, wanted her as his wife.
And thus the preteen Pekham’s journey begins… a journey to discover her inner Sita – the raging fire which she’d tried to oppress seems like the only way to get out of this mess.

Doreen Berger

“The Captain’s Daughters”

For most adolescents, growing up is hard enough when one has both feet planted firmly on the ground. But for mischievous, twelve-year-old sisters Diane and Robin, life is complicated further by the fact that their father, Captain William Marsh, is the commander of the Starship Polaris. Living among the stars provides a never-ending realm of creative possibility for the free-spirited girls’ pranks and adventures.

When aliens bent on profit and revenge kidnap Diane and Robin, only their indomitable spirit, ingenuity, and a common love of trouble allow the pair to escape the alien vessel. Finding their way home seems assured until the sisters realize they have been taken further from home then they could ever have imagined, and that they must evade an enemy who will stop at nothing to get them back into his evil clutches. Blocked by interstellar battles, malevolent creatures, and overwhelming obstacles, the sisters fear they may never find a way to return to their own universe and to the father they love.

Kristen Collins

“Bluebonnets in the Spring”

Clyde is just a lonely widow cowboy living out his days in peace on his ranch in Texas. Faith is a hybrid reaper on the run from a band of fallen angels.

When Faith stumbles onto his land one night injured, she unwittingly pulls Clyde into a manhunt that could change his life forever.

Two secrets and one fateful night could change everything for them. Was it destiny that brought them together or will the secrets they harbor be their demise?

omosalewa Omowumi


My stories center around a little girl called Tei and her friendship with an old lady called Miss Goi who owns a garden.
Their friendship did not start on a friendly note, but with patience and persistence, Tei was able to develop a relationship with Miss Goi and teach many things about life, love, and friendship.
But during their friendship, Miss Goi comes to discover more about Tei and the secret she kept from all her friends.
The characters and location of my book are influenced by my living and studying in Malaysia

felicia ginette

“Backyard Garden”



Mary Simmons

“Why the swan echoes”

Why the swan echoes is about life in general and how God uses ordinary people to bring about deliverance, change, restoration, and renewal to those who believes and are willing to live extra ordinary lives.

The best is yet to come

Larry Jaggard

“Stories of a Black Cat & the Supernatural”

Lair of the Red Wolves
Remnants of an old Soviet penal colony destroyed long ago, and a commander long thought dead, haunt an American family sent to manage Russia’s new hotel in Siberia.

Saber-Toothed Cat
A little tomboy’s mother wants to rid the family of her daughter’s beloved undomesticated cat until the mother faces the jaws of a vicious dog.

Black Cat Moon
A young independent spirited woman helps a heart attack victim caught between the living and the dead bring his father’s killer to justice with the aid of Halloween’s favorite pet.

The Pixie Detective
A pixie detective wannabe finds something quite unusual about her black cat when she stumbles on an illegal operation at the abandoned shipyard next door.

Frank Hyden

“Small Town Crime Cabal”

A brother and sister run a drugs and gambling crime ring in their hometown. They hope to expand and go beyond the limits of their small hometown and become more powerful. Everything comes with a cost, though, and they have to be willing to pay that price. Aided by their friends they’ll try to climb the ladder of success and reach their goal.

Tavian, Drew, Antonio, and Keith have all been searching for Evan for a little over an hour to no avail. They split up to cover more ground, and each took a quadrant. They also all called in some other friends and acquaintances to help. A growing sense of desperation grows in them as each minute passes. The police are helping to look as well, but with such a potentially wide area to check, it’s going to be hard.
Evan has propped himself up against a tree and has his shirt off and pressed firmly against his stomach, trying to stop the bleeding. He’s seen enough television to know to do that. He’s also seen enough to know that if he doesn’t get help soon, he’ll die. He’s trying to slow his vital signs down as much as possible, anything to help. He slowly breathes, in then out. He’s also thinking to himself, going over events of his life. He thinks about the time he beat up the guy who attacked Keith with a baseball bat. He also thinks about when he and Tavian stole 5 kilos of cocaine from a dealer in Indianapolis and got chased across 3 counties. They also had product stolen from them before but hopefully, that doesn’t happen anymore in the future.
“If I even have a future…” Evan weakly says.

“I don’t know, I’m not seeing anything.” Tavian is talking to Keith over the phone as she drives. Neither one is having much luck. As she’s talking, a text from Drew pops up. He’s not finding anything as well. The police search parties aren’t having any success either. “I’m really starting to wonder if they came this way or not.” Tavian tells Keith. “I’m debating whether to keep going or turn back?” Suddenly, a black compact SUV comes screaming past her on the road. “You son of a bitch!” Tavian screams as she flips the vehicle off and honks her horn.
“What’s going on?” Keith asks over the phone.
“Oh, some asshole in a black SUV just blew past me!” Tavian curses.
“Wait a minute, I just got a text from Antonio.” Keith says. “Shit, that might be him! It says he’s got a lead that they came north, where you are.”
“What the hell? Why didn’t he text me?” Tavian takes off after the black SUV. “Screw it, I’m calling him!” Tavian hangs up on Keith and calls Antonio. The phone rings and rings, but he’s not picking up. This only annoys Tavian even further. “Damnit!” Tavian notices the SUV slowing down, then speeding up, then slowing way down before turning into a parking lot near a wooded area. Tavian intently watches as the SUV pulls into an empty space and Antonio gets out. She whips her metallic blue sedan into the lot after Antonio and jumps out. “Hey, asshole! Why didn’t you text me?”
“I did.” Antonio calmly says as he starts looking around the parking lot. “Didn’t you get it?”
“Uh, no! Are you sure you sent the damn thing?” Tavian starts looking around too.
“Yeah.” Antonio continues looking.
“Bullshit! I think I would know if-…” Suddenly, Tavian’s phone chimes to signify a text. Antonio shoots her a bemused look as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone. “Well, there it is. I guess you did send it. Wait a minute…” Tavian looks at her phone closely. “Someone told you Evan was out here?”
“Well, kind of.” Antonio is checking everywhere. “One of my guys saw somebody who looks like Evan driving out this way, in a car that’s not his. So if that guy dumped him somewhere, he might be…” Antonio trails off as he spots something and walks over to pick it up. “Look at this.”
“Wait, that’s…” Tavian rushes over just as Antonio picks up a watch. Antonio starts looking around as Tavian takes the watch. “This…this is Evan’s!” Antonio takes off running into the woods.
“Hey, over here!” Antonio yells at Tavian. He’s found Evan and rushes over to him. “Shit, call an ambulance!”
“Oh God!” Tavian runs over as well. She starts crying as she sees all the blood and how pale Evan is. She drops to the ground and starts cradling him, sobbing uncontrollably. Antonio pulls out his phone and calls 911, telling them where they’re at. However, not wanting to wait, Antonio picks up Evan and carries him to his SUV. He tells Tavian to keep pressure on the wounds and they take off driving like hell to get to the hospital. Antonio tells the 911 operator that they’re driving to the hospital. Within a few minutes, they pull into Goshen Hospital and people are there waiting. They put Evan on a stretcher and immediately take him to the operating room. Antonio holds Tavian as she cries in the waiting room, where they’re soon joined by the rest of the family and friends.

Sarah Schreiber

Untitled Manuscript

A woman who has a baby deals with the crippling effects of mental illness as he ages

Abiodun Nathaniel Folorunso

“Glorious Destination”

Whether you call it your Moses, Aaron, or Joshua that would lead you to your promise land, you are absolutely correct. You can still call it your David in front of Goliath, Solomon in wisdom to direct and judge right or Christ in the middle of your storms. Whatever you could tag it, know that this book in your hand is more than just a brochure that helps in achieving one’s dreams. It stands as a manual guide on what to choose, follow, do, use, and apply to achieve your biggest goals and overcome your challenges in the journey of life. It will help you in becoming the best version of yourself. As you read through, begin to count yourself among the successful people in the world because you would surely be.
You are welcome on board! Please, sit tight.

Ibrahim Bohra

Untitled Manuscript

Douglas Moore

Untitled Manuscript

collection of short, humorous essays

Heena Prabhakar

“The last letter”

A letter,can change lives of many. Believe it or not but its true. Sometimes reality is far more than imagination. And there are many ups and downs which are never in control of anyone’s life. Their life changed suddenly and just a letter made it possible for love,sorrows,emotions,trauma and many things enter their world.How,when and where…??

A story full of drama. A heartful of emotions and feelings. Every chapter has different twists and turns.

Jeanette Hancock

“The Blue Rose of Dauphin”

Story about a magical place (children’s fantasy) about two villages one that consists of an elf village and fairy village and the lives therein It consists of 5 chapters 6,787 words and the adventures of an Elf named Winks and Fairy named Buttercup and their lives and adventures in the land of Dimpleton and how they finally united in their Kingdom.

In the mystical land of Borealis, exists a dark magical forest called Grenwald. In this forest exist 3 brown seeds that lay hidden on Grenwald’s forest floor. Every hundred years these seeds sprout. One of them will sprout and produce a fragile blue rose that will live one night.
During this night the rose renews its life force to protect Borealis along with it’s forest and elf and fairy towns called Dauphin and Chrysalis. The shimmering blue rose has thorns of silver, stem of gold and roots of Crystal.

Dave Heyman

“Goodbye Bipolar, Hello World”

This is the story of my life. My struggles with bipolar disorder and being underconfident and shy for the majority of my life. This is about how I overcame it with the help of God and people I’ve met along the way. Talks about my numerous jobs that I’ve had and what I’ve learned from them. It’s very uplifting.

Joshua Hathaway

“The Song He Strummed”

Charlie, a Bernese Mountain dog born with the ability to interpret music, believes that his fear of the dark and health problems will not last forever as he is bound for a place called “heaven,” an eternal paradise for the souls of animals that were loved on Earth. He is more concerned for the fate of his master, Chris Abernathy, a budding rock musician on the brink of stardom. Knowing his master’s sinful tendencies, Charlie vows to mold Chris’s inner goodness in hope that they will be together forever while holding out faith that Chris’s time to shine will come. But when unexpected tragedy strikes, Charlie’s world is rocked, his resolve and beliefs pushed to a breaking point. He realizes he must rely on his grit and endurance to finish his journey and achieve his destiny.

Hopeful and inspirational, The Song He Strummed is a heart-wrenching tale of a dog who will show what it means to persevere in times of adversity for the ones we love and that with enough credence, hope, and determination, there is no obstacle in this life that cannot be overcome.

Sara Frances

“Fragments of Spirit: 60 Years: A Photographers Recollections of Taos Pueblo, the Region and its Arts”

Shruti Pandey

“The Power To Manifest And Change Your Life”

‘THE POWER TO MANIFEST AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ is a book on how we can introduce little changes in our life to achieve great results and highlights the importance of following the green lifestyle to truly feel connected with life and this universe. Through subtle imagery and plenty of affirmations thrown in, you would be able to see why it is so important to create a positive space around yourself and how you can benefit from it. The book takes you on a journey to explore the little things that keep on happening around us all the time and hide the magic that we are looking for within them. Have a closer look at how it is so simple to create more appreciation for the self and enjoy the process of things. Get rid of all the anxiety, fear and doubts clouding your mind that could hinder your daily life and see how powerful and liberating it can be when we are truthful to ourselves and are genuine in our communications. Your soul has the ultimate power to guide you through every difficulty.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.
The secret to turning your life around and bringing in a rush of positive things starts with a determined mindset and a will to accept good things inside your heart and to fill it up with it. Change is not just physical. Change is multi-dimensional with a plethora of aspects to look closely upon.
You cannot just move things around a little bit, shake up your usual routine and expect shining results. No. For that to happen, you’d have to abandon fear, hesitation and doubt. Then and only then will you be able to project the resulting positivity over any other happenings and new changes in your daily life. When you mentally achieve a stable land, you also gain the ability to improve every other thing in your life.
So turn around, do a 360° check and get to work.
Start with taking a stock of your entire routine from morning till night and focus on the parts that you feel have grown old and the structure that you now feel frustrated of. What is that one particular thing you would like to erase? Are you finding yourself not getting enough time to focus on your well being? Do you feel socially isolated because of your obligations? Do you find it hard to connect to other people?
All these questions and some more, we will tackle in this segment and focus on how we can build a healthier lifestyle for ourselves, all the while feeling contented and happy with the state of things.
Change is both mental and physical. A result of these two is what gives rise to a happy soul and a liberated lifestyle.

Landon CLary Eason

“Bullied: My Family Taught Me Hatred”

Bullies are raised; I am living proof. Sober 14+ years now and utterly mortified, remorseful, and haunted by the victims I abused, I work hard daily to heal my mental health. I have made significant progress over the years. No longer the insecure, incestuous, promiscuous, insecure, needy, self-destructive, self-loathing alcoholic I was. I do everything in my power to better my writing and to reach fellow addicts hoping to help them, and my victims to make amends.

Along my way over the years, I gained a deep understanding of how overwhelming stuffed rage, life-sustaining unmet needs and damaged self-esteem take a toll on the human spirit.

I have devoted my life to share the details of becoming an addict, how I acted out, and all I do to do better, hoping to reach others like me.

Today, more than anything, I want people to see how a life that began in unspeakable child abuse and domestic violence can be turned around into a sober, happy, productive life. I am living proof of that also, despite my mental and physical health problems.

No match for the three savages who abused me, they infested my childhood with violence and amnesia.

My family bullied me so much I not only ended up clinically depressed and burdened with complex p.t.s.d., I became learning impaired and have amnesia. I have written out what I remember from my childhood and it didn’t even take 3 pages. I locked the rest up in my memory I may never retrieve.

They taught me to bully. And when I did, the behavior came out of nowhere. I remember one neighborhood girl I was horrid to when we lived in Huntsville, Texas. I cannot remember my words, but I remember repeating to her what my mother and sisters said to me day in and day out. I made that poor child cry. I thought her behavior justified my talking to her the way I did. No one had taught me to apologize.

That is just one snapshot of my background. I am not looking for sympathy. I am sharing why I became a bully, like my mother and my sisters. I was their victim first, but I became a bully too.

I would give anything if I could go back and change it.

As best I can remember, my abusive acting out started in the 2nd grade. My teacher, a miserable nun named Sister Rosetta, would tell us sickening accounts of kidnapped and murdered children thrown onto the church’s roof. She said birds ate them. That triggered uncomfortable feelings inside me. The demented monsters abusing me at home never allowed me to voice my feelings. They forced me to stuff and pile them on top of other depressing and destructive feelings, also unexpressed, building an iceberg of abuse and rage.

So, saturated with self-loathing, I followed the examples I learned at home.

I took out my staggering hatred by writing a nasty message to my teacher in one classroom story-book. Plus, I blamed someone else by signing one of my classmate’s names. My teacher confronted her, which made that innocent child burst into tears. She denied writing it. Simple handwriting comparisons revealed me as the culprit.
My school called mother to the principal’s office. I can picture Sister Bonita, the Mother Superior of St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in my mind. She told mother what I had done. The faint snapshot I remember shows Sister Bonita sitting at her desk, my teacher standing nearby, and mother close to the doorway.
I remember Sister Bonita’s angry, dark expression, but not what she said. Mother said nothing, and the fear in me swelled with dread.

What would she do to me when we got home?

We drove home in silence. I expected a monstrous beating when we got inside. Instead, mother headed straight to her room without a word.
Why didn’t she punish me?

In school and everything on TV repeated over and over, a mother is the one person a daughter can depend for comfort, safety and unconditional love. Mother’s Day is their own special day of the year. Yet, at home, I witnessed demented abuse because my family seemed driven by hatred and rage.

My abusers modeled hatred and cruel arrogance in my face every day. They never comforted me or protected me. They never told me they loved me or were proud of anything I did.

No one sat me down to explain why those three thugs abused me or what the house rules were. Those changed whenever they wanted to suit their insane needs. I did as they told me, but it made no difference. They always criticized me and ripped me to shreds.

That is how I learned. And with no one to help me heal, I got stuck.

No one told me that even though those three strung me along, giving me the illusion that approval was right around the corner, it was unachievable. That strengthened their control over me, a vulnerable child dependent on their care for survival.

Jim d. Jordan

“The Deadly Redhead”

The Case of the Deadly Redhead is a murder mystery featuring a wise-cracking and tough private investigator, Drew Diamond. The novel opens when he is approached in a bar by a voluptuous redhead named Claire Honeycutt who wants to hire him claiming she believes her husband, Walter Honeycutt is going to kill her. Against his better judgment, Diamond accepts her case and begins to look into Walter Honeycutt’s professional and personal life.
Walter Honeycutt is a rich and powerful businessman whose business practices are often ruthless, and he is currently trying to keep big corporations such as General Motors, American Transportation, and others from taking over his public transportation system and replacing it with their own interest.
Diamond visits Mrs. Honeycutt at her home while her husband is at work and learns that the residents in the home include Walter and Claire Honeycutt, their teenage son Allen Honeycutt, Walter’s older sister who suffers from dementia, and the servants, a maid, and butler/caretaker. In the course of learning about Walter Honeycutt’s homelife, Mrs. Honeycutt seduces Diamond into an afternoon of intimate relations.
Things get complicated when Walter Honeycutt appears later at Diamond’s office insinuating he knows about his wife and Diamond’s indiscretions. When Diamond is informed in the middle of the night by his associate, Don Buel, that there has been a murder at the Honeycutt mansion, Diamond arrives on the scene to discover it isn’t Claire Honeycutt that has been murdered, but her husband, Walter Honeycutt.
Drew Diamond must consider that Claire Honeycutt may have murdered her husband even though she claims to have been upstairs in bed when the murder occurred. The list of suspects includes Claire Honeycutt, Business Rivals of Walter Honeycutt, and anyone in the household.

mika bee


growing up with her abusive mom, Asia has never experienced the love of a family. but when a massive argument broke of between them, Asia is left with no choice but to leave her home. that’s when she happens to bump into Tyler. a quiet, teenage boy who suffered from a childhood trauma. the two quickly befriend each other and grow inseparable. but can Asia protect Tyler from this cruel world while dealing with her own problems? or will she buckle under the weight of her destiny?

i stare at Tye.” you let it go. “
he turns to go. ” you shouldn’t harm anyone. either its a human or a insect.”
i look back at the butterfly, no more then a golden speck in the sky. ” but it was so beautiful. “
Tye picks up a flower and lets it fall into the water below. ” sometimes we have to let go of beautiful things.”
the words cut me down to my soul, and my heart seems to melt. tears form in my eyes and i throw my arms around his waist. ” I’ll never let go of you Tye. ” i whisper.

Julie Loar

“Symbol & Synchronicity: Learning the Soul’s Language in Dreams and Waking Life”

A book about ancient dreamers, modern science, and the powerful symbolic language of dreams to use as guides in life and on the spiritual path

The inspiration for the wider lens of this book comes from a story in Synchronicity, by Swiss psychoanalyst Dr. Carl G. Jung. It’s a favorite story of mine about a golden scarab, which is a stunning example of how dream symbols and synchronicities conspire to wake us from a state of unconsciousness. The event in the story was also key to the genesis of the now-famous concept of synchronicity. Dr. Jung tells the story of a young woman patient who was at a critical juncture in her treatment.

Victoria Amante’


A scorned woman. A beautiful beach destination. A desirous man. A dangerous ally. An unlikely steak of luck. A web of mystery. And how it all comes together for those that matter most.

S Choudhury

“The Dice”

Mona had no idea that her world was going to turn upside down on her eighteenth birthday.

Its 2030, and the world is evolving rapidly. With human dependency on technology increasing with every passing second, people are keen on letting go of the past like never before.
But what if your forgotten childhood memories chase you into your worst nightmares?

Trapped in a deadly version of everybody’s favorite childhood game – its a trial of fate and luck with a lingering question.

How far would you go to survive?

Miller Thomas

“Wolf Hunter Inquisition: The Freeing of Chiropteran”

A first person account of the life of one Danny Roberts, a detective who wakes consumed by thirst, finding his life changed forever, thrall to a Vampire calling herself Mistress. She can read his thoughts, control his body, converse with him telepathically, and bewitch him with her otherworldly charm.
He must learn to harness his Will, the source of Vampiric power, while seeking to understand his place in this shadow world. Will he succeed?

Ann Driscoll

“Rosa’s Monarch Butterfly”

Roman Pervushin

Untitled Manuscript

The material isn’t finished yet. I just want to register and try interesting services that are provided by Marketplace. I hope it is a very useful platform for Authors.

Charlie Brenneman


Whatever idea or passion you pursue, you’ll face obstacles, mess and doubt. I know because I’m chronicling the ups and downs in real time as I build my life and career: TOP 7 ranked UFC fighter, reality TV champion, nationally-ranked Division I wrestler / 1st Team All-Academic, podcaster with 1200+ episodes. This book is a combination memoir and how-to for hanging tough as you find the best way forward. In it, I share 11 principles that have helped me transition from professional fighting into podcasting, speaking and writing. I hope you’ll join me in trying to live them out and learn from the best. In the first three years of my podcast, I’ve recorded 128 talks with world-class guests, and I’ve systematically shared insights from studying 89 books. This is how I pursue my mission to embody and inspire lifelong learning that will help you make the most of your life. I’m out to sharpen the same hunger in you so you can take my title: World’s Toughest Lifelong Learner.

The World’s Toughest Lifelong Learner is an idea. It’s the manifestation of everything I aspire to be: Physically strong, mentally tough, well-read, open and aware of perspectives that exist in the world and where I fit into them. It’s the aim of being the smartest, coolest, toughest, nicest, most helpful, funniest person on Earth. It’s a commitment to a never-ending quest to get the most out of life and yourself. To me, it’s the point of being.

Patricia Greasby

“Fourth Generation”

Fourth in a series – Nathan sets out to find his estranged, biological mother, Lisa Brookes, and discovers she is entangled in financial fraud. Lisa has sensitive information which places her and Nathan in danger.

Matt Ingwalson


His name is Bob and he delivers the milk. He doesn’t need the money. It’s just something to do.

One night, Bob hears a story. A story about a mass shooting and a girl too good to be true. A story he can’t let go.

Next thing you know, Bob’s doing a deep dive into the suburban weird. Along the way he’ll encounter a cat-munching goat monster. A possibly mythical criminal mastermind. A half-faced man who’s a whole lot of trouble. Some curious neighbors. A masked typist. And the clues to a mystery Bob may lack the imagination to define, the courage to pursue, and the acuity to solve, assuming a solution exists.

Chatterhat is a countercultural comedy and a paranoid meta-mystery. Have fun. Don’t drop the milk.

Angela Thompson

“How We Get From Here to There”

It’s a rhyming book about transportation. It is written in a humor mode and I wanted it to be fun to read, yet an easy way to learn about transportation. It was inspired by my grandson’s love of big trucks. He was so excited when saw them while traveling and he likes books about big trucks.

Peri Heft

“52 Macro-friendly Recipes for the Mindful Eater”

“PeriFitFoodie’s 52 Macro-friendly Recipes for the Mindful Eater” provides nutritious, healthy and tasty macro-based meals and recipes for the mindful and conscious eater. The cookbook is based on the principal of consuming higher-protein, moderate-carbohydrate, and lower-fat meals and snacks, allowing the health-conscious eater to reach personal health and fitness goals while increasing lean muscle mass, burning fat, maintaining proper energy levels, and improving sleep. Helpful tips, swaps, and notes from the author allows the reader to understand the “why” behind each dish, and ultimately, helps support the reader in reaching their goals!

Tyler Baras

“Home Hydroponics: Small Space DIY Growing Systems”

Grow your own delicious food literally anywhere. In Home Hydroponics, hydroponic-growing pro Tyler Baras (aka Farmer Tyler) shows you how easy it is to build your own soilless growing systems to cultivate greens, veggies, herbs, and more.

Steve Dragon

“Were You Born a Dragon?”

Story of brotherly love and standing up to bullies. This is based on bedtime stories I told my now 35 year old daughter.

Jennifer Publicover

“The Magical Bicycle”

Toby has been passed down a bicycle from his grandpa. He gradually learns the ins and outs of the magical bicycle throughout his adventures to faraway places. He can save whatever he wants in the world, but within his daily life he goes through struggles holding him back from going on adventures and sometimes returning home again. His final adventure takes him to China to save what his grandpa couldn’t do many years before. As Toby opens up his magical world, he makes enemies that set him back and friends to move him forward.

Trisha Watson

“The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog”

Russell is no ordinary dog. His unique story is filled with twists and turns leading to many surprising lessons. By choice he has come into this life with a dual purpose: to experience his present life as a dog and to review his previous life as a man named Pete. One of his special abilities is to telepathically hear and communicate with other animals, his Spirit Guides, and even people when necessary for his growth. In the process, Russell learns about the common threads of each incarnation that weave the fabric of his destiny. From a dog’s point of view and that of a soul who has had many previous human lifetimes, he is taught about reincarnation, karma, grace, love in all its forms, and forgiveness.
You will laugh, cry, and possibly find answers to questions you may have contemplated in your own spiritual adventure.

Jesse Darnay


It’s 2010, Chicago. Evan Whorwell is a materialist escaping his family’s Lutheran myopia through stimulants. He meets Sara Monely, a sexually curious Deadhead fled from her Coral Gables upbringing. Their soured fling erupts into a feud entangling us in millennial fringe culture. Meanwhile, years later, Timothy King is striving to posit a controversial thesis on this very novel in a final essay for his American Fiction module at Lancaster University. Speaking outside THE FOURTH WALL and within it, challenging readers to reimagine this narrative, Timothy will reveal Evan and Sara’s story to be the reenactment of my trauma.

Rick Whitaker

“Who’s Your Daddy?”

Essay about discovering the identity of my biological father using 23&Me. My mother has been married six times; the man I thought to be my father was her second husband. Growing up, I thought he hated me because I was gay, but “there’s more to it than that,” my mom told me when, at 35, I asked.

Georges Aoun

Untitled Manuscript


Jacquelyn Brennan rivers

“Patriotic legacy”

Grandparents story in WW2
Historical romance

Nick Lee

“Flight MH 370 Revisited”

Story explained the how, why, where and who of the mysterious missing Boeing plane.

Matthew Birdzell

“Just as Human”

Ellexis and her older brother Nolan investigate a bombing rumor on a colony planet during war, while their mother slowly succumbs to a rare illness. Rumor opens doors to what looked like an answer to the pain, however, an encounter with powerful, otherworldly beings leads to difficult choices. Save her mother, or the colonies razed by interplanetary war?

Judy Ringer

“Turn Enemies Into Allies: The Art of Peace in the Workplace”


Audrey Bendana

“The Star of Zacharias”

Anne Carroll

“Secret Lane”

A modern-day “Stepford Wives” tale of a seemingly perfect couple moved into a perfect neighborhood. And then everything starts to go very wrong.

Dan Paul


Brother Wind is missing. His friends create different gatherings to encourage him to come home – a splashy pool party, a march in the meadow – but each time, their efforts are thwarted by different rascal, raucous winds. In their disappointment, they begin to understand why they really want him to come back – he is their friend and they miss him.

Scott Williams

“Off The Rails”

Off the Rails is a gamebook where you are emersed into adventures that you control. Every few pages, you are presented with options that change the outcome of the story, taking you down different paths, leading to fame or peril.

This particular book is roughly 400+ pages long with 90+ different endings.

Recommended ages 10+


Amanda Hoock

“The InBetween”

Nellie Jo Russell experiences a devastating loss when her soon-to-be fiancé, Joshua, dies in a tragic car accident with his best friend, Bryan. One year after the tragedy, Nellie discovers two things about herself, she’s a talented writer and she’s psychic. On Nellie’s journey of developing her supernatural skills, she is contacted by the one person she blames for Joshua’s death, Bryan. The unlikely duo believe Joshua is missing and hope to find him but instead uncover something sinister in the cemetery. In 1961, a never-caught serial killer, Frederick Lee Russell, was buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery. Afraid of what came next, Frederick concocted a plan to stop his fate from overcoming him. Everything is all set for Frederick, until Nellie begins snooping around in the cemetery, threatening all that Frederick created. What starts as a way for Nellie to grow her gifts and connect with the love of her life, evolves into a pursuit she never imagined she would have to undertake.

One year and two months later.

Nellie was finding ways to get through the day. Many days she felt numb, some days felt unreal, others anger infused throughout her muscles and bones. Now almost thirty, she was no closer to coming into her own than a year earlier. If anything, the past year set her back significantly. If she got up in the morning and dressed, she considered that a good day. Trying to give a shit about what she needed to do for the day tended to be hard. Most mornings her waking impressions consumed her mind and heart; the phone call, the doctor’s words, Officer Grant handing her the ring. The moment Joshua’s parents walked through her front door, scooping her up into their arms.

Grief was not enough to describe the first year after Joshua’s death. There wasn’t a day that went by without her feeling as if a knife punctured her chest and twisted around inside her heart. Her throat would tighten and squeeze whenever she would find something he had left for her. Those unintentional reminders. Things that accumulated over time in her apartment. His black socks, he thought, were too dark for a swanky work engagement they had a couple of years ago. His sweatshirt he let her borrow one evening when they went to the drive-in, and she didn’t layer up enough. Cigars he was going to give his friend, Bobby, for the arrival of his first baby.

Nellie aimed to give Bobby those cigars, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Partly she didn’t want to upset him, feeling the timing of it all might be a little too painful, but primarily she didn’t want to give any of his things away.
As time went on, the proverbial “they” told her things would get easier. She didn’t care what others assumed would happen, inwardly calling them inconsiderate assholes. She knew they meant well; she just wasn’t interested in their half-hearted condolences. For her, she saw no way this pain would ever go away. She craved for his arms to be wrapped around her, wishing to smell his scent again, a combination of cedarwood and sandalwood. The way he would make her laugh by tickling her side or teasing her for all her gaffs. Now all she wanted to do was roll over, throw the comforter and sheets over her head, and make the day disappear. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how someone looked at it, she had a job and that job required her to show up.

Another successful day, she pulled herself out of bed, even made the bed this morning, took a shower, shaved her legs, and grabbed coffee before heading into the office. For the past year, doing any one of those things would be considered an achievement, completing all of those made it an extremely triumphant day.

Evan Ward

“Reporting Live”

21-year-old Arthur Williams yearns to follow his late father’s footsteps and create music that moves people. However, his duty to his mother — a renowned news anchor— has a firm hold on his psyche.
Plus, it’s tough pursuing your goals in a crooked city… and San Francisco is a pirate’s paradise, where drug dealers and con men hold hands and dance. However, when a drunken night goes off the rails, Arthur meets some unlikely allies – two marvelous, gun toting black trans women who are both hungry for a large helping of sweet revenge. The three join forces in hopes of making their dreams a reality. Will their relationship blossom into a fantastic send-up for all of them? Or crash and burn into a sinking pile like the ones which litter the streets of SF…

21-year-old Arthur Williams yearns to follow his late father’s footsteps and create music that moves people. However, his duty to his mother — a renowned news anchor— has a firm hold on his psyche.
Plus, it’s tough pursuing your goals in a crooked city… and San Francisco is a pirate’s paradise, where drug dealers and con men hold hands and dance. However, when a drunken night goes off the rails, Arthur meets some unlikely allies – two marvelous, gun toting black trans women who are both hungry for a large helping of sweet revenge. The three join forces in hopes of making their dreams a reality. Will their relationship blossom into a fantastic send-up for all of them? Or crash and burn into a sinking pile like the ones which litter the streets of SF…

George Blake

“The Sun Sets in the West”

The Sun Sets in the West is an intriguing and creative novel set in Southern California mingling reality-based events with larger-than-life fiction.

The story takes the reader through the journey of a virtuous man who seeks to set things right. The plot combines science fiction, romance, history, mystery, murder and intrigue. The theme entails justice on a grander scale. The novel depicts a hero who strives to find happiness in life—a man who takes extraordinary measures to achieve it—risking everything to improve the world.

The book will appeal to fans of Jules Verne’s and William Gibson’s stories with contemporary settings, William J. Bennett’s and Vigen Guroian collections, and Audrey Niffenegger’s story of time travel and love as well as Ronald Mallett’s sense of purpose and mission.

“At that moment, the siren stopped. Dr. Thurman stood motionless, Mrs. Thurman was immobile on the patio. I heard only the sound of the curtain at the kitchen window whipping in the wind. We would soon learn through news reports that we had been enshrouded in a radioactive cloud. I must have muttered some sort of inquiry to Dr. Thurman during the incident, because he replied about not having enough time, and I reacted by flying from room to room around the house shuttering as many windows as I could, though not without first gently moving Mrs. Thurman inside and to a corner of the breakfast booth. I had no clue what had happened, but I spent the rest of the evening going back to the guest house and the barn to check windows and livestock and taking precautionary measures on the pre-supposition that the air might be harmful. In the days and weeks ahead, Theodore and Jenny Thurman were beside themselves; Dr. Thurman was perturbed, and Mrs. Thurman was dazed. Thus began an unusual journey in time.

My name is Mabus.

This is not my story—this is his. It is the tale of a man who sought to set things right—and quite decisively—or is it quite possibly?—did.”

Brent Carlson

“No Afraid”

“Never Afraid”
Stories of the life of Brent William Carlson

By: Brent and Cheyenne Carlson

Born in a log cabin
Born 1956, in a little Wyoming town, the county seat of the least populated county in the least populated state in the Union. My father swore I was born in a log cabin, although my mother tries now to disagree and make it sound more respectable. Either way, my birth wasn’t in a hospital setting as the closest was 100 miles away.

Mi Huerta
I’m currently living in a farming community, close to Colina in Chile. A couple years back, through one of my stupid “take it to the limit” ideas, I broke my neck while swinging into a tree. Unable to work in my demanding profession, I’m surviving financially by growing and selling weed, quite illegal I must admit. My two young boys, Gabriel and Billy, live with me along with a couple cats, an English mastiff named Jagger, a coop full of chickens and a damn rabbit one of the cats brought home as a present. My 90-day Chilean tourist visa has been expired for three years, so you might say I’m an illegal resident.

Let er buck
Between 1956 and now it’s been one hell of a wild, unexpected, and sometimes painful rodeo. My path led me to work, live, and travel extensively in 47 countries. My 35-year career in the oilfield started when men were made of steel and rigs were made of wood. My passions were the freedom of the outdoors, from rock climbing to fly fishing and pretty much everything in between. I pushed the limits in every facet of my life. I lived as though laws didn’t particularly apply to me. Made fortunes and spent more. I’ve had three wives, Brigitte, Gro, and Barbara, and a partner, the mother of my two boys here in Chile, Denisse.

These are some of my stories.

George Blake

“The Sun Sets In The West”

The Sun Sets in the West is an intriguing and creative novel set in Southern California mingling reality-based events with larger-than-life fiction.

The story takes the reader through the journey of a virtuous man who seeks to set things right. The plot combines science fiction, romance, history, mystery, murder and intrigue. The theme entails justice on a grander scale. The novel depicts a hero who strives to find happiness in life—a man who takes extraordinary measures to achieve it—risking everything to improve the world.

The book will appeal to fans of Jules Verne’s and William Gibson’s stories with contemporary settings, William J. Bennett’s and Vigen Guroian collections, and Audrey Niffenegger’s story of time travel and love as well as Ronald Mallett’s sense of purpose and mission.

“At that moment, the siren stopped. Dr. Thurman stood motionless, Mrs. Thurman was immobile on the patio. I heard only the sound of the curtain at the kitchen window whipping in the wind. We would soon learn through news reports that we had been enshrouded in a radioactive cloud. I must have muttered some sort of inquiry to Dr. Thurman during the incident, because he replied about not having enough time, and I reacted by flying from room to room around the house shuttering as many windows as I could, though not without first gently moving Mrs. Thurman inside and to a corner of the breakfast booth. I had no clue what had happened, but I spent the rest of the evening going back to the guest house and the barn to check windows and livestock and taking precautionary measures on the pre-supposition that the air might be harmful. In the days and weeks ahead, Theodore and Jenny Thurman were beside themselves; Dr. Thurman was perturbed, and Mrs. Thurman was dazed. Thus began an unusual journey in time.

My name is Mabus.

This is not my story—this is his. It is the tale of a man who sought to set things right—and quite decisively—or is it quite possibly?—did.”

Lisa Grantham

“Soul, Eclipsed”

An 80,000-word alcoholic memoir, Soul Eclipsed is a love story that revolves around my overcoming an incomprehensible mental illness that almost costs me everything, including my newborn son. It’s the story between HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant and CBS’s Mom.

As a conceited yet insecure party girl at the University of California, Santa Barbara, I think life is all about me—that I’m calling the shots. I’m unaware that a cunning and powerful antagonist—the disease of alcoholism—dictates my decisions until a “speedball” overdose upends my future and sets me on a dark trajectory of self-sabotage and despair.

Then, convinced my salvation lies in romance, I pursue the man of my dreams, another addict, to the brink of insanity until he vows that he’d rather die than spend another minute with me unless I get sober.

Alone and destitute, I learn I’m pregnant. Still unable to abstain, I begin to grasp my hopelessness, but pride won’t allow me to admit the truth. I deceive my true love, risking our unborn baby’s health for a shot at happily ever after. As long as I remain under the influence, I believe our baby will be healthy despite me—until his heart stops during our last

Luke and I are in the doctor’s waiting room forever. I feel sick as we wait for my last prenatal exam. Every cell in my body is shrieking for another drink. I shift uncomfortably in my seat, sweaty and shaky, a fraud disguised as wholesome in an American flag T-shirt. I smile at Luke, who grins back. Our knees touch.

Luke has never been more handsome. He’s gained weight and appears younger, his face fuller. His muscular shoulders and chest are broader than ever like he’s proud to be a daddy. I want to feel close to him, but my deception and fear are bricks and mortar, an insurmountable wall between us. I am alone, even when we’re together.

I fetch a small Dixie cup of water, look around at the eager, happy couples and imagine the Crate and Barrel nurseries in their cozy homes—a different image from the dingy halfway house room where I live.

“Lucy Delaney?” a medical assistant calls.

As Luke and I follow the nurse to an exam room, I calculate the minutes between me and my next drink. She takes my vitals and then the baby’s.

“Everything looks good. We’ll leave the fetal heart monitor on for the doctor. She’ll be with you shortly,” the nurse says as she leaves the room.

Luke and I listen to our baby’s heartbeat, a rhythm that would connect us if I weren’t obsessing over my next drink. Instead, the heartbeat’s steady cadence keeps time with my foot treads as I walk to the liquor store in my mind, panhandling along the way because I’m flat broke. I should be captivated by the life force beating within me, but I’m agitated by the wait. I want Luke and this baby more than anything, but I need another drink.

Dr. Sahai knocks and enters with a beaming smile. Suddenly, an alarm tears through the stillness. The steady rhythm of our baby’s heartbeat disappears. Dr. Sahai presses her icy stethoscope into my belly. An ominous frown mars her pretty features as she listens. She moves the stethoscope and listens again.

Oh, God, what have I done?

“It’s back,” she says. Her shoulders soften, but the worried look remains. “But it’s slow and irregular.” She removes the device from her ears and takes my hand in hers. “Your baby is in crisis, Lucy. We have to get him out of there now.”

I’m never going to get that drink.

A whirlwind of technicians hustle me into a wheelchair. Luke stands against the wall, watching, his face colorless beneath his tan.

“Call my mom,” I say over my shoulder as an aide races me to Labor and Delivery. The techs hoist me into bed and hook me to an IV of Pitocin, a drug to induce labor.

I’m so sorry, I think for the thousandth time.

Amanda Hoock

“The InBetween”

Nellie Jo Russell experiences a devastating loss when her soon-to-be fiancé, Joshua, dies in a tragic car accident with his best friend, Bryan. One year after the tragedy, Nellie discovers two things about herself, she’s a talented writer and she’s psychic. On Nellie’s journey of developing her supernatural skills, she is contacted by the one person she blames for Joshua’s death, Bryan. The unlikely duo believe Joshua is missing and hope to find him but instead uncover something sinister in the cemetery. In 1961, a never-caught serial killer, Frederick Lee Russell, was buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery. Afraid of what came next, Frederick concocted a plan to stop his fate from overcoming him. Everything is all set for Frederick, until Nellie begins snooping around in the cemetery, threatening all that Frederick created. What starts as a way for Nellie to grow her gifts and connect with the love of her life, evolves into a pursuit she never imagined she would have to undertake.

One year and two months later.

Nellie was finding ways to get through the day. Many days she felt numb, some days felt unreal, others anger infused throughout her muscles and bones. Now almost thirty, she was no closer to coming into her own than a year earlier. If anything, the past year set her back significantly. If she got up in the morning and dressed, she considered that a good day. Trying to give a shit about what she needed to do for the day tended to be hard. Most mornings her waking impressions consumed her mind and heart; the phone call, the doctor’s words, Officer Grant handing her the ring. The moment Joshua’s parents walked through her front door, scooping her up into their arms.

Grief was not enough to describe the first year after Joshua’s death. There wasn’t a day that went by without her feeling as if a knife punctured her chest and twisted around inside her heart. Her throat would tighten and squeeze whenever she would find something he had left for her. Those unintentional reminders. Things that accumulated over time in her apartment. His black socks, he thought, were too dark for a swanky work engagement they had a couple of years ago. His sweatshirt he let her borrow one evening when they went to the drive-in, and she didn’t layer up enough. Cigars he was going to give his friend, Bobby, for the arrival of his first baby.

Nellie aimed to give Bobby those cigars, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Partly she didn’t want to upset him, feeling the timing of it all might be a little too painful, but primarily she didn’t want to give any of his things away.
As time went on, the proverbial “they” told her things would get easier. She didn’t care what others assumed would happen, inwardly calling them inconsiderate assholes. She knew they meant well; she just wasn’t interested in their half-hearted condolences. For her, she saw no way this pain would ever go away. She craved for his arms to be wrapped around her, wishing to smell his scent again, a combination of cedarwood and sandalwood. The way he would make her laugh by tickling her side or teasing her for all her gaffs. Now all she wanted to do was roll over, throw the comforter and sheets over her head, and make the day disappear. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how someone looked at it, she had a job and that job required her to show up.

Another successful day, she pulled herself out of bed, even made the bed this morning, took a shower, shaved her legs, and grabbed coffee before heading into the office. For the past year, doing any one of those things would be considered an achievement, completing all of those made it an extremely triumphant day.

Velvet Meick

“I am a dog”

I am a dog

I am a dog, I am a dog.

Sienna Meick

“This is my book”



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“Traditionally Pubished Book”



Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach

Untitled Manuscript

Here comes a beautiful Sunday morning. John is taking morning mind devotion as have trained himself. This makes his thoughts and doings distinguish among his peers of the surrounding. In the poverty shrieked compound, he found himself and where a young beautiful lady has just packed in following her newly secured job around the place. Both are not knowledgeable to background outside the very physical one adhered with. What is going to be the fate of the both in securing a mutual relationship in the context at the time. The two promising people would soon get to talking. John who is an introvert couldn’t keep to the dedicative attribute this time, hence, he is going to make the first talk of the feelings. Though, Janeth is an open-minded and interactive lady. Janeth is not too unsecured with the situation at hand. John do so much. What is going to happen henceforth as both are ignorant of realities behind each’s secret lives? Invariably, the both have sensed something peculiar against one another. Each of them is trying to secure prestige. John is very painstaking and intelligent in making activities now that the both ae in the same compound.

Life we see is so ridiculous in some occasions as we get involved of things having capacity of damaging our future gladly.